#SLS ~ In The Days Of My Youth

Thanks to Jim Adams, for hosting Song Lyric Sunday. In random Casa Cuckoo news – Ben is still having sleeping issues. He stayed awake the entire night again one night, and stayed awake until 3 or 4 another night. I’ve asked Daughter to email his teacher or give me the email address and I’ll do it. His teacher was letting him nap and we asked her to stop, but whether she’s still allowing it or not is information I don’t have. And just to make my exhaustion a little more entertaining, I got the Pfizer Booster on Wednesday because my doctor told me to get the booster. And since I couldn’t remember when my last Tetanus shot was, I got a DPT shot too. That third Pfizer shot was worse than the first or second! I felt like I had a low-grade fever for several days, I had the usual arm soreness, but I also got the swollen armpit lymph glands thingy. As of this writing on Saturday Morning, it’s better but still a little sore. I’d still rather have a few days of expected uckies than catch the Kootie and who knows what happen. I was a bit irritated to find out Medicare wouldn’t cover the DPT booster. It was like $53 which thankfully, I had. But what if I didn’t? Major eye-roll at Medicare! I was irritated, but not surprised. They don’t cover vision, hearing or dental either. Seniors and disabled people don’t need these things I guess?! MAJOR eye-roll! And if you’ve always wondered what I sound like, you can listen to me talk to gulls here.

The prompt words for this week – Past, Present, Future

I had a few other songs in mind for this, and I’m sure someone will use some of them. I also had a different Led Zeppelin song that I thought would work, Ramble On, but I decided to go with the first track from their first album. The song is Good Times, Bad Times, and it’s from their 1969 debut album titled Led Zeppelin. It’s also referred to as Led Zeppelin I since they named their next three albums Led Zeppelin II, III, IV.

Led Zeppelin has been my all time favorite band since I discovered them around age eleven or twelve. I’m sure I heard some of their music during my childhood before then, but my mother tended more toward Easy Listening in her musical choices. My step-father, aka my Dad, brought his amazing vinyl collection, along with his love, when he married my mother. The end of the 70s opened my eyes and my ears, and my love of music continues.

Songfacts informs us “John Bonham used a technique called a “triplet” on his bass drum for this song to get a double bass pedal sound. He used the tip of his toe to flick the bass pedal back fast, creating an effect many drummers tried to copy. Jimmy Page explained in the BBC Book Guitar Greats, “‘Good Times, Bad Times,’ as usual, came out of a riff with a great deal of John Paul Jones on bass, and it really knocked everybody sideways when they heard the bass drum pattern, because I think everyone was laying bets that Bonzo was using two bass drums, but he only had one.”

When the band reformed on December 10th, 2007 with Bonzo’s son, Jason, on drums, this was the first song they played. Even Jason had trouble nailing the “triplet” trick his dad used.

In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man
And now I’ve reached that age, I’ve tried to do all those things the best I can
No matter how I try, I find my way into the same old jam

Good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share
When my woman left home with a brown eyed man
But I still don’t seem to care

Sixteen, I fell in love with a girl as sweet as could be
It only took a couple of days ’til she was rid of me
She swore that she would be all mine and love me ’til the end
But when I whispered in her ear, I lost another friend, oh

Good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share
When my woman left home for a brown eyed man
But I still don’t seem to care

Good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share
When my woman left home for a brown eyed man
But I still don’t seem to care

I know what it means to be alone
I sure do wish I was at home
I don’t care what the neighbours say
I’m gonna love you each and every day
You can feel the beat within my heart
Realize, sweet babe, we ain’t ever gonna part


What song would you choose for this prompt? The song I chose doesn’t include any of the actual words from the prompt, but I think it covers past, present and future. Let me know your thoughts and song choice. I look forward to new music, or reminders of old favorites, every week. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next Sunday, or hopefully sooner. Hopefully I’ll have more Good Times than Bad Times and I can get time managed a little better.





