Thor’sDay Catch-up

I figured you all might be missing some of the pictures that used to bombard you with on a daily basis. Plus, a general update on the Casa and it’s inhabitants.

Mother Nature has been showing off this past week with the sunsets. I have taken hundreds of pictures. I also figured out that the default photo storage app I have does videos now, which is good cuz Goigle Photos was being difficult the last time I tried to make a video.

This is last night’s sunset.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna put all the videos up. If you want to see other glorious sunsets, they’re all uploaded here.

I had to give WP more money and update my plan to get more storage space. GRRR! I thought about going through and deleting some pictures, but I’m lazy, and doing it on a phone would be a major PITA, plus a very kind person informed me in comments that it wouldn’t make any difference. It wouldn’t give me more storage. BOO!

I am still walking the neighborhood, though not every day. The weather, the timing, and other life stuff gets in the way some days, and some days I just don’t wanna. I did go today, and it was a beautiful day. I saw lots of flora, fauna, and a little “neighborhood box” thingy that made me cry a little… in a good way.


Ben is still having sleep issues. He was awake all night MoonDay night/Toad’sDay morning, so he stayed home from school. Gramma wasn’t thrilled, but I wasn’t consulted. Ben has always had sleep issues, so it’s just part of living with him.

Both daughters are doing well. Working, doing life stuff, rinse repeat. Younger is dating. There are two people she sees fairly regularly, but it’s pretty casual and that’s perfect for her, and for them right now.

Zeus is still Big and Dumb and follows me everywhere. Diesel Cat and Sophie Cat are well and doing cat things.

Sven, which I know is a favorite, is still chasing down those fast moving blueberries… with limited success. He’s also in the beginning stages of a full body shed. He’s uncomfortable and he looks goofier than usual. I have pictures. Of course, I have pictures.

That’s it for today’s update. See ya in comments… yours or mine.





20 thoughts on “Thor’sDay Catch-up

  1. It’s great to hear from you Angie. I guess when Ben is not sleeping well, you aren’t either. I hope it gets better this weekend. Great video of the sunset. Take care! I hope the side effects of the medicine are wearing off a bit. Lots of hugs my friend 🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Thank you! And Jumma Mubarak🌻 I get to say it in the day this week. I kept missing you before😆
      Sleep gets harder when there’s high pressure. It really seems to make Ben more agitated and he can’t settle down. We’re afraid of leaving him unsupervised. He’s doesn’t seem to understand the consequences of things he wants to do. We’d prefer he NOT burn the house down🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

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  2. Sven! I didn’t realize how much I missed his wildlife snaps until just now. It was good fun seeing him again.

    Your other photos are terrific, as usual, especially the fifth shot down on the left. The color and crispness are gorgeous.

    The WordPress storage thing has been kind of odd with my blogs. I’ve known lots of people who had to upgrade when their storage got tight, but I never ran out of space or even got close to it, even when I was on the “free” plan. (And as you know, I have thousands of posts, and every one of them has at least one photo.) I did eventually upgrade to a premium plan, but only because I didn’t want ads appearing on my posts. I’m not sure why that is/was the case, but then again, I often don’t understand what WordPress is doing…

    One of our neighbors has a “take/leave” library box in her front yard, and it always makes me smile when I see it. It’s a terrific concept…

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    1. There are lots of little libraries around the neighborhood, but that was the first one I’d seen with food. I love that there were carrots and other fresh veg too.

      My storage was fine forever, but then when I started Adventures and there were several pictures on every post… 🤷🏼‍♀️ a lot of my pictures are big too. I was free forever, and I upgraded to “personal” at first. I think it’s an in between. Now I’m at premium. Maybe someday I’ll check out some of the other stuff that comes with the plan😂
      I’ve had the same layout and colors since I started. I’m kinda scared of getting a “ten seconds til self-destruct” message though😉

      Poor Sven… he’s hiding in his house today. He started toward the food dish and gave up🤣 Beardies are really great comic relief.

