Part 305 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Sunset was nice last night

Ben was in the Chalk Zone and had trouble breaking away to eat, but we got it all done. He and Zeus were tucked in and Daughter went to bed shortly after. By 7pm the house was quiet.

I went to turn Sven’s lights off and cover him and decided we could ALL take Zen lessons from him

He was a seriously chilled out Dude!

I did the usual things and slept horribly. No particular reason… it just happens like that sometimes. I woke up at 4am and I was awake! Dang!

I decided against looking for Venus or even going outside at all. I stayed in bed. I read, dozed, got Bounced… just a Casa Cuckoo morning.

I arrived on time for my doctor’s appointment to get my pump filled. My appointment was at 9:30am and a little after 10am the nurse who works the pump room called a patient back. She said the meds had finally arrived from the pharmacy. Great! That meant the person going back was the 8:30am appointment and the gal I was chatting with was the 9am appointment. I had a long wait still. GRRR!

They called me back around 11:15am. Almost two hours late. I got on the scale and nearly cried. I didn’t get weighed last time, so two months ago I weighed one seventy… today I weighed one sixty-five. I’m steadily losing two pounds a month. Not good! I’m six feet tall, remember.

This pandemic is taking a toll on me. The plaque psoriasis flares, the sleep problems, the weight loss… all stress related. Yes, I’m always talking about my Zen, and I feel mentally good. But stress is stress, and Ben is a GINORMOUS stressor. He’s an intense guy and caring for him without a break isn’t an easy thing. I need to start forcing myself to eat. And you all have permission to nag me about it.

Anyway, I got home around noon and everything was groovy. Daughter had fever of 101 this morning and she does indeed feel like she has the flu. I talked her into taking ibuprofen this morning, but the rest of the day she just dealt with it. She wanted to be able to report her response to the second shot of the Pfizer vaccine accurately.

I changed back into my grungies and got Horizontal. I “chatted” with a couple friends and just relaxed… when Ben would let me. As soon as I got home he was following me. He would go back to the living room occasionally, but mostly stayed in my room, sending me on errands. He’s a demanding little tyrant, bless his heart.

When the 2:30 med alarm went off, I hollered out to Daughter and got no response. I went out to tell her or get the meds and found her konked out. I gave Ben his meds and sent Daughter to bed.

I found Ben in my closet looking for chalk. Little stinker does NOT follow directions. When he wants something, he wants it NOW! And if he can just take it, he will. I sent him away from my room, gathered my stuff and prepared for Couch Sittin Duty. I also grabbed a small box of chalk and put a bigger box in an easy to reach place, knowing I’d need it. I did.

Today’s post is short. I thought about skipping it altogether, but I’ve got a streak going here. I think I want to take it to 365. Make it a complete year. Then slow it down and only use “Adventures” when we have a bunch of stuff going on. Maybe a “week in review” kind of thing. There are prompts I’d like to do, and some days maybe not post at all. I’m not burnt out, but I could get that way if I don’t pay attention.

Jack Johnson is always good, and this song and video are just happy!

Little Bit Of Love – Jack Johnson, John Cruz and Friends

Thanks for stopping by today, and every day! I really appreciate you guys, TRULY! You’ve helped me get through some tough times and cheered with me during the good times and little triumphs. It’s too bad we’re all so far apart (except Paula and we’re gonna go to a museum or the Zoo or something when it’s safe), and COVID… I would love to hang out with you IRL… give you hugs IRL (only if you want a hug, of course) and thank you to your face. Tomorrow is completely blank. Bring your markers, crayons, paints, whatever… let’s color it together. ¡Hasta mañana!






20 thoughts on “Part 305 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. You can’t break the streak! You are on a 305-day roll which is amazing. Way to stick it through!

    Poor daughter. I hope she is feeling better soon. I have heard the second shot is a bear and makes you feel like you have the flu and need a whole lot of sleep. I hear it lasts 12 hours (like there is even a gauge on it at this point) but if there is, I hope daughter is feeling more like herself soon.

    That is one happy dragon there. He could definitely teach me how to zen!