43 thoughts on “#SLS ~ In The Days Of My Youth

  1. You can’t beat a good Zeppelin track and this is a great fit for the track.
    I hope your grandson’s sleeping problems are sorted soo. Well don on getting your booster, shame that they slipped you a bill for the Tet jab!
    I get my booster on Wednesday, probably a Pfizer this time my first two were the Astro Zenica.

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    1. I hope you don’t have a reaction like I did. Some people are and some people aren’t. I had no trouble with the 1st or 2nd Pfizer but the Booster surprised me. I’d blame it on getting the DPT at the same time except all the symptoms match what other Booter people had🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s all still better than getting COVID.

      I didn’t remember this song was the 1st track of their 1st album. What a way to set the stage, eh?!🎶💃🏼


    1. I’m glad you didn’t get the reaction! I was surprised that I did. I didn’t have problems with the other two, but the 3rd was much different. All Pfizer too🤷🏼‍♀️ weird.
      I keep thinking things are settling down and everything goes topsy-turvy again. I fell asleep after taking the 3 (instead of 5) Methotrexate on Sunday afternoon 😲 slept right through sunset😲 and you know that’s not like me.
      I’m still hoping, and I will continue to make it a goal. I need to get back to walking again too. I think the weather may finally be settling. Of course, now that I’ve written that, we’ll have snow, then triple digets😂😂


    1. Thanks!🤗🥰 I could go on and on about Zeppelin, but I was afraid I’d put everyone to sleep.😂

      Ugh! The napping at school🤦🏼‍♀️ I can understand why she’d just wanna leave him, but we’ve already asked her NOT to let him sleep. They have more help to deal with his grumpies than we do at home. They need to be Team Players and help us break the cycle so he can have a more “normal” schedule🤦🏼‍♀️
      But no one asks me🤷🏼‍♀️

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  2. I feel like this prompt is wide open and could include literally any song. I think it’s cool when musicians create s signature move that sets them apart from their peers. Johnny Ramone did that with a unique strumming style where he only hit the strings on the downstroke but was as fast as if he was strumming up and down. Such a simple thing but creates a wholly unique sound. I guess my step-mother got knocked off her feet by the booster too. Not looking forward to that. My second shot sort of ruined a weekend. Plus, I really need to get that shingles vaccine. Got some sorry days ahead of me.

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    1. I didn’t know that about Johnny Ramone. Thanks for new knowledge!! I saw them back in ’83. I didn’t know about them then to appreciate how lucky I was.
      Hopefully you won’t have a big reaction to the booster. Some people aren’t. I guess it’s a crapshoot. I’m skipping shingles and whatever else. Medicare doesn’t cover them. It’s stupid! I figure Tetanus was necessary since I’m barefoot most of the time, and I’m always stepping on stuff. I’ve pulled various odd metal pieces out of my feet🤷🏼‍♀️ I got blood poisoning from a splinter in my foot once, years ago. Yep! Tetanus shot is a good idea, even if it cost $53.

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      1. The government is so shortsighted. The cost of Tetanus is astronomical compared to the shot. Maybe one day we’ll have true social medicine and this nonsense will go away. Although I follow a blogger from London whose partner is going through some serious health issues and she says the English Health Agency (I forget what it’s called) is really putting the brakes on treatment. The whole worlds is screwed up.

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        1. Yeah… the NHS has been underfunded and mismanaged for years. I have a friend whose ex partner, but still best friend just underwent cancer treatment and the aftercare is non-existant. There were major health problems before that too, sepsis being one, and she waited hours for a bed and treatment was awful.

          Too much politics, too much “for profit”… an entire shift in the way Healthcare is viewed is what’s needed, but no one asks me how to make it work better🤷🏼‍♀️

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  3. When I read the prompt I automatically started singing Good Times, Bad Times in my head too. I would have chosen this one as well. I’m sorry about the sleep thing. I would want to talk with the teacher too. And I’m sorry the booster knocked you on your butt. Glad you are starting to feel better. I don’t think I need the booster but if it comes up I guess I know to be prepared for achy days!

