A Week In The Life

So, it’s Friday again and I’m doing another update post. Maybe I should start putting these under the Adventures banner. I’m not sure it’s gonna be a regular Thing though. I’m still just going with the flow.

I did okay with the shot. My arm was a little sore at the injection site, but I’ve hurt my arm worse running into stuff. As a matter of fact, I ran into the corner with my right shoulder and that hurt worse than the injection site on my left arm.

Daughter worked Friday and Saturday nights, but has been off since then. She’s taking some vacation time. No Driving Miss Daisy for me until the 25th or thereabouts. It has made the evening routine of getting Ben ready for bed a lot easier, but it’s also been a little later. My schedule is all over the place, and I’m not getting to sleep until after midnight again.

I do get to see all of sunset every night.

Some of the sunsets from the week. They aren’t in order cuz I was too lazy to upload them by day, and just uploaded the entire lot.

Ben had a good week at school. They are moving him to a different classroom and teacher. I found out today that’s he’s moving from Room 1 to Room 2. I think he’ll be okay, especially since he spends a lot of time working at a table outside anyway.

I’m still walking every day. The weather has been weird this past week. It’s been on the cool side, and we had at least one day when it was overcast all day. My walk was pretty late a couple days cuz I was waiting for the Sun to burn through the clouds. I’ve been mostly doing the usual two mile route, or walking up to little shopping center with the grocery store and the Rite Aid, so I didn’t take many pictures from my walks

We had a bit of drama this week with the government. Ben receives SSI, which is Supplemental Security Income, Federal money for disabled people who haven’t worked. There’s been an issue with them thinking Daughter suddenly makes too much money and she’s had to submit paperwork, yadda yadda yadda… Anyway, she got a letter this week telling her they were cutting off his money, and she owes $12,000 in overpayment for the past two years. SAY WHAT?! It isn’t resolved yet, but there has to be some mistake. She make forty cents an hour more than when they did the last review two years ago. FORTY CENTS! I could understand a reduction, but to cut him off completely and say she owes for the past two years?? UGH!! Gotta love the government.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of everyone’s favorite reptile, Sven aka Mr Grumpy Beard.

Thanks for checking in with me and the Casa Cuckoo crew. I’ll get my schedule sorted sooner or later. I am making progress on my To Do list… I got my car smog checked finally. It was due in March of 2020, but something happened that month… I’m just waiting for the Virtual DMV to tell me how much I owe for this year so I can pay. I did pay the fees last year, I just never got the smog test. It’s a Prius, it should be exempt IMO. Anyway, progress… I’ll be lurking in your comments. Later than usual, but I’m working on it.




32 thoughts on “A Week In The Life

  1. Im glad that you’re continuing your walks. The photos are fantastic. A weekly update is a great idea.
    There must be a mixup with your daughter’s finances because it’s crazy to ask for backdated money. I hope it gets sorted out soon. Lots of hugs.

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    1. Thank you, Sadje! I keep telling Daughter it has to be some kind of mistake, and we’ll be okay financially without Ben’s money for a little while.

      Dealing with government agencies is such a hassle in the best of times, its SOOO much harder now because none of the offices are open the way the need to be.🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

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  2. Oh my gosh, the SSI thing is frustrating. I used to be a social worker for mentally ill adults in the community and I felt like I was always fighting with social security. The process can be so frustrating. So much red tape. I hope everything works out for you guys without too much hassle!

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    1. That must’ve been very frustrating work. Especially since it took time away from what you were really there to do.
      SSA offices are still closed so it’s SOOOO much harder than even the usual hassle. Daughter is having to collect, copy, and fax two year’s worth of pay stubs. We had to buy a printer, and we’re gonna need to pay somewhere to fax the last batch since she’s on vacation time now.

      I’ve noticed that people working from home seem to have to justify their time more or something, cuz everyone is calling about balances due, or auditing accounts… another by-product of the Kootie.

      I’m just curious where the lady got her figures if she needs Daughter to send all her paystubs?

      How’s everyone at Casa Coupe? Bobby feeling better? Miss Sass calm down? Declan making you do Arts & Crafts? When does quarantine end?

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      1. We’re doing okay. Bobby is feeling better but I am feeling worse. I hope I didn’t get the full extent of what he had but I definitely have a sore throat and head cold. Yuck. Declan did move into a new arts and crafts project. And since it involves sewing – WE began a new arts and crafts project. Everything these days is puppets. We are waiting for ping pong balls to come in so our third creation has cool eyes. The kids can go back on Tuesday. As long as I can keep whatever is going on with me to myself!

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        1. It’s allergies! Spring… pollen. Sore throat is cuz you’re sleeping with you mouth open cuz your nose is plugged up. Perfectly reasonable!😉

          I wonder how long it will take before we all stop worrying that every sneeze is the kootie?🤔

          You’re almost there! Come on Tuesday!🥳💕

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    1. Yeah… I picked some cute ones.😍 His “beard” was seriously black earlier today. I put him in the shower and he blissed out. He’s in his “vacation home” (the covered picnic thingy) in the window right now. Enjoying the evening breeze and the last of the sun before it sets.

