Part 328 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Tuesday night’s sunset was another pretty one. The Parrots flew by, headed west in a hurry. They were a lot higher up than usual. Ben kept coming outside and getting me, wanting me to come back inside and stay with him. He was overtired and bouncing all over the place.

We got Ben fed, doped, bathed and off to bed with Dogzilla. I was so fried, but there were still Things and Stuff that needed doing. I dozed in the middle of writing an email, came out of it and finished around 10pm, nuked a frozen burrito and ate it, took my pill, ate a few cookies and finally ended my day shortly after 10:30pm.

I did the usual wakeups, then got the final wakeup around 5:45-6:00am. Zeus was on the bed sniffing, and I swear Ben ran and launched himself from the door, flew across the three or four feet to my bed, and landed with a cannonball. Then he flung himself across me, bounced me and said “Excuse me! Excuse me!” Zeus, having been displaced from my ear, was dancing around on the bed, trying to get in close again. Meanwhile, I was in the fetal position, pulling myself in as tight and small as I could, telling Ben to go get his mother. He replied with “Get Gramma!” and Zeus barked in agreement. I gave up, and got up at 6:30.

Daughter got up while I was in the baño and said she had a Potty Emergency. I exited and went outside to look at the sky. Mr Crow squawked at me, left the power pole and flew to his perch.

Then I looked down and noticed this…

Diesel Cat thought he was gonna hunt a seagull. I took the picture and went to show Daughter since Diesel is her cat. She laughed and said “Good luck with that.” A few minutes later I heard a gull calling and went back out to look. There was a whole bunch them. I took pictures…

AND a video.


Ben played with his chalk for a while, came into my room, stole my blanket and watched his tablet for a while, went back to the living room, back to my room… not uncommon on a day Daughter is home.

At 10:30am he had meds and a reminder of Zoom School. At 10:45am I reminded him of Zoom School again. At 10:55am he asked for Pink Cookies. I told him he could have the cookies after Zoom School if he did a good job. Then I prodded him up and walked him to the couch.

Ben sat on the couch, but wouldn’t participate, wouldn’t even look at the screen. He was purposely NOT looking. After twenty minutes his teachers just closed the link. It has to be just as frustrating for them as it is for us. This isn’t a new problem, or new behavior from Ben. All we can do is make the attempt. After they closed the session I got the Pink Cookies for him. Daughter said he shouldn’t get them cuz he didn’t do anything. I said he sat on the couch the whole time, didn’t run away, and didn’t fight. That was good enough. He showed up, and isn’t that what they asked of us? She agreed.

Things were okay for a while, then Ben decided to put on ALL THE CLOTHES, and do the Sweeney Todd thing. Singing the song, stomping on a homemade pedal and slitting the throat of one of the big stuffed animals. He has to do the whole scene. It’s disturbing, but not any more disturbing than having a toy gun pointed in your face.

I needed to go to the grocery store for more Pink Cookies and Blue Ramen for Ben and more wine for Daughter. The store only had one box of the usual cookies left, so I grabbed two boxes of mini Pink Cookies and hoped for the best. Both Ben and Zeus mobbed me at the front door, inspecting the bags and not letting me pass. I handed Ben a box of the mini cookies and told Zeus to scoot, then I put all the stuff away, got coffee and went to get Horizontal. The trip to the store sapped me.

Daughter is off work tonight so no stress around Ben’s evening routine. Hopefully everything will be relaxed and we can all get a good night’s sleep.

For Paula’s Lurve thingy cuz Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite. I first “discovered” their music and Robert Plant around age twelve. When the hormones of puberty kicked in, my feelings of admiration for their music were joined by feelings of lust for Robert Plant. I’ve had tickets to see him perform solo three times. Twice the shows were canceled, but I did get to see him once. Oh, my my…

Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin

Today thankfully started later than yesterday did, but it was a normal Casa Cuckoo day. It’s like a rollercoaster (of love) ride… best to keep your arms and legs in, sometimes it’s a steep climb, sometimes it’s twisty turny high-speed fun, and sometimes it’s nauseating and hurts your back. What kind of ride will tomorrow be? Your guess is as good as mine. ¡Hasta mañana!






18 thoughts on “Part 328 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love Led Zeppelin too – great song! I hear about being wiped. I left here at 8:30 this morning and didn’t get home until close to 3. I am so tired. I hope you have a great night tonight, get lots of rest (without the crazy morning bedquake 🙂 ) and have a great day again tomorrow!

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    1. Thanks Robyn! Wowza, that was a lot of errand running. I just got a few things and it wasn’t even busy at the store. I hope you get/got some good sleep😴🤞 I hope you get to relax a little before the kiddos are done with school too.💕🌻

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  2. Crazy start to the day. I don’t know why the children want to the parent/ grandparents who wants to rest a while and not to the one asking them to come join them ! Anyways, you got better sleep. I hope tonight is even better. Love the sunset!
    Lots of hugs my friend

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    1. Thanks, Sadje!🥰 Daughter wasn’t actually awake or calling him, I was just trying to get him to go get her up and let me rest. I guess he knew he could get me up easier🤷🏼‍♀️
      Wednesday night wasn’t too bad, and Thursday morning started at 5:30am. Too early, but reasonable. 😉
      I hope you’ve had a good day! Sleep well, sweet dreams!😴😴🌈🌻🦋✨💕

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  3. When did you get to see him??? Fantastic song!

    Diesel gives me a giggle. It strikes me that you don’t see wrens but there’s a Wren’s day. You should have some wrens. And, there should be a Gull’s Day and a Parrot’s day. I guess Gull’s day could be for Girl’s day, whenever that might be. I’m not sure about Parrots. I’ll have to think more about that one. 🎶💫🦜☕️💗

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    1. I guess we do have Wrens around the reservoirs and in the back country. I don’t blame them for not wanting to hang out where it’s so people-y 😉😂
      I’ll have to look out for them next time I’m out on the hiking trails… whenever that is🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤪🤣🤣🤣

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  4. Oh, so you had a thing for Robert Plant, did you? Hmm. I might be able to get a story out of that. Names changed, of course, so no one will be able to identify the lusty young character. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t have typed this here for all to see. My bad… 😉

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    1. Oh, it’s not “had”, it’s “have”. Yes, he’s in his 70s and it shows, but his voice still dances along my nerve endings😉
      And any story that calls to you, please write it. If I’ve written about it on my blog, it’s usable.

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  5. Oppositional Defiant. Have you heard of this diagnosis? It could be one of the reasons Ben doesn’t want to Zoom.
    I’ve heard of kids on the spectrum and others with this. It’s a tough one to deal with.

    Can i tell you you are doing a great job? It takes a village to raise these kids. So exhausting.
    And the no sleep thing i can relate to.
    Lucky me no one is cannonballing me at 5:30am.

    Have a relaxing Angie day if you can.


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    1. I’ll look onto oppositional defiant. I’ve heard of it, but don’t know much about it. He’s had a “behavior plan” as part of his IEP at times, so I would think they might’ve looked into it… but who knows🤷🏼‍♀️ SOOO many technical names for things, I lose track.
      He starts back on Hybrid School on the 22nd. Mondays & Tuesdays 💃🏼🌠 I’m very excited. It will be good for ALL of us!

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