Part 313 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I looked out the windows at sunset time and there was some pretty color to some of the clouds, but the wind was blowing so hard it made me feel colder just looking at it. It was difficult for me to stay inside, it’s such a habit to watch sunset, but I did it.

The rest of the early evening went okay. Daughter was getting increasingly frustrated with Ben, so he acted out more cuz that’s what kids do. He and Zeus were eventually sent to bedtime, and Daughter went to her room.

It rained and hailed some more. We even had lightning and thunder which scared Diesel Cat so much he wouldn’t leave Daughter’s side, even when she went to the baño. I did the usual and was getting ready to eat and go to sleep when Younger called. She was going to stop by for mail earlier but had a stressful day at work and wanted to go home, where upon entering, her foot got caught in the stairs and she fell in through the door, spilling the take-out soup she’d gotten everywhere. One of those days.

Anyway, she was going to come over and get her mail and some hugs. Partner had picked up a shift and Daughter was very upset because she’d wanted Partner to stay home with her. She was emotional and wanted comfort, and like so many people who feel inadequate around emotional need, Partner responded with anger, which of course made Younger feel worse. I’m SO glad I’m single. My ex was the same way.

She came by around 10pm and stayed for fifteen or twenty minutes, then headed to a friend’s house to hang out. I ate, took my pill and was awake until midnight.

I woke several times, listening for Ben, then reminding myself that Daughter was home. I woke for good around 6am. I got up about thirty minutes later and headed to the baño. About a minute later Daughter was at the door. Sigh…

I went outside to look at the sky. It was very pretty and there were a bunch of birds, happy the storm had passed and the Sun was visibly rising. I took a bunch of pictures over a half hour or so of back and forth.

Ben and Zeus got up, then Daughter went to join them and begin her Couch Sittin Duty. She was already irritated when she got up, anticipating 11am Zoom. Ben’s teacher called her yesterday about our lack of participation, but attendance is how the school gets paid, so if Ben isn’t signed in… yadda yadda yadda. Daughter said she’d sign in, but she wasn’t going to fight with him about it. His teacher said that was fine. So, Daughter was irritated and being snappy this morning. She went off on me about some little thing and I just stood there, let her finish her rant, then went back to my room.

Around 10:15, Ben came into my room. Daughter came to the door at 10:30 to remind Ben of the Zoom. I gave him periodic reminders also. Then a couple minutes before 11am Daughter called for him to come out. I talked him into going to the living room. He was angry about some YouTube video that wouldn’t play. He didn’t want to participate.

He sat in front of the computer for about three minutes then ran off to his room. Daughter talked to his teacher for a minute then went to go get him. He came back and said “Goodbye. All done.” His teacher tried to engage him in a conversation about anything, even Johnny Depp or Sweeney Todd, but he just kept saying “Goodbye. All done.” So his teacher relented, knowing Ben very well. We’re supposed to try again tomorrow. Still no word on when school will reopen, even though our county went off lockdown. UGH!

Daughter ordered pizza from some little, independent pizza place. Nothing on the menu really jumped out at me, so I didn’t get anything. She said it may be her new favorite pizza place. I’ve always preferred a little independent place over the chain places.

After the Zoom was over, and after she ate, the mood in the house got much, much better. Daughter is a serious “broadcaster” with her moods. It’s not surprising to me that Ben acts out when Daughter is irritated. Kids, autistic or not, don’t understand why their parents are in bad moods most of the time, and generally assume it’s their fault. I’ve tried to explain this to Daughter, but her reaction is “So I’m never allowed to be in a bad mood?” I’ve told her that she can’t help how she feels, and her feelings are valid, etc. She should just be aware that Ben is going to react, and it’s in her own best interest to either talk to him about it calmly, remove herself, or try to change her mood. I get eyeroll and dismissals, so I remove myself.

Ben asked for more chalk so I gave him a forty-eight piece box, figuring more chalk would keep him busy longer and keep things mellow longer. He did the chalk thang for a while then decided to go outside. He came back in around 3pm with his face covered in wet red chalk. Daughter got him cleaned up, then he came in my room and announced “Gramma, look! I’m clean!” He’s awfully cute sometimes.

The sky has been mostly clear with some clouds, so I’m hopeful about sunset. I’m planning on braving the cold tonight. Hopefully the rest of the evening will continue as the afternoon has gone… calm and relaxed.

I’ve heard this song on the radio a bunch of times and never knew the band was. I found it scrolling through YouTube.

Safe And Sound – Capital Cities

Some late night, minor Younger Daughter Drama, and some early morning Older Daughter Drama. I guess it just works out that way sometimes. Luckily both dramas were relatively minor and didn’t occur together, or with each other. It was nice to have sunshine today, and no rain. I spent most of the day being a slug again, but that ends tomorrow. Daughter usually has Wren’sDays off, but her schedule got mixed up, (I still don’t have her schedule after next week) and she goes back to work tomorrow night. There will probably be laundry, and possibly a grocery store run tomorrow… and Driving Miss Daisy tomorrow night. Slug time is over, but hopefully we can still have a fun, chilled out day. ¡Hasta mañana!






