#SLS ~ Banned By BBC

Thanks to Jim Adams, for hosting Song Lyric Sunday. Random stuff space. I wish I could be like Sven, my Bearded Dragon. He has been brumating for over a month. It’s like hibernation for reptiles. I want to sleep until the weather and other conditions are exactly to my liking. Silly lizard must think he’s in Australia, brumating in summer. He does it every year… must be in his DNA or something. Yes, I’m still mostly away, still lurking, still showing up on Sundays only. I did sneak in a Parrots video recently (last week?) and I’m trying to get stuff sorted, but Stuff is resistant to sorting. I’ll keep at it.

The topic for this week – Songs where somebody is having sex, or talking, or hinting about having it

I immediately had a song playing in my head when I read this prompt. It’s even by an artist I’ve seen… eventually. The concert was originally scheduled for July 28, 1989. It was canceled when we were already inside the venue. It was rescheduled for the following night July 29, 1989… and canceled again. This was back in the day of tearing tickets, so when we went back to the venue on August 1, 1989, we only had a quarter of a ticket left… and hope.

I found this old news report

There was a show… FINALLY. Luckily my mother had no problem watching Daughter, who was an infant at the time.

What is the song? Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright) written and performed by Rod Stewart. It’s from his 1976 album A Night On The Town.

According to Songfacts, the phrase “sex rock” entered the lexicon in 1975, thanks to an article in Time magazine about the rise of songs like this one that are clearly about a seduction. With the genre defined, various groups started protesting it, including Jesse Jackson’s Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity). This song was a target and used as an example of one that was loosening the morals of young people.

Yep! And as my title suggests, the lascivious lyrics got the song banned by the BBC, which objected to the line, “Spread your wings and let me come inside.” The ban was later lifted due to public demand; the song became a UK hit, and later, a US #1.

The blond woman in the video is Britt Ekland, Rod’s girlfriend at the time.

Stay away from my window
Stay away from my back door too
Disconnect the telephone line
Relax baby and draw that blind

Kick off your shoes and sit right down
Loosen off that pretty French gown
Let me pour you a good long drink
Ooh, baby, don’t you hesitate ’cause

Tonight’s the night
It’s gonna be alright
‘Cause I love you girl
Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now

C’mon, angel, my hearts on fire
Don’t deny your man’s desire
You’d be a fool to stop this tide
Spread your wings and let me come inside ’cause

Tonight’s the night
It’s gonna be alright
‘Cause I love you girl
Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now

Don’t say a word my virgin child
Just let your inhibitions run wild
The secret is about to unfold
Upstairs before the night’s too old

Tonight’s the night
It’s gonna be alright
‘Cause I love you woman
Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now


Thanks for stopping by. What song would you choose for this prompt? Are you a fan of Rod Stewart? Would you keep trying after two show cancelations or just get a refund?





38 thoughts on “#SLS ~ Banned By BBC

  1. I have posted one from SILK… I am not much of a Rod Stewart fan but I grew up listening to his music because my dad has his records…

    And definitely getting the refund if it’s been cancelled 2x already ❤

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    1. I don’t remember why the ex and I decided to keep going back. It was probably because Daughter was a baby and we really wanted to do something fun together. He was a bigger Rod Stewart fan than me, although I did/do like him.

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      1. Columbia House records. 10 albums 99 cents with agreement to buy specified amount more in a year. We still have quite the collection. I’ve heard vinyl is making a comeback.


  2. I haven’t been to Jim’s site. Did anyone do Paradise by the Dashboard Light? That was the first song I thought of. Aww Sven. Eli’s BD King Tut died of some massive growth the grew up over his eye. Joined Sheena and Lilac in the pet semetary.

