#SLS ~ Goodbye

Thanks to Jim Adams, for hosting Song Lyric Sunday. Visit Jim’s site for all the particulars of SLS, and have a look around at some of the other great stuff.

Today’s theme is: Arrivederci/Bon-voyage/Ciao/Farewell/Goodbye/Hasta la vista/

As with last week the trouble I had wasn’t in finding a song, but choosing one. I had nine different songs… different styles, different eras… some more popular than others… I couldn’t decide. I even thought about using the Goodbye song from Out Of The Box, a kid’s show my daughters watched. I think we all want to choose something different.

Finally, I narrowed it down to two songs. At first I was going to use Shooting Star by Bad Company, but after writing and deleting, I switched to The Black Crowes. Shooting Star has the word “goodbye” in it, but this song fits better.

Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye is from The Black Crowes second studio album titled The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion, released May 12, 1992. It was written by the Robinson Brothers, Chris and Rich.

Wiki tells us:  It was the first album by the band to feature Marc Ford on lead guitar, replacing Jeff Cease, who was fired the year before, and the first to feature keyboardist Eddie Harsch. The album’s name derives from the full name of the Southern Harmony, an influential 1835 hymnal compiled by William Walker.

It features four hit singles: “Remedy” (#1 on the Album Rock Tracks chart for 11 weeks[6]), “Thorn in My Pride” (#1 on the Album Rock Tracks chart for four weeks[7]), “Sting Me” (#1 on the Album Rock Tracks chart for two weeks[8]), and “Hotel Illness” (#1 on the Album Rock Tracks chart for six weeks[9]). It was a record for an album to feature four album rock number-one hits (previously set by Tom Petty in 1989, with three).[10] The album itself reached the top spot of the Billboard 200 album chart, propelled by the success of these singles.

Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye -The Black Crowes

With my winter time
My idols and stage fright
In another night
Where the lights are loud and bright

One dream from waking up saved
Too shy to hold in the rage.

I know no luxury
Of knowing what your eyes read.
I know one million ways
To always pick the wrong thing to say

A love that you never gave
Always a time zone away
It’s not out of spite
I know what’s right

Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

Sometimes a memory
Only sees what it wants to believe
And what’s filled in between
Are days and nights that don’t mean a thing

Such a simple suicide
A second chance never tried
And you don’t understand
I need a helping hand

So you think that you’ve seen it all
Is that a fact?
So out your mouth a dictionary
Spouts about this and that
You got your do’s, your don’ts
Because and why
I don’t trus no one who don’t
Take their own advice

Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye


I was and am a fan of The Black Crowes. I was in the middle of a personal crisis when this album came out and I remember playing the cassette over and over. I was bummed when the brothers couldn’t get along and the band suffered. Chris was married to Kate Hudson 2000-2007. They have a son, Ryder Robinson, born January 7, 2004.

Are you a Black Crowes fan?


12 thoughts on “#SLS ~ Goodbye

    1. Wow! I’m surprised, actually. They were pretty big for a while in the early 90s. Bluesy southern rock.
      Early 90s you were still going to bars & listening to live bands, right? I was a working mom, listening to the FM radio or playing a cassette.
      Ugh, now I’m feeling old.😒

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