    Here is hoping for a smooth night and a nice day tomorrow for everyone. And a day where daughter feels more like herself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poor Daughter. I woke her up at 4:30 like she asked, but she didn’t want to get up. I told her to sleep. I can feed Ben and put him to bed. She was already tired, and the shot just wiped her out. I (and she) think the fever is why she woke up at 4am.
      Still worth it to be protected from the kootie!💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely too much some days! Daughter having the unfortunate, common reaction to the 2nd shot, my doctor running behind, and me just going, going, going… pushing through. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It wasn’t a bad day, just a “Meh” day.
      Thank you! I could use some chill. I think we ALL could. We’re all burnt out from all the pandemic and election craziness.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I thought you’d lost weight from your picture. I’ll nag you too sleep more and eat more. I do hope things settle down covid wise and Ben’s school can reopen. I hope your daughter feels better soon. Sending you lots of warm hugs and best wishes. Love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sadje! Poor Daughter woke up with fever again. That 2nd shot is a doozie. Her immune system is responding correctly though, so it’s better to feel a little sick now, than to get the Kootie!
      Enjoy your Tuesday!💕💐🦋💖

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  3. It’s so easy for weight and health to drop if you’re stressed. I get like that, especially with my hyperthyroidism. I’d say take care of yourself but that’s near impossible for you at the moment. What you need is the Covid gone and schools reopened (it will happen!) I’ve not been feeling too good myself the last couple of days – mainly headaches and back pain – I do think the constant bad news gets to us every so often. Good idea to cut the daily posts once the year is up and focus on other things. A change is as good as a rest (apparently). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the “apparently” in parentheses 🤣🤣
      School is definitely closed through January. I guess we’ll find out next week sometime how long into February they plan to stay closed. With COVID out of control right now, I don’t expect that they’ll reopen until the staff can get vaccinated or the numbers start dropping. Such a mess!
      I’m sorry your back is bothering you again… or still.☹ Constant pain wears you down. I hope it feels better soon.🍀💕

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  4. Maybe it’s stressful for you to feel obligated to reply to all of us followers who post comments.
    I do enjoy reading your blogs, but not at the expense of your health.
    I’d try finding some premade salads or something a little more nutritious than fast food. I know you already know this and your daughter is a nurse. She must know about nutrition and a healthy diet.

    Ben being home doesn’t help your stress either.

    It’s my son’s birthday today. Curtis is 36. An inaugural baby.
    Andrew went dark again. He does that. I needed his help today moving furniture from my mother in law’s garage. We are getting the place cleared out and ready to sell. I lifted some heavy dressers myself and brought them to a recycling place. It took me all day. So happy i can be helpful in this process.
    Hope you get some r and r Angie.

    Chickens are terrific. Such great therapy for me.


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    1. I dont eat as much fast food as Daughter does. Oh man, she’s horrible with it! I just bought her some salads😉😂
      She eats for comfort and I don’t eat when I’m stressed🙄 Ben is 12 and all he does is eat😂😂😂

      Happy Birthday to your son. Daughter turned 32 on the 13th. She was a Friday 13th baby… it explains a lot😂😂😂

      I slept pretty well last night! It was wonderful.
      And answering comments makes me happy! I love interacting with everyone. I’ve been really scattered for a few weeks. More so than usual. Having trouble concentrating and losing track of time.🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll get my groove back.

      Be careful trying to do too much on your own!! You won’t be able to help if you hurt yourself, Teri.

      Sending Hugs!💕💖🤗🥰

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      1. Good to hear from you Angie.
        Curtis was born on Superbowl Sunday when Montana and 49ers won. And Curtis was delivered at my mother’s house by a fireman 👨‍🚒. My water broke, and my mom’s car wasn’t working and Kaiser wouldn’t send an ambulance 🚑. It happened within 3 hours. My mom didn’t want me to have the baby that day cause she had a party to go to. Even though i was 2 1/2 weeks overdue 😳
        Curtis has been struggling to get his life together ever since. Oh well.

        Happy dreams tonight.


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