Part 325 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Ben was still snoozin on my bed, and sunset was very undramatic. I did get a few good(ish) pictures of a Black Phoebe that landed on a branch of the Pecan Tree.

Then I decided to go do grocery shopping and get it overwith. We were out of Pink Cookies, and if I hoped to have any peace, I needed to get some. We needed other stuff too, and I’d been putting it off. I got all the stuff on my list, but forgot Blue Ramen, cuz it wasn’t on the list.

Daughter was eating the Greek food she’d ordered when I got home, and Ben was still passed out on my bed. I put the stuff away, while Daughter woke Ben up to give him his meds, and send him to his room to sleep. I made sure he had snacks on his table since he didn’t eat dinner before he passed out.

The evening was going as usual until about 9pm when Ben slammed his door open, and made a run for the baño. Daughter followed him and herded him back to his room. He got up again about forty-five minutes later saying “Ben to go potty.” Daughter didn’t follow him that time, so he played with one of his Sweeney Todd Barber Chair thingies. Daughter got up and went and got him after about twenty minutes. She used her “stern” voice to explain that it was night time, sleeping time, bed time, and herded him back to his room. Zeus tried to follow Ben the first time he got up, but stayed behind after that. He’s pretty smart for a Big Dumb Dog, and he knew it wasn’t time to get up.

I guess the “stern” voice worked, or the meds did their thing, or he got tired again, cuz he didn’t get up again. Daughter konked around midnight. I took my pill around 11:30pm, but I was still awake at 12:30am. I guess I was expecting Ben to get back up. I don’t know what time I finally slept.

Ben got up around 7am. Daughter heard him and called him to her room, and surprisingly, he went. Zeus came to sniff my ear. I stayed in bed and half listened, half dozed as Ben and Daughter interacted in her room, then relocated to the living room. When things seemed settled down, I got up.

Ben was apparently VERY well rested cuz he had tons of energy. He was in a good mood, laughing and singing… really loudly. After my pit stop, I uncovered Sven, who was snoozin with his nose in the back Pouting Corner, got coffee, and went right back to my room. Ben came and Bounced me several times with requests. When I told him to “go ask Mommy”, he said “ask Gramma”. UGH!

The morning continued on in the same way… fairly mellow for Casa Cuckoo, until around noon when I went to get a refill of coffee, and saw Daughter was laying with her eyes closed. I told her I would take over if she wanted to go back to bed. Imagine my surprise when I went to go look at the sky around 1:30pm and she wasn’t doing Couch Sittin Duty. She’d gone to her room and hadn’t said anything. Nice. Ben saw me up and asked me to come sit with him. I was surprised he hadn’t asked sooner.

Moving on… For today’s thing that I lurve for Paula’s daily thingy, I chose Sophie Anne Cat, aka Soph, aka Sweet Baby Girl. I can’t leave her out, she’s the eldest of our zoo. She will be twelve in April. She likes to lay ON me, right up close… “no reading, you must love me!”

At 3pm Ben was doing his chalk thang. He said “What’s that noise?” I asked him what noise. I do have eardrum damage and partial hearing loss. He got up and pointed down the hall and said “that noise”. I asked if Mom’s alarm was going off. He said “yes”. I still didn’t hear it, and apparently neither did she, cuz she didn’t get up. Ben grabbed some chips and sat with me on the couch, muncin’ and surfin YouTube. A little while later he asked for more soda, so I got him one. Then I cleaned up the chalk mess in the kitchen. Seeing me make a clear space, he asked for more chalk, so I got more chalk, and he started making another mess. Exciting stuff, eh?

Daughter got up a little after 4pm and took over. I went to get Horizontal after looking at the sky. Still no clouds, which means sunset will probably be a bust again. That’s okay… I think I need to rest while I can. It will be bath time soon enough, and cleaning up his messes… etcetera, etcetera, etcetera


Beautiful Disaster – 311

The weirdness carried over from yesterday to today, but the generally mellow vibe carried over too, so that’s a good thing. Daughter goes back to work tomorrow night, but just for the one night, then she’s off for a couple days. Ben has to Zoom tomorrow, but we’ve only got two more weeks until the return of the GLYSB. As usual, I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow, it’ll be something… it’s always something. ¡Hasta mañana!






20 thoughts on “Part 325 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. That’s a beautiful cat. The last time I bought an alarm clock, it turned out that if I was sleeping on my right side I couldn’t hear it at all. I don’t know why they make those things beep in the register that people tend to lose first. Oh right, they aren’t hearing impaired.

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    1. Sophie is very pretty, thank you. We rescued her from the streets. Her mama was a stray, and ran off with her kittens and left Sophie behind, so we brought her home.
      It’s kinda nice not hearing those high range sounds. Except if you can’t see someone’s mouth when they’re speaking to you. My hearing is getting worse. All those concerts are catching up to me. Still worth it!🎶💃🏼


    1. Thanks, Paula. Torties are pretty. Her mama was a stray and ran off with Sophie’s sibs and left her… we had to bring her home. We always wind up with weird animals… or we turn them weird🤷🏼‍♀️😂
      Yeah, I hope the chill continues. I’ve got more Pink Cookies and chalk hidden away 😉

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  2. A couple of weeks ago I was having the worst time sleeping. OF COURSE the same day I finally fell asleep my alarm clock, which had to be reset earlier, decided to go off at 12AM. Then I thought I turned it off but apparently I just hit snooze because at 12:10 it went off again. I think you would say “Jiminy cricket on a motor scooter!” Because that is what I was thinking too 🙂

    Fingers crossed everything goes well with zoom today. We had another snow storm so we are on a two hour delay. But they will be rolling out of here soon! Have a great day!

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  3. The black phoebe bird is one of my favorites. She comes here in my back yard occasionally also.
    Glad you are surviving this winter.

    We are having exceptional weather here in Northern California. It’s sunny, warm and my Spring bulbs are popping. So pretty.
    Hoping to write a blog here soon also.

    Also need to catch up reading your posts.

    Take care

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    1. We have a nest under the eaves at the point in the front of the house, and I think it’s a Black Phoebe nest. We had House Finches at our other house. I love the little songbirds. Someone posted a picture of “Strawberry Finches”… they are SOOO pretty, but they’re from India and there are some in Hawaii, so pictures will have to do.
      The weather here is going back and forth. Yesterday was sunny and warm, it’s overcast and cool today and they’re predicting rain this weekend 🤷🏼‍♀️ it IS February.😉

      Enjoy your flowers and your hens!! 💕🌻🦋

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  4. I enjoy seeing the different birds you get over in California. Never heard of a Black Phoebe before. I have a cat that likes to sit close up to my face too. Does Sophie Anne Cat ever lick your chin? It’s not a pleasant experience with the rough tongue! 😁

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    1. Thanks for helping me Count Down to GLYSB Day!💃🏼🎉 That’s pretty cool that we both have Torties that are the same age. Sophie is skittish like Miss Fred too.
      Those little birds fly so fast!! It was a fluke that I caught it in flight. I was trying to take a picture of it sitting and it flew off and flew back as I pressed the button… FAST!😍💕🌻🦋

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    1. The GLYSB returns February 22nd. Ben will go on Mondays and Tuesdays like the 6 or 8 weeks he had school in the Fall, and Zoom the other 3 days.
      I wish it had been this week. I wish people hadn’t been stoopid starting Halloween and carrying through the holidays, shutting his school down again at Winter Break.

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      1. Yes, people basically fooking about – we have the same thing here, l fear the mental stability of good people as opposed to either people pleasers or those who don’t give a monkeys.

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