FriedDay Chatter

Here we are, another FriedDay and it’s been a helluva week, let me tell you! The weekend was pretty nice, finally some nice weather. There was even clouds here and there for pretties.

Monday was going well, normal Casa Cuckoo stuff. Ben is still doing okay at school, and not having any problems with the move to Room 2 and a new teacher. As far as we know anyway.

Then things went pear shaped, as they say. It started minor… a call from my Primary Doctor’s office, telling me that Medicare declined payment. Their reason was that I have a “Work Comp set-aside account, and Medicare is secondary insurance”. It’s true that for part of the year I pay cash for my appointments with my Pain Management Doctor, then when the money is gone, I mail a form (which I did), then Medicare pays for the rest. Which doesn’t make a bit of difference to my Primary Care Provider.

So, I called Medicare. After working my way through the automated system for about six years, (okay, it really about fifteen minutes) I was transfered to a person. I told my story after verifying everything except the color of my underwear, only to be told she couldn’t help me, but she’d transfer me to someone who could.

I only had to wait on hold for ten minutes before another live person mumbled their name and stock greeting words at me. I verified everything again, and told my story again. She kept putting me on hold to “gather more information”, whatever that meant. After another ten years of my life was wasted (okay, okay… twenty minutes) she mumbled something that I had to ask her to repeat twice. Bottom line, I needed to fill out a form (there’s always a form, isn’t there) to appeal the decision.

That’s when the phone connection started breaking up and I only caught every third word she mumbled. She must’ve been getting frustrated too, cuz she talked louder and showed some signs of life. I finally understood that she would mail the form, with step by step instructions, and I should have it within fifteen business days. Yep! Three weeks.

I called my doctor’s office back and explained. The poor gal was as dumbfounded as I was. I swear, these government employees, probably working from home, are just clicking stuff to clear it. Daughter’s issues with SSI, now my issue with Medicare. It’s enough to make your head explode.

Monday’s sunset was pretty. After all the drama (keep reading, more drama after the picture break) it was nice to see the pretties. Here’s a bunch of sunset and a few sunrise pictures, cuz ya know I gotta take pictures.

Around 4pm Younger called to say she’d just been in car accident on the way home. She was physically okay, but couldn’t find her insurance information. She found it while she was talking to me and said she’d call me back.

Several calls and changes of plans later, she called to ask if I could come get her. Of course I could, and I did. She’d been holding it together until she got in the car with me, then she lost it. Of course she did. She told me that while she was waiting for me, ex-Partner called and told her that somehow, Kris the Corn Snake had been in a load of clothes that went through the washer. Kris was still alive, but ex was defensive and rude, so they fought. Poor Younger.

I drove back to my house and gave her my car. I offered to help her move Kris to her new place, but she didn’t want to stress her even more. She was going to stay at the trailer and monitor her. She’s been working a lot and hadn’t moved the last of her stuff yet. She’d been staying at both places.

She kept my car until Thor’sDay. I didn’t really need it until then, and why pay for an extra day of rental. The plan was for her to come get me around 10:30am, but she overslept and didn’t show up til noon. Of course it was already 90°F (32°C) with humidity in the teens. Yuck!

The first place we went didn’t have any small cars, only SUVs. Uh, no! We wanted cheap, not fancy shmancy. Dude suggested we make a reservation for the next day. We went back to the car and made a reservation in a nearby city for 12:30pm. It still took almost two hours to get the dang car.

I was exhausted after. I don’t do well in heat, I hadn’t slept well the night before, and my body was aching from sitting upright for so long. I really DO spend most of my time laying down. Even on Couch Sittin Duty, I’m stretched out and reclining.

My day wasn’t over. Daughter had work Thor’sDay night, her vacation time was over and I had to Drive Miss Daisy. Then I had to get Ben into the tub and settled in bed. Which was all accomplished, but the Bootyhead was still awake at midnight.

Today I had to get him up and ready for school. His driver changed his pickup time to 7:20am, so I waved bye bye to the GLYSB, then went to pick Daughter up from work. It was already too warm at 8:45am when I went for my walk. Another hot day!

Let’s take another break. I bombarded you with sky pictures. I took a grip of pictures of different flowers, trees and stuff on my walks this past week. I turned it into a video.



I was not feeling like walking and seriously thought about skipping it, but I went. I did cut it a little short though. Compromise. I cooled down and veg’d until it was time to go get my second shot at 11am.

After getting poked, and waiting out the observation time, I got a cart and did my grocery shopping. I was back home a little after noon. I turned on the AC as soon as I walked in… it was 93°F (34°C). Double Yuck!!


