Part 346 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Things stayed fairly chill last night. I looked outside around sunset time, saw zero clouds and decided to skip it. Horizontal Time on my bed seemed like a better use of my time. So, sorry to disappoint everyone by NOT displaying variations of the same pictures from the past week. I’m sure you’re all terribly devastated, but I hope you’ll forgive me. (Too much sarcasm?)

Dinner, bath, and Driving Miss Daisy went fine. We got her to work on time, headed home, and The Boys were settled in Ben’s room. Daughter was texted that we arrived safely… etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Stuff and Things, food heated and consumed, some dozing here and there, and pill taken. I konked early-ish… around 10:00pm I think.

It was another night full of wake-ups. I was awake at 11:30pm, at 12:30am, at 2:00am. I dozed back off around 2:30am, then got Bounced at 3:00am. Zeus with the sniffing, Ben with the snooping, and me yelling at them both that it was Too Dang Early for Crackerjack nonsense!

Ben ran off, Zeus laid down, and I debated the benefits versus the risks of going back to sleep. The decision was made for me by HRH yelling “I need help!” I guess he’d had a relapse of that mysterious affliction that robs him of the use of his legs, cuz the help he needed was turning the internet back on, on his tablet. He couldn’t bring the tablet to me cuz his legs wouldn’t work. There must’ve been a miraculous healing that occurred when I fixed his tablet, cuz he jumped up and started pacing around asking for chalk. I went and hid in the baño, muttering “…three o’ clock in the damn morning…”

Things calmed down after the initial chaos, and we did some Couch Sittin. I used the time to order a grocery delivery. I’d ordered another fast delivery of chalk last night. I also texted Daughter to let her know we were awake.

When it started getting light outside, I went out to take pictures of the Moon before it set, and check out sunrise. Still no clouds, still meh, but some gulls flew around for a few minutes, so that was nice.

We picked Daughter up from work, headed home, she changed out of her scrubs and settled down into the dent for some Couch Sittin. I got myself ready and headed out for my walk, got a few steps down driveway and went back to get my mask… D’OH!

It took me forty minutes at a brisk pace with a few stops for pictures, but I did the entire walk that I used to refer to as my “short walk”. I used Goigle Maps to figure out the distance… two miles! Woot Woot! Not too bad for my seventh day, especially since I’d gotten woken up at 3am. I was proud of myself for sticking with it, and for being able to walk farther than I thought I could. There’s hope for this old gal yet!

Daughter went to go sleep, and I took over Couch Sittin Duty, after changing back into my comfy, sloppies. Ben was playing with the sixteen piece box of chalk I’d given him before walking.

We had a regular morning. He played, ate, issued commands, and I got caught up on email, did as commanded, and waited for the deliveries. The groceries came at 9:30am. Zeus was standing on the couch, staring out the front window, barking his Big Dumb head off. He sounds like a viscous dog, but the wagging tail kinda gives it away. I brought the stuff in and put it away.

The chalk arrived at 11:15am. Ben was watching his tablet, and eating Blue Ramen at the time, and didn’t notice me bring it in. I put two boxes away, and brought the third one out for him. When he saw it, he got up and started doing his thang, but got back on the couch for some more tablet watching. Unsurprisingly, he started getting sleepy. After taking his 12:30pm med, he got comfy for a rest.

Of course he didn’t actually take a nap. My fault. He could tell I liked the idea of him going to sleep, and like every child, everywhere, he got suspicious, and stayed awake. He got up and went back to his chalk. Aw Dang!

Daughter’s alarm went off at 1:30pm per Ben. I didn’t hear it… out of my range, I guess. She must’ve hit snooze, cuz she didn’t get up until 2:15pm. I got more coffee, and got Horizontal.

For my final offering for Paula’s February Lurve Fest, I choose YOU! Yes, you… and you. You over there, and I see you, trying to hide, you’re included. You dudes rock! Thank you! A special shout-out to Robyn who is the “regular” who’s been with me the longest… since August 9, 2016. WHOA!

I really need to clean that up. There are NOT that many people following my blog.

Daughter is off tonight, so no PreGame Show, no Driving Miss Daisy, hopefully no stress. Sunset is still up in the air (pun intended).

I heard this while Driving Miss Daisy, and it made me smile. Enjoy!

You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate

Another way too early wakeup. My sleep seems to be doomed. I’ve been making an effort to go to sleep earlier, but I’m not getting more or better sleep. I’ve had insomnia over twenty years, so this is very familiar territory… unfortunately. It turned out to be a pretty good day. Daughter is off work until Thursday night, and the GLYSB returns tomorrow. Happy Dancing at 7:30am PST. No plans except my walk. Just because I don’t have plans doesn’t mean nothing will happen. Something always happens.