Part 333 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

At 5pm last night Daughter asked me to come to kitchen, she wanted to know if I could hear a noise she was hearing. I thought asking me to verify a noise was silly since she knows I have partial deafness, but I went. I honestly didn’t hear it, but there was a noise. It turned out there was a hole in the plastic tubing that goes from under the sink to the fridge for the ice maker. The leak was behind the stove, because of course it was.

Ben was still running around being crazy while waiting for his “Orange Chicken” to finish cooking in the toaster oven, so she threw a towel behind the stove to soak up some of the water. We couldn’t turn the water off under the sink because that valve is frozen. We had a plumber here once, and he couldn’t get it to move. I didn’t want to turn the water off to the entire house until I was ready to do the repair… after Ben was in bed.

I changed into public clothes, masked up, and headed to Home Depot. I eventually found the place where the part I needed should have been, but no part. I found an Orange Vest Dude and asked for help. He found a ladder, checked a few boxes, then told me I would have to drive to a different city. I was worried about emotional Daughter and Crackerjack Ben butting heads, so I asked Dude if there was a different part that would work. He showed me a metal part and how to use it. I bought it, and as I was getting in the car I saw the sky… sunset, and it was beautiful. I took a few pictures and rushed home.

Ben had already had his meds and eaten. He was outside madly sweeping old chalk, so I took some more pictures, then ran his bath.

After The Boys were in Ben’s room, I turned off the water, pulled the stove out, cleaned up the mess and attempted the repair. I don’t know if using a metal coupling on plastic tubing was the problem, or if I did something wrong, but it didn’t work. I had Daughter check how late the other Home Depot was open, she said 8pm. It was 7pm, so I grabbed my mask and headed out again, cursing myself for not going there when Dude at the first one suggested it.

I got there in time, found the part, bought FOUR of them, and headed home. I made the repair and turned the water back on. There was a second leak! Thank goodness I’d bought more than one! Water off again, another repair, water on again. No more leaks! Hurray! I cleaned up the water, pushed the stove back and cleaned up all the miscellaneous stuff from the repair job.

Oh, and in the middle of all this, Younger texted me to get our Prime info. Apparently Partner needed to order a hose for the sewer dump for their trailer. There was a breakage of RV proportions. I’m sure that was an exaggeration, but what was the deal with broken plumbing stuff?! Older texted Younger, who then texted Partner. Younger was at work, why Partner didn’t just text or call me themselves, I don’t know.

And just to add a bit more to the Casa Cuckoo-ness of the evening, the delivery driver of Daughter’s food order was the younger brother of Younger Daughter’s high school/college boyfriend. She was fourteen, he was fifteen when they started dating. They were together for seven or eight years. They’re still in contact, just busy with their own lives. But of all the delivery drivers… we got the younger brother.

I made myself some food, I didn’t want anything from the place Daughter ordered from, dozed while it was cooling off, woke around 12:15am, ate the food, then took my pill and slept until just before 6am with the usual wakeups.

Partner texted me a picture of sunrise a little after 6am. I hadn’t even looked outside yet, but I ran out to see it, texting Partner my thanks.

Zeus came running out after fifteen or twenty minutes, so I knew Ben was up. I went back inside to let him know where I was, even though Daughter was sleeping in her room. He said “Gramma come living room!” Yeah, yeah… I got coffee, took a couple pictures out the window, then went to gather Ben’s stuff. I got him settled with his tablet and a baggie of Apple Jacks, gave him his meds, then went to look at the sky again. It was fading by then, and it was too early for my avian friends, so I went back inside and began Couch Sittin Duty.

Daughter got up and took over Couch Sittin Duty around 8am. I got more coffee, looked out the window for Georgie, then went to get Horizontal. Ben followed about ten minutes later asking for chalk. He came back about thirty minutes after that, asking for more chalk. I grabbed a forty-eight piece box, hoping that would occupy him.

The bigger box seemed to do the trick. He did his chalk thang and occasionally snacked and watched his tablet. Unfortunately he spent half the time scripting Angry Words. I don’t know if he was upset about something or just stuck on the movie scenes he was scripting. One of them is the “You lose” scene from the end of the original Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. I heard it from my room, where I remained Horizontal, reading through my WP Reader.

Today for Paula’s Daily Lurve, I’m loving pizza. I could only find one picture of pizza, a homemade pizza I had on one of our Family Movie Nights. This pizza has pepperoni, bacon, green peppers, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It was nom nommy! I usually like more cheese, and just about any toppings. Pizza is versatile and delicious!!

Almost time for sunset, then getting Ben ready for bedtime. No Driving Miss Daisy tonight, and hopefully no plumbing problems.

YouTube suggested it, and I DO like this band. I might not be the only one who needs to hear this song, these lyrics.

Holding Onto You – Twenty-One Pilots

Yesterday evening got a little crazy, another late night for me, but at least the morning started at a proper time. The morning started beautifully too, so that was nice. I got to spend the day mostly Horizontal and my body is grateful. Hopefully tomorrow will be a repeat of today, relaxed. Ben has to Zoom, but it’s with his Speech and OT, hopefully he’ll want to talk to them. The GLYSB is less than a week away, very exciting! That’s it for the excitement… maybe I’ll put Sven in the shower… big fun at Casa Cuckoo! Something else will happen… when does it not? ¡Hasta mañana!






13 thoughts on “Part 333 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. You’re very talented, if you can deal with the leaking pipes! Great job getting spare parts as well.
    Such amazing photos Angie. Made my morning special. Hope the craziness stays away from you all and the pipes in the house.
    Hope it’s a restful night. Love and hugs 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Sadje! The plumbing thing is something literally anyone could do. But, yeah… I’ve had to learn how to fix things over the years. Even minor car repairs. 😉
      The sky has just been so incredibly beautiful! It makes me wonder if this is new, or if I’ve just missing out all this time.
      I hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful sunrise! Great job on the home repairs too. I hate it when something breaks and am forever thankful if it is something I can fix without having to call in someone. I hope today goes well for you guys! And that Ben has a good zoom with his speech and OT person – those zooms always go better for us than the classroom stuff. I don’t know if it is the activities or the people themselves but they are just better zooms. Here is hoping nothing else requires a repair and an overall chill day for you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Robyn! I was thinking of your repairs as I was doing mine.😉😂😂💕
      If we got paid the going rate for ALL the jobs we do… we could have a nice quiet vacation in the middle of nowhere. Just books… and silence.😍😂😂
      Hope your Tuesday is a good day!💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, thank you!🤗 I’ve gotten used to things breaking, and try to keep myself ready for repairs.🤪😂😂 I couldn’t believe how many times I had to fix basically the same leak. Sometimes Murphy’s Law is just ridiculous!!😉🤣🤣💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I was not aware of that rule.🤣🤣 I always thought a fridge with water and an ice maker would be sooo great. The water quit working a while ago… probably needs a new filter, and the ice maker thingy is stuck on “crush” so we have to open the freezer to dig the ice out if we dont want crushed ice. Now, all the leaks in the tubing… “Bells & Whistles” is just more stuff that can break🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤪😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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