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    1. Aww… poor King Tut. I remember you writing it. I poke Sven every once in a while and he gives me the Glare Of Death, so I know he’s okay, but he was up and about this time last year🤷🏼‍♀️ Maybe if the weather would quit going from rainy and 70 to clear and 95 then back to low 80s he’d rejoin us🤪

      I haven’t seen Paradise, but that’s a great song. I used it for something… can’t remember what though🤷🏼‍♀️

      How many times did autocorrect try to change Semetary?😂


  3. Oh my gosh, I am such an idiot. I never knew this song was about sex. I’m going to blame my age here. I may have told you this already and if I have I apologize. But D is super into Michael Jackson so we listen to a lot of his songs. Bobby stopped us all for a second and said, “So, you are telling me this song is called “Beat it” and all he really says is “Beat it” over and over again?” And he had the teenager smile on his face. I was like – oh. Right! But when I first heard the song I was 6 or 7 and knew nothing about that and never made the connection. I don’t know what I thought Rod Stewart was so excited for by claiming the night – but it definitely wasn’t sex! Live and learn 🙂

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    1. It’s actually wonderful that you were clueless as a child! Children should be clueless about sexual things.
      Unfortunately my cluelessness was shattered by a neighbor when I was 7 or 8.

      I wonder if D and Ben like the rhythm of the music? If that’s why they both like MJ? Ben makes me put “Megamind I’m Bad” aka “Bad” by MJ on via Bluetooth for the drive home after dropping Daughter at work, then we have to have a “Dance Party” in the car, in the driveway when we get home😂😂 We can’t get out of the car without the Dance Party.🤪🤷🏼‍♀️

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  4. Poor Sven. My chickens are molting also. Feathers 🪶 everywhere.
    Life is good. I’m working again as a nanny.
    Not as much time to write.

    Andrew still hasn’t found a job. He is dating the same girl.
    Curtis is miserable at his job, but he’s making it work for now. Why do my kids struggle with life? Ugh.
    Hope all is well w you Angie.


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    1. September was a roller-coaster and I’m glad it’s over. I have hope that October will be better🤞

      UGH! I know it bothers you about Andrew, but sometimes we have to let them fall on their faces. It’s easier to say than do, but when you’ve tried everything else🤷🏼‍♀️

      So many people are stuck in jobs that are poor fits. Good for him for trying to make it work. I hope he’s keeping his eyes open for something better too.

      It’s not just your kids, Teri. It’s everybody. My girls are finally settled into jobs they like… after years of tears. Older Daughter just took a position in the ICU which she has wanted for a long time, but there are rarely openings. She starts on the 17th. She wanted to do work where she felt like she was making more of a difference. Healthcare is rough. Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities are run as businesses and it changes their priorities. Bad for patients and Healthcare workers. Only good for shareholders. Ugh! Don’t get me started… Major pet peeve!!

      A nanny job sounds awesome for you! Getting paid to be a surrogate grandma🤗🥰 I bet you do a lot of baking together😉💕💕💕

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      1. Good to hear from you Angie. It has been a while. I’m glad your daughters are on their way to good things and are happy with their jobs.
        You are right. I get to have my baby fix, make a little extra money and get plenty of exercise. Hoping to lose a few lbs.. Hee hee.
        Thanks for the encouragement and words about my sons. It helps to get your perspective.
        Hoping you are still getting your walks in too.
        Take care and hope Oct goes better than September with Ben.


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    1. Cringe? Is it a sensory thing with his voice, or an association from childhood, or just a 🤷🏼‍♀️?

      I’m not a huge fan, but I don’t dislike him like the Foos. I have no idea why the Foos bug me so much, but I just can’t… just can’t🤷🏼‍♀️

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      1. No, l just found him a cringy creepy kind of guy, l have never liked him. my mother thought he was ace, my father liked many of his songs, but he was just one singer that didn’t appeal to me at all.

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    1. It didn’t occur to me until just now, 🤦🏼‍♀️🤪 but the recent concert was the same thing. It was originally scheduled for July 2020. We all know why THAT didn’t happen. Then it was re-scheduled for July 2021. Then it was re-re-scheduled for August 2021 and was a great show.

      At least with The Interrupters/Weezer/Fall Out Boy/Green Day they canceled BEFORE we were all in our seats🤦🏼‍♀️🤪😂

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