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  3. That blessings box is awesome! We have a lot of book boxes all around filled with books for you to take and bring back or take and offer up one of your own. Or just to put some books in. Honestly, I know I have a few that could be donated. Now I have a project! 🙂

    Good to hear how things are going! Beautiful scenery and of course it is always good to see Sven chase down those blueberries. 🙂 Here’s hoping for more sleep-filled evenings for Ben. It may not help, but I have my fingers crossed for you!

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    1. Thanks for the crossed fingers! I’ll take what I can get. Every one of his medications are to calm him down, chill him out, help him sleep or focus. I swear the ADHD is a bigger challenge than the autism.

      Poor Sven is looking goofier every day. He started toward his food dish as soon as I uncovered him this morning, but gave up after a couple steps. He’s half in, and half out of his house. I hope this shed goes faster than last year. It makes me wonder what they do in the wild… hide under some rocks?😂

      We have a bunch of the libraries too. That was the first food box I’d seen. I like that there was fresh veg in there too.
      Lots of little treasures in my neighborhood.😍

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      1. That is interesting. D and I will talk about D’s special brain and Daddy’s special brain. ADHD is a real challenge that D sees but doesn’t experience. It definitely keeps us on our toes!

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  4. I love towees and hummingbirds. So fun to watch.
    I’ve had trouble sleeping lately also. Not sure the issue.

    Getting a rest in before i plant some herbs.
    I bought a bunch which seemed like a good idea at the time. Planting is fun, but i cut the tip of my thumb while chopping kale for the chickens yesterday.Also, the cat wouldn’t stop crying for his wet food, so it was stressing me out. a great Trying to shovel with the bad thumb will make things difficult.luckily, i have gloves so i can keep it clean.

    Well, too bad you had to care for Ben cause he didn’t sleep. I hope that doesn’t become a new routine.

    We will see Andrew and girlfriend on Sunday for lunch. He still doesn’t have a job. Curtis tried to show him LinkedIn one night. It was nice Curtis wanted to help him. He needs to help himself. 🤷‍♀️


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    1. Its when we hurt something like a finger or toe, that we realize how much we use all the little parts of our body. I have to be mindful not to compensate for whatever is hurt, and end up hurting something else by overstraining it🤦🏼‍♀️

      Yeah… Andrew needs to figure his life out. It’s difficult to see them struggle, but we have to let them do it. Sink or swim. Maybe his girlfriend can get it through his head🤞


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    1. Thank you! I am lucky to have been born is such a beautiful part of the country. Of course, your views are pretty nice too, it’s the weather that would do me in🤪 I’m a “Weather Princess”, and prefer a very narrow temperature range🤣🤣
      I hope YOU are sleeping, and smiling!💌💌💌

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  5. You do really well to be able to photograph people’s houses and flowers and things Grandma, the only reason you do not often see that kind of thing with me – is because people are so danged private at times in Sandwich. There is a really great quirky garden not far from me and l would love to take some photos, however one day last week, a lady came flying out threatening me with the police!!! Sheesh it’s not like l was looking through her damn windows, just checking out her unused garden!

    Some great images and admittedly l didn’t see the photos in the video but listened to the music whilst l read 🙂


    1. Threatening you with the police is a bit of an overreaction! Dang! I generally stay on the sidewalk so they really can’t say anything. I have stepped onto a driveway or a couple steps onto a front lawn, but I’ve never had a problem.

      I’m always finding little surprises on side streets I generally drive past.

      Don’t worry about skipping the sunset photos. Most of my posts are FILLED with sunset photos🙄🤣🤣

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      1. I sometimes wonder if it is because Sandwich is a tourist town and that is what upsets the locals more, but equally l have noticewd at times more hostility from people since lockdowns.

        Well admittedly, l did see a few of the images in the video, just not all 🙂

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