Autism Awareness week UK.

Most people have heard of Autism. There is some awareness, but not nearly enough.
There are some great blogs that deal with the truth of caring for an autistic child, and how heartbreaking it can feel to not be able to “fix” whatever in “wrong” in the child’s world.
There are also many blogs written by autistic adults, explaining about being autistic.

“Awareness” isn’t aware enough…

Our Autism Blog

Today marks the start of Autism Awareness Week.
I am passionate about sharing the reality of ‘our autism’, and highlighting just how much of a dark place it can be.
There are so many blogs out there about Autism, but very few talk about the dark side that we experience.
Very few detail the meltdowns, the violence, the devastating effects it can have in family life.
I have been called brave for talking about it.
I’m not brave. At. All.
I just want to raise awareness of how Autism can look to the public.
I want to show you that not all children misbehaving in supermarkets, for example, are spoilt children.

Today I saw a status on Facebook which shook me to my core.
I thought we were getting there, I thought people were beginning to understand….

“A child was running amock and screaming
The mother then tried to use…

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