Part 319 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Sunset was a bust. The grey, overcast Meh stayed. Ben was getting glassy-eyed and starting to doze off. He was laying on my bed, so I started gently messing with him to keep him awake. Daughter started cooking his white chicken. We kept him awake, he ate, took his meds, had his bath and went to bedtime.

Daughter suggested Jack In The Box. Tiny Tacos sounded good, so I got those and a value chicken sammich. It came super fast, and I decided to eat it then since it was still early. I thought I could avoid the Food Coma.

I was partially right. I didn’t go full on Food Coma, but I kept dozing off. I spent the next few hours in and out of a doze. I finally gave up, took my pill and got under my blankets. But Mr Murphy likes his games, and I couldn’t get comfortable and the pill wasn’t working. I wound up laying on my right side, which I never do, and falling asleep that way.

I woke up at some point with pain in my toes. It was the left foot again, the one that had been itchy before. The pain was like being jabbed with pins in my toes. I took my socks off and rubbed my toes and the pain subsided. So weird!

I went back to sleep until the morning med alarm woke me up. I ignored it since there was no Dogzilla on my bed, Ben was still in his room. It didn’t last long, Zeus Bounced, then sniffed me, Ben ran past without saying anything to me. I listened for Daughter to get up, and after a few minutes of not hearing anything from her room, I got up.

She was up when I came out of the baño. I uncovered Sven and turned his lights on, and was surprised to see him awake, and back by his food dish. I got him fresh food and moved him right up to the dish, then I paparazzi’d him.

The last picture was taken last night, but I HAD to include it.

Daughter informed me that BFF’s Mama was coming to take her to breakfast at 8:30am. Uh…okay? I don’t care if she goes out with her “Second Mom” but, sheesh… more notice please. I was having some very selfish thoughts about “my days off not existing”. Fortunately I kept my big mouth shut, and didn’t say anything that would cause hurt feelings or drama.

Ben and I hung out in my room until around 10am when he requested a “square box of chalk”. I told him to scoot to the living room and I’d bring it to him. He tried to sneak back, the little stinker, but I’d put a box of sixteen piece in easy reach last night. I gave him the chalk and went back to my room. Daughter was still home, (Second Mama runs on her own time) but said she’d just got a text that the plan was still the plan. I told her with our luck, she’d probably come in the middle of Ben’s 11am Zoom.

Ben was in my room from 10:30 until the 11am Zoom. He was bouncing all over the place, bedquakes, trouble speaking… he was in SpazmaTaz Mode, and I knew the Zoom wasn’t going to work. It started okay, he sat down, but then he got up, got a toy gun and held it up to the camera saying “Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!” over and over. Daughter tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn’t/couldn’t. He sensed Daughter’s upset mood and he was still spun out and unable to do anything except what he wanted to do. Daughter eventually took the gun away, knowing it would make things worse, and it did.

At 11:30 he was still hitting her, kicking the door, just doing things to provoke a reaction. She had already cancelled with Second Mama, and I tried to get her to take a break and go to her room, but she wouldn’t do it. I gave up and went to my room. Ben eventually followed me, asked for Pink Cookies, which thankfully we had, and watched his tablet.

At 12:30pm he took the cookies and his tablet and went to the living room to hang out with Daughter. The storm had blown over. He came back in a few minutes later asking for the “big box of chalk” that I told him he could have after sitting through Zoom. He hadn’t sat through Zoom, but he had calmed down, and I’d told him after Zoom if he could settle himself I could give him the chalk. He happily accepted the forty-eight piece box, settled on the floor and started making Happy Noises.

Around 2:30pm I was thinking about the grocery shopping that needed to be done, and trying to decide if I should just go, or wait until after Ben was asleep. I was way behind in my reading, which bothers me, and knew that getting the shopping over with would put me that much farther behind. But I wouldn’t have to go out later.

I finally decided to get it done since Ben was calm. The store would be busier in the evening and I’d be more tired. I changed into public clothes, masked up and headed out.

The store wasn’t super busy, YAY! and they had everything on my list, YAY! but they changed the checkout system from a few lines to one line, with a monitor telling which register to go to. Sheesh! The grocery store is turning into the DMV.

I got home, got the umpteen bags inside, and brought Dogzilla into my room. He wanted to sniff all the bags. Why do Ben and Zeus have to look in all the bags as I’m trying to carry them in? Ben I understand, but Zeus? UGH!!

The sky has been overcast since yesterday. I didn’t even see a hint of the Sun today. No sunset to watch again. I guess that’s good. I can catch up a little on my reading.

I’m in the mood for Muse. Choosing a song was difficult because all of their songs are fantastic. When concerts become a thing again, I highly recommend seeing them!

Madness – Muse

Thanks for hanging out with us. Another rocky day, but it all smoothed out, so that’s good. It was nice to see Mr Grumpy Beard eating and giving me side-eye. Hopefully he’ll still be awake and moving around tomorrow. And hopefully the Sun will make an appearance. And hopefully Zoom will go better. It should, Tuesday Zoom is with his Speech and OT. Maybe I’ll sleep in and not have to get up until I want to. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow… together. ¡Hasta mañana!






13 thoughts on “Part 319 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Oh my gosh, that sounds like a really tough morning. I am glad everything kind of smoothed over in the afternoon, thank goodness! Even a quiet trip to the store – nice bonus! We have had a snowstorm on the forecast so we have had SUPER busy crazy grocery store days (almost like the crazy shopping days of late March/ early April) but thankfully we are stocked and completely fine being now snowed in. Great choice on the song too! I don’t know a ton of Muse but I know I do like Madness. Here is hoping we both have great smooth days tomorrow. Filled with no drama and a ton of chill! Fingers crossed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It must’ve been difficult for your daughter to handle Ben in that state. I can just imagine her anxiety and stress. I hope things are calmer tomorrow at zoom. The rest of the day was better, thanks goodness. Somebody should take you out for some “you” time too. What about younger daughter? Maybe a visit to a park or eating in the open. A break is needed after being coped up in the home all day, looking after Ben.
    If I were living near you we could make a day of it while your daughter looked after Ben.
    I hope the peaceful vibes continue into tonight and tomorrow. Lots of hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Sadje! Younger Daughter would love to hang out, it’s difficult to match everyone’s schedules. Plus, I worry about Daughter and Ben being alone. It’s silly… it’s her son, but they are awful to each other.
      I’ll take my breaks when he’s back in school.😉
      Enjoy your Tuesday!💃🏼✨🌻🦋🤗🥰💕

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  3. Wow, that turned into a really dramatic Zoom call. (I’m guessing you didn’t need any coffee for a little bit after that.) Have we heard any more from Ben’s school about a possible “return to routine” date, or is your area still under a lot of restrictions?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are no longer on lockdown, stay at home, restaurants, hair and nail salons, etc are minimally open. We’re in the most restrictive tier.🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t have any idea when the school will reopen. Maybe not until teachers are allowed to get vaccinated.
      Ben was playing. He just doesnt understand that people don’t always know he’s playing. And guns aren’t allowed at school, which includes Zoom.
      Kids grow up with the idea of shooting bad guys. There’s a LOT of violence even in cartoons and Disney movies.
      A character gets hit on the head and their eyes bug out, then they shake it off. Ben doesn’t understand that isn’t real….
      Okay, tangent over. 🤐🤐
      Never a dull moment at Casa Cuckoo😉💌


  4. Bo is so much like Zeus! He has to stick his nose in all the bags and be right under my feet while I’m putting things away. Frustrating and kinda hilarious 😂 He’s super nosy! 🐶🐾🐾🤗💕

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