Another FriedDay Review

We made it through another week. This past week was much better. I didn’t have the horrible reaction to the second vaccine shot that Daughter had, just a sore arm, and I felt a little wiped out for a few days. TBH, the wiped out could’ve been more from my life than from the shot.

I’m still walking every day. I haven’t missed a day since I started, and I’m very proud of myself. I keep discovering new plants and trees in my neighborhood. Everything is in bloom and it’s really pretty.

We haven’t heard anything about Younger’s car yet. Our insurance company sent stuff to her and to me. I assumed they’d sent the same stuff, but that might’ve made sense. They sent the name and contact info of the new “team member” assigned to the claim to me, and sent her a notice that she has to file some form with the DMV if there was a death or property damage. So she was leaving messages at the wrong number, for the wrong person. Car accidents suck!

Ben continues to do well at school, which is good. What’s not so good is his sleep this past week… and his defiance. He’s been staying awake, and goofing around in his room, until 11pm or later. Wren’sDay night he was still awake and jumping around at 2:30am. We wake him up at 6:30am every morning because it’s his morning med times, and he either has school or we have to get Daughter from work.

The defiance is manifesting as refusal to stop playing with his chalk when it’s time for bath and bed, or when it’s time to take Daughter to work. He gets plenty of notice, plenty of reminders, and these are NOT new things we’re asking him to do. He flat out ignores us, and refuses to stop. We’ve had scatter his “creations” and physically move him to make him stop. I’m sure you can imagine how that works out.

I skipped a couple sunsets to keep him calm and in my room, away from the chalk. Luckily they weren’t spectacular ones.

Not much else had been happening. The usual errands, and minor Casa Cuckoo dramas. Even the weather has been cooperating. After the crazy heat at the end of last week, it dropped like thirty degrees Fahrenheit (34°C to 17°C) over the weekend, then we had real Spring weather for the rest of the week. Hopefully it will last.

I’ll wish all the Mamas, human or fur, a Happy Mother’s Day on SunnyDay, whether it’s Mother’s Day in your country or not. We Mamas deserve to be celebrated every day. Yes, I know that not all mothers are good mothers, but all the mothers in my little bloggy group are.

I’ll see you all on SunnyDay for the Song Lyric post. And a good luck shout-out to Claudette who’s getting her first vaccine shot on SunnyDay. Apparently our neighbors to the north are behind on the vaccines. And a birthday shout-out to Robyn for Toad’sDay.

Stay safe everyone! We’re getting there, but we still have a way to go.




22 thoughts on “Another FriedDay Review

  1. I love your pictures! Very good results and clarity in there. Beautiful flowers!
    I’m sorry that Ben is being difficult about sleep. Must be tough to tackle him on it. I hope it’s just a passing phase. A happy Mother’s Day to you in advance. You’re a terrific mom and grandma. Lots of hugs my dear friend. 🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰😘❤️

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      1. They do by giving me presents and we are planning to order in a meal on Sunday. I gave the three moms in my family gifts too. (My daughters and daughter in law) There is so much awareness now that people all over the world celebrate it.
        You’re welcome. Hugs

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  2. Oh my gosh, you remembered! Thank you for the shout-out. 🙂 This weekend is a full-scale basketball and soccer tournament weekend so we will be all over the place and no time to celebrate. I love claiming the week for Mother’s Day and my birthday, but alas, the schedule calls, and I will simply have to claim another week. Thank you for making me feel special until I can claim some time!
    Great job on your walks, and I love the pictures. Seeing everything bloom right now is great. It really marks the change of seasons which I like. And I love seeing a smiling Sven. 🙂 He’s the best.
    That stinks about the car and I am sorry Ben is testing limits. I know our teenager here is a mouthful of name-calling and “you don’t know what it is like” – but she can tell us that much. I hope things get better in both those areas for you this week!
    Thanks again for the birthday shout-out! And I hope you have a great week ahead!

