Spring Sprang Sprung

Ben has been on Spring Break all week. It wasn’t a whole lot different from all the no school time we’ve already been through. Except Daughter called out of work for two nights, so she’s been home too. And the weather has been wonky. Wednesday and Thursday it was almost 90°F (that’s 32°C). Too dang hot!

Sven has been being Sven. I bought a picnic plate cover thingy for him to chill in the Sun and still be safe. And he still makes me smile every day.

I’m still taking WAY too many pictures of the sky. I took so many last night that I made another of those video things…

I’m still walking every day and I’m taking pictures. Mostly of plants and trees, but sometimes there are other things. I’ll save those for another post. I’m rediscovering my neighborhood.

Ben starts school again on Monday. The GLYSB will be coming FIVE DAYS A WEEK!! I have a “To Do” list that’s a mile long, but I also have some blog ideas. With more free time, I’ll be doing some of the ideas… after I clear the list. Partially at least.

I wanted to give you all an update. It’s been weird not posting every day, but it has also been relaxing. It was starting to stress me out, and I think that showed in my writing. I’m still hanging around in your comments, and I’ll be posting here and there, but I’m enjoying the freedom of not having to post.

Thanks again for hanging out with my crew at Casa Cuckoo for the year! Happy Spring Holidays and I’ll see you on Sunday with a Song Lyric post. And I’ll be lurking in your comments.





15 thoughts on “Spring Sprang Sprung

  1. It’s great to hear how you’re doing Angie. I miss your daily updates but it does gets stressful when you know you “have to” post! Take care ! Lovely photos.

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    1. Spring Break week was a serious rollercoaster 🎢 ride! The weather started cold and rainy, then jumped to hot and dry. Having Ben and Daughter home when they’d usually be gone threw things off a bit too.
      I’m very excited about Monday and the return of the GLYSB! Especially since Hybrid School is over🥳💃🏼 it’s been over a year since he went 5 full days. And the Guessers site shows REAL Spring weather all week too.🥰🌠🌻🦋🌸💕

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    1. It doesn’t seem real yet 😕 but I am SO ready after this past week. The wonky weather and schedule change of having Daughter home… 🤪lots of Huffing & Puffing on my part🤷🏼‍♀️
      Is your crew going back tomorrow too?🤞

      Hurray for the GLYSB!!🥳💃🏼

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    1. I’m hoping he enjoys being away from us and doesn’t have a hard time at school, or when he gets home🤞 I know I’m looking forward to some time to myself! He’s an intense young (can’t say “little” anymore, he GREW) dude!💌💌💌


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