Daughter has work again tonight, and tomorrow night. I’ve got a sore arm, but that’s it so far with the shot. Glad I’m vax’d now. Younger and Kris are both doing okay. No news about her car yet. She talked to our insurance on Monday, but hasn’t heard from the other party’s insurance yet. Dude hit her in the passenger rear and spun her. He was in a big work truck, a company truck, so who knows how long it will take. Her car is a 2006, so it’s probably totaled.

The temperature is supposed to drop fifteen degrees tomorrow, twenty would be nicer. I’ve had a crazy week, and who knows what the weekend will be like. I’m trying to keep up with my blog reading, but I’m falling behind. I’ll keep trying to catch up, and I’ll see you in your comments… or mine.






32 thoughts on “FriedDay Chatter

    1. Yeah, whirlwind… 🌪tornado of destruction. It has always been crazy. I thought everyone had crazy stuff happen all the time. Nope! Mostly me🤷🏼‍♀️

      Poor Kris! She must’ve gotten out and gotten into the laundry basket, and just got dumped into the washer. She got loose in the house once and we thought she was gone for good. I found her in my bed when I turned the blankets down one night about a month later.

      Relaxing would be wonderful🤞💕


  1. This is tough, one thing on top of another. The formalities and red tape eats up a lot of time and peace of mind. I hope it all gets sorted out soon. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and lots of love ❤️

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    1. Thanks, Sadje! It has been one thing after another. Unfortunately, that seems to be the Casa Cuckoo way🤪😂 It’s exhausting, but it doesn’t surprise me.
      I guess my “Zen” is being tested. So far, I’m still good. Just tired🥱😴

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    1. She is a master escape artist. Daughter was at work, so she has no idea, and it was ex’s mother who washed the clothes. I don’t know how a person puts clothes in a washer without noticing a 5′ Corn Snake, but it happened. She’s a pretty tough old snake. She’s gotta be at least 15 years old, maybe closer to 20.

      Yeah, there actually ARE planets “aligned”. All kinds of astrology stuff. I was joking last weekend that it wasn’t affecting me. I guess I jinxed myself🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂

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      1. Too bad you don’t live nearby. Sheena’s enclosure is really nice (and big) I made it out of an old dresser. I’d like it to go to someone, but five people on facebook market place have said they’re coming for it, but they never do.

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        1. Oh, cool! Yeah… Pennsylvania is a bit far😂 I’m surprised no one has snatched it up. Younger is always on the lookout for cheap upgrades.
          I think we’re going to trade Sven’s tank for Kris’. Sven’s has a slide top, and Kris’s is hinged. I think she’ll have a harder time opening the slide screen.

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            1. It was Chris until she laid a clutch of eggs😂😂 Younger got her from a friend who was tired of having a snake… already named, probably after some boy🤷🏼‍♀️

              Like Zeus from the shelter. Not my first choice of a name for my dog, but we use so many nicknames, we rarely call him Zeus. Usually it’s Dogzilla, Dippin or Big Dummy😂

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  2. Geez, that’s a lot of poopoo all at once. Glad no one is hurt, but still, such a PITA! The snake story is funny… hope Kris continues to be OK. I love the sky pics and the chalkfish at the top is supercool. Hope your weekend is CHILL! Wish the heat waited until tomorrow for my outdoor night bday party, but it’s supposed to top out at 70 Saturday. WEIRD. Luckily, I found a purplypink sweatshirt jacket on sale at Target just now!

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    1. It’s fate that you found the jacket! I hope you bought it. The heat was supposed to be Fri & Sat, but the Guessers don’t have a clue. Only 70? You must be a lot closer to the coast. We’re 17 miles inland in a valley. It’s always hotter🥵
      I’m glad you’re getting a party with your friends. It’s been a tough year. Your b-day last year was caca, so a double, triple birthday is called for this year!🎉🥳💃🏼🧁✨🌛

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  3. My goodness, what a week! I hate those insurance companies. I hope your issue is resolved. Mine, I think (fingers crossed), is resolved 18 months later.
    Poor daughter! That has to be so stressful. I hope everything works out for her too!
    Great job sticking with the walking! I have been trying to get out every day as well. But we haven’t had heat like that yet. I do not handle heat well. I’m not so sure I will be able to be as dedicated as you!