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    1. I’ll be doing Couch Sittin Duty on SunnyDay.🤷🏼‍♀️ I was surprised that Ben didn’t come home with an art project though. Maybe now that he’s in with the “Middle School” kids in Room 2 there won’t be anymore Mother’s Day art☹
      I’m sorry sports is taking the whole weekend, but I guess it’s good for the kids. And now they REALLY owe you!😉
      Yeah, I’m very happy not to go through Teen Girl again! Twice was enough😱
      I hope you guys survive the weekend with minimal stress🤞💕

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    1. The best advice I got about after the shot was to not tense up your arm. Let the muscle be as relaxed as possible, that way the liquid can work through the muscle fibers easier. It worked great with the 1st one, and it just felt like I had a bruise. I always have a bruise somewhere.

      I forgot with the 2nd shot, and I was cold while waiting the 15 minutes to make sure I didn’t have a reaction, so I was all tensed up, like one does when they’re cold. So it felt like a bigger bruise🤷🏼‍♀️

      I say you should totally play it up though. Make your partner & kids wait on you! It’s Mother’s Day after all😉💕


  3. Good to hear that your second shot was not a wallop. I had basically the same reaction as you, tenderness at the injection site and a bit loopy for a few days, but not anywhere near the not-good others have experienced.

    I’m in awe of your continuing dedication to your walking. I really need to get off my butt and do something similar as well, but the gumption’s just not there.

    Insurance companies suck, full stop.

    The Sven photos this time are especially sharp and crisp. (Not that the previous snaps have been lackluster, just sayin.) Are you playing with a new filter, or are you just really good and building up a portfolio for your new career as a wildlife documentarian?

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    1. I used the “auto” filter on some of the pictures of Sven. It seems to give the picture more “pop”. Filters seem kinda like “cheating” to me, but when the picture doesn’t reflect what my eyeballs see, I tend to fiddle with them til they do. Or just give up 🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂

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  4. Beautiful photos! I’ve been taking a few of the plants and flowers around here for a potential post soon but the weather has become very dull, wet and windy plus my dog has had an operation and needs lots of TLC, so nothing posted yet! Do you think Ben’s defiance is because he is dealing with changes at school? He’s doing so well there that when he comes home, he lets off steam?! ❤️🙂

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    1. I think letting it all hang out at home is part of it. I thinks being tired is part of it. And I think that being almost 13 years old is part of it too. He comes from a family of… ummmm… determined 😉 people. Autism makes laser focus and difficulty stopping until its “right” a thing, but it’s not an excuse to just do what he wants, when he wants. He has very few “rules” at home. We try to let him have space and freedom to just be Ben, but we expect the few rules we do have to be followed.😉💕

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  5. I was going to ask if Ben is gearing up to be a “stroppy teen”, I see others have had similar thoughts! Love the flowers. Everything is bursting into bloom here as well – isn’t May just the best? – but of course different flowers.
    I had my first shot, felt rubbish for a day and then okay again. Someone I know is getting the second one this week, so see what they say.

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    1. Very happy to see you in my comments! 🌻

      We have some flowers most of the year, but this Spring had been amazing! Maybe I’m just noticing it more, but it has been beautiful!

      From the info I’ve gathered from my little bloggy group, we 50+ folks haven’t had a bad time with the 2nd shot. Daughter, who is 32 had a big reaction… fever, body aches… flu type stuff. It only lasted a day though, sooo worth it.

      I can’t believe Ben will be 13 in a few months… scary times ahead. 😱


  6. Happy belated moms day.

    Very frustrating to hear about Ben’s sleep schedule. Doesn’t that sound normal for teens? They never want to go to bed.
    I’m going to suggest swimming for him. It makes them tired. Who knows if there is a pool available, but my kids especially Andrew loved being in water. Very calming.
    I wish they started school later for older kids. They need their sleep and never want to wake up early. I’m so glad I don’t have these responsibilities anymore. Exhausting.
    Got to feed the chicks!


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    1. Ben loves water too and there’s a pool at the new complex Younger moved to. The problem is getting him to leave. The last time, we were at a family friend’s house and he had an extreme meltdown when we got him home.

      He just has sleep issues. He’s always had sleep issues. Even as a toddler, he would be awake 18 or 20 hours sometimes. He NEVER napped.i think it’s partly his ADHD too. He gets jittery, and can’t be still. At least he doesn’t grind his teeth all the time anymore.

      Hugs to you!!💌💌

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