      I never knew reptiles could be such fun pets. Sven makes me smile every day.😁


  3. Good luck with the classroom move! I hope Ben does great with it and doesn’t even notice, too much. The flowers on your walk are beautiful! The only one of those that grows here is the amaryllis. Hugs! 🌠🎶🧸🌷🐶🐉💖

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    1. I’ve seen the Magnolia trees getting ready to bloom on my “regular walk”, and I can’t wait for that! I wish I could bring magnolia flowers home, but they bruise and die. Better on the tree, and their scent is really faint anyway.
      Those amaryllis really popped! And they’re still going. I think the bulbs went a little wild there in that bed😉😂😂😂

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  4. That really sucks about the SSI debt. Hopefully it’s all a computer glitch. It seems ridiculous to take away a big portion of someone’s income and then say ‘you owe us.’ Like she’s been sticking the money in her mattress, right?

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  5. I’m on vacation with my aunt in Guerneville.

    Glad to get an update.

    Glad Ben has a new class. That’s good.

    Keep trying to go to bed earlier. It’s seriously supposed to be much healthier for us.


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  6. Here’s an odd, trivial twist concerning SSI: Ever since I retired six years ago, I keep getting packets in the mail from my former employer (Verizon), with detailed instructions on how I should apply for said benefits. (They’ve already set up an account for me, seriously.) Apparently somebody, somewhere thinks I’m in dire need of SSI, and these packets regularly arrive every three months or so, strongly hinting that I need to get my act together.

    I don’t get it. I voluntarily retired, and there are no personal circumstances preventing me from seeking gainful employment, should I desire. I don’t desire, unless I have to do so. And that MIGHT happen someday, who knows. Still, why is it difficult for some folks to get the benefits they truly need yet I’m being encouraged to apply for something I don’t need? Are they just mystified that I retired before 65 and they are assuming that something must be amiss in my life? Sheesh.

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    1. I’d guess that their HR department has had to be proactive because of previous incidents of being completely inactive. Big companies, it’s all about killing some trees (or bytes) to have documentation to cover themselves.

      It’s amazing how a miscalculation or an error in inputting numbers can absolutely wreck someone’s finances and mental health.
      We’re lucky that we can do okay without Ben’s money for a little while. But what about people who rely on SSI as their sole income?

      If my SSDI was cut, I’d be screwed. Our rent wouldn’t get paid. Or if we paid rent, nothing else would get paid, and we’d ALL be eating Blue Ramen

      Maybe these errors are accidentally on purpose for job security😲🤔🤔🤔 Cynical Angie wonders if creating a brouhaha that needs to be fixed keeps someone in their government job with the good benefits🤷🏼‍♀️
      Cynical Angie also thinks if you ever DO need SSI, it will be next to impossible to get it. Cuz that’s how government works🤦🏼‍♀️

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  7. Nice to see the beautiful flowers on your walk. Really hope the money issue is sorted out – it sounds like an error but it must be a worry and I know how long government agencies can take to correct their mistakes. They don’t seem to understand people need to eat and pay the bills in the meantime! Sven is looking very handsome. I have animal troubles at the moment and it’s causing me a lot of upset and stress. My dog Pasha (the rescue) took a tumble in the garden and now it looks like he’ll need surgery for a luxating patella (dislocating kneecap) and ligament damage. Luckily, I have pet insurance but it’s horrible to see him hobbling around. On top of that, one of my goats has gone lame and the vet can’t diagnose the cause. She can’t get his painkiller right either so that’s making him (and me) very unhappy. It’s so hard to see animals in distress and our pets are our family, aren’t they? ☹️

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    1. Oh no!☹ Our animals are definitely family! And it heartbreaking to see them hurt since they can’t speak in words and tell us how it hurts. 💔 Watching them try to carry on just hurts worse.
      I hope your babies are feeling better soon🤞
      Sending hugs to you!💌💌💌

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    2. Ohhh! You have a goat! I keep saying I want one one of these days. It wouldn’t happen unless we buy a ranch somewhere. I love in a suburban neighborhood. No one wants to hear a goat coming from my yard.

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    1. Thanks! There are still days when I have to talk myself into going for the walk, but I always feel better after I go.
      I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for over 30 years, and this house for over 10, but I’m still finding new things when I walk🌻🦋💕


  8. Love the gorgeousness of the colours in the photos nicely done – is that with your cybershot or your phone?

    Fricking governments do my head in, they are so slow in their handlings of administrations – never know what the left is doing let alone the right – hopefully this clerical err will be corrected soon to ease off your stress loads.

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    1. The photos are with my new phone camera. Daughter decided she needed a new phone, and since she went for a serious upgrade, she had me do the same. She paid, I didn’t argue.
      My cybershot is sitting in my drawer, waiting for me. 🤦🏼‍♀️ What I really need is one of those Time Turner things that Hermione has is Harry Potter, so I can have more time.

      Government was a mess before, and the pandemic hasn’t helped. All the offices are still closed, so Daughter can’t even go and speak to someone face to face to get it sorted. We’re lucky it isn’t our only income. I feel bad for people who get caught up in these messes with no other income.

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