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    1. I’ve had a few too many days when I had to make myself go walking, which tells me how easy skipping one day could turn into two days, and before I knew it, I’ll have stopped altogether. My muscles had seriously atrophied, and with the weight loss, the “old lady skin” was just gross! I want to get the tone back in my muscles, and get my body healthy. If I’m gonna “run away from home”, I need to be healthy😉💃🏼🥳💕

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  4. Wow, you had a week! I sure hope the weekend is a heaping helping of bland and boring! You did see some lovely things this week! Hugs 🤗💕🎶🌱💐Happy May Day! 🌷

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    1. Thank you, Suzanne! I had forgotten about May Day🙄🤦🏼‍♀️d’oh! Every year I think about celebrating May Day in style with the May Pole and just all of it. Maybe when I “run away from home” I can find an old fashioned May Day Celebration 😉💃🏼🥳🦋🌻🌷✨🎶💫💕

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  5. Poor snake and poor youngest – accidents really shake you up. Well done for keeping up the walking despite having a tough week. Hope next week is calmer. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, me too! It wouldn’t take a lot to be calmer, would it,🤪😆
      I keep picturing the poor snake going through the wash, spin, rinse, spin… I know snakes can swim but wowza, that was quite a ride for an old snake. She’s pretty tough. And clean.😂😂💕

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  6. Poor ol’ Kris, reminds me when my father washed the cat!

    Excellent images of the flora and of course Sven the fauna, video was cracking, you have so many flowers out and about on your walks .. l hardly ever see that many. I see lots of blossoms, but very few flowers.

    Sheesh, life could do with throwing you a magic wand 🙂

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    1. I’m a little surprised at all the flowers. A lot of the ornamental trees and plants have flowers, but things seem to be really going crazy. The Chinaberry trees for example, I’ve never seen them all bloom like they are. I get to take lots of pictures of bee butts and it makes me happy.

      I don’t want to jinx it, but this Monday has been better. I feel much better today. I got my 2nd shot Friday & felt wiped out all weekend, but that could’ve been life, not the shot🤷🏼‍♀️ And of course Ben’s mom had to work all weekend. And the weather going from 34 on Fri to 17 on Sun… it’s been a bumpy ride. Today was a perfect 23, I identified a new flower, and got a new bee butt picture.😆

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  7. First of all it’s nice to see Ben’s chalk art. So colorful. I’m working on a puzzle 🧩 that’s super colorful and it’s taking me forever. We aren’t supposed to be stressed trying to find time to work on puzzles.

    Sorry to hear about the financial burden you are going through with medical red tape. That’s the worst.
    Daughter getting in a car wreck is a tough one too. Glad she is ok. Always tricky figuring out transportation when you have one less set of wheels.

    We got a call from Andrew tonight @9Pm. He is house sitting in the neighborhood and the poor dog got skunked. Ken was the lucky one who offered to go help him. After all, it was his sisters dog. These things keep happening to Andrew.
    Two weeks ago he was kitty sitting for my niece at her condo. Well the kitty threw up on my nieces white comforter. And he didn’t ask me for help.
    Secretly hoping he decides that house sitting is not a great way to make your rent payment. We haven’t heard from Sheriff job yet and he never seems to be looking for anything else.
    Good news is that Curtis got a job this week. He starts Wed, but is having anxiety and totally stressed out. It pays well, but he doesn’t have a clue what he has to sell and it’s an Indian company. He hasn’t done very well working with them in the past.
    Yet, I’m hoping it all works out in the end with both boys. So far, everyone is surviving this pandemic and I still have my parents.
    Love the pics Angie. You have a good eye as my mom would say.

    Nighty night


    1. Keeping my fingers crossed that Andrew gets the Sheriff job, and Curtis does well at his new job.

      Poor skunked dog☹ I’m glad we don’t live on the outskirts where skunks hang out. We just get rats and occasionally opossums. I did see a raccoon by the library one night when I walked up there. A few years back, of course.

      Younger daughter is hesitant about the vaccine and I’m trying to talk her into it. I read this morning that they might okay it for 12-15 year Olds, which would be great for Ben. He’s not great at hygiene still🙄

      I’m glad you’re getting out and feeling more hopeful. It’s been tough since last March. We’re not all safe yet, but California seems to be headed in the right direction finally!💕

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      1. Yes! Heard LA and SF are to yellow tier!

        I’m happy to get moving a little and getting out more. But it’s been nice being home. Love my chickens 🐓.

        I hope your daughter comes through and trusts the vaccination it is safe. I hope Ben will be first in line for his Covid shot.

        Have a good evening.


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        1. Yeah, San Diego is still orange. I guess they think that immigrants coming through the border may be part of it. The Hispanic population has been hit hard in San Diego County. I’m good with the restrictions staying in place a little longer 😉 at least until more people are vaccinated.💕

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  8. Oh my, Cosmic Sister 💞. One thing after another, lined up like Rockettes 😧. What you described is the definition of a rough week 😘. I’m still catching up on WP myself (and reading comprehension and remembering what I’ve read are 2 separate matters beyond the catch-up lol), but I do hope Kris is ok, and I do remember seeing some better news about your daughter in regards to her car wreck, and I hope everything continues to smooth out again there 🍀🍀

    Big huge hugs, Cosmic Sis! You have hella strength and resilience if you got through a week like that! 👏💪💖🌷🎊😍🌄❣️🍷😎🙌☮️🏆🌈🌟🌴🌸


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