17 thoughts on “Part 313 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. I really don’t like Partner! I also have an ex whose go-to response to anything was ridiculous paranoid anger. Everyone was out to get him! He was soooo important! Or, they were maliciously ignoring him 🙄

    Anyway, nice pics and I want some pizza now! 🍕😍

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    1. Yeah, I don’t get why Younger stays but it’s not my relationship or my life. All I can do is love my daughter. I don’t bother with advice I know she’ll ignore.
      I haven’t tried the pizza yet. She got a dang 20″🤦🏼‍♀️

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  2. Oh, I like that song too! I have it on my iPod thingy I used to play when I ran. I should listen to it again for old time’s sake.

    Ugh, that zoom sounds awful. I hate them a whole lot too and have probably set D off for a bad class too. I am so hopeful for your schools to open back up. Zoom just doesn’t work for a lot of kids! It works for some, but not all, and should not be the answer to schools that can’t open.

    Well, it sounds like you have a busy day tomorrow. I hope that all goes well in spite of all your activities! And I hope you all have a good night too!

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    1. Thanks, Robyn💕 I’m sure our home district is giving his school a hard time about his “attendance” since they have ti pay his tuition. It’s just such a waste of everyone’s time. We all agreed during the marathon IEP Zoom. If we have to log in and point the camera at an empty chair for a half hour every day, I guess that’s what we’ll do. Maybe we can put some of his Kittys in the chair… make it a game, give his teacher a chuckle🤷🏼‍♀️💃🏼😂💕

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  3. I’m glad there was no major drama from your daughter! Minor hassles, we can handle. My eldest daughter is also a broadcaster of her moods. But thankfully she is in better mood since coming back home. I suppose the stress of living alone and doing everything on her own was a major challenge. Now she can rely on us.
    Hope that tomorrow is good, “Kalm” day! Lots of hugs.
    Enjoyed the clear blue sky. Lovely pictures

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    1. Thank you, Sadje! Daughter was just mad about having to Zoom. Like a dang teenage who has to do chores before they can see their friends😂😂😂 I can ignore it, but it upsets Ben, then he acts out, then she gets more upset… it’s so preventable but she doesn’t want to hear it.
      It’s awesome having my girls close, but it’s also difficult at times🤦🏼‍♀️
      The sky cleared completely. No clouds at all, which means it’s gonna be c-c-c-cold!🥶 I’ll take sunny and cold over rainy and cold though 😉
      Happy Wednesday to you! I hope you have a peaceful sunny day!🤗🥰💖🦋✨

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  4. If lockdown is over I wonder how long it will take them to get school up and going. Hopefully soon! Younger is lucky that you’re close by for hugs. They always make a difference. The skies are lovely and that song is fun. Hugs and a good night’s sleep. 😴✨🌙🎶☕️🤗💕

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  5. These zoom classes are not working for soo manny stuudents! I read California hopes to get kids back in school soon with special measures. I also heard there have been suicides with teens not fitting in with this lack of social interaction, etc So sad.

    Raining here today, but I got a lot of work done outside. Scooped out all of the leaves, soil and branches from our storm drain behind our yard on the bottom of the hill. Dragged loads of soil up to the chickens run for them to play around in. Also dragged up shredded bark from a pine tree root that we had removed. It smells so good and they loved it.

    Sorry about the girl drama. The most drama I get is when Andrew say’s he’s coming over, and then doesn’t show up or call until 3 hours later. It’s upsetting and I’m not in the best of moods when he shows up. Ugh. Why can’t they treat us with respect? Also got an email that Andrew isn’t answering emails or calls from his Regional Center counselor. There is never an explanation when we ask what is going on. So they don’t want to be lectured when they aren’t following society’s rules, yet they want to be respected of their space. Whatever. It’s his life, but it involves getting a job which will hopefully make him more self reliant.
    Same with older son, but He is older and tries to look for work. It’s crazy these days with the way Covid is. I think Andrew is so afraid to get a job, cause he might get sick. Bla bla bla

    Enough ranting.

    Glad you never run out of chalk. Ben is quite good with his art.


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    1. We created monsters😂😂😂 I know that growing up the way I did, basically raising myself, I made darn sure my girls had a mother who was involved and helped them and fixed things… they didnt “fall on their faces” enough I think.
      Things got crazy when the pain was too much and their dad spun out and was drinking full time, but after he left, I was back to fixings things again, then Ben was born and … yeah…
      All of us Gen X parents tried to encourage our kids and make them feel special. Add the internet with instant access to everything and you get entitled adults.🤷🏼‍♀️
      I love my girls. They are fantastic human beings, but they ARE human. They have flaws like everyone else.
      I dont try to fix them anymore. They gotta fix themselves 😉

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