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    1. I’ve read that they’re recommending all J&J people get boosters, but maybe it’s just the “at risk” group🤷🏼‍♀️ you can get whatever booster you want though.
      How does D feel about joining the rest of the family in getting Vaxxed?

      Daughter joked when they opened it to 12+ that Ben was definitely getting the shots. She “wanted him to have more autism”😂😂😂

      I just found out his IEP zoom has been scheduled. When?? Gosh, good question. I’m suddenly out of the loop and I don’t like it. There are undercurrents here at the Casa… 🤷🏼‍♀️things are never simple and easy, are they?

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      1. You do so much with and for Ben. I wouldn’t like being out of the loop either. I hope the undercurrents work themselves out!
        We actually did not let any of the kids get vaccinated. It just seemed too new. We figured they didn’t knnow enough to what the vaccine could do to developing systems and to just give it a little time. Bob and I got vaxxed but decided to hold off on the kids. In time I think we will let them get vaxxed but just not yet.


        1. Well… at least you can get all 3 done together now.
          Ben didn’t seem to have anything except a little redness at the site. We watched him closely since he can’t really verbalize when things hurt or are off. Plus he’s allergic to penicillin so we thought he might be more sensitive in general.
          I don’t know if that helps you or not, but there’s some 1st hand info.

          Younger waited until last month to get her shots. She just wanted to wait. It scared me for her since she had viral asthma when she was a baby, and horrible coughs until she was 7-8. I think the main reason she finally did it was so she could go to shows😂😂😂

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  4. I can’t imagine how hard it is to deal with a grandkid that won’t sleep at night. Ugh.
    The meds are probably keeping him awake.
    We are still waiting to hear back on a job for Andrew. He’s had 2 or 3 interviews all zoom, and he was very excited. Keep fingers crossed this happens. It’s a training job for a cyber security job. Good pay, benefits, etc.
    At least he is sending job apps himself now and continues to look for work.
    He turned 29 last week. Geeeze that’s old.
    Curtis is still working, but dislikes it. More people have been fired or quit, so he is one of the only sales guys left. He has been dating recently. That’s a shocker, I know.
    I had my booster shot yesterday. Since I’m working as a nanny I qualify. Feel a little tired, but that’s it.
    Hoping you are still walking and getting time to yourself.
    I’m hoping to get another blog written soon. My friend wants a tiramisu recipe.

    Good to hear from you.

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    1. Fingers and toes crossed for Andrew!! Awesome that he’s “adulting”. It’s hard to believe our “babies” are as old as they are, isn’t it? Wasn’t I just in my 30s yesterday😂😂
      I’m still having trouble believing that Ben is 13! He’s big too. It’s such a disconnect to see this man sized person wandering around the house do preschool type things🤪
      All of the meds he takes at night are to help him sleep.🤷🏼‍♀️ He’s had sleep issues since birth. He never napped as a toddler. We just try to get through it as best we can.

      I’m glad you’re not having a big reaction to the booster! I was surprised that I had as big a reaction as I did cuz the first 2 were nothing. A little arm soreness and tiredness, but the 3rd was a doozy! Hopefully we won’t hear in 6 months that we need a 4th🤞🤦🏼‍♀️ But if we do, we do. Still better than getting COVID. Daughter had to watch an unvaxxed, late 30s, healthy, father of 4 dying in her ICU from COVID. They were trying everything but they couldn’t bring his fever down from 108°F.

      I’ll watch for the Tiramisu recipe. It’s Younger’s favorite. Even if I don’t make it, she loves to bake.


  5. The sleep thing is tough. I swear something is in the air. I know that sounds weird but as mysterious as sleep disturbances can be I’m at a loss to why my insomnia is back. Hope your grandson can get back on a regular pattern. A good night’s sleep is a wonderful thing.

    We’re planning for our 3rd but I’ve heard from several how it is worse so wanted to plan for a weekend to have two days to just veg out of needed.

    Can’t go wrong for LZ and this song is definitely fitting of the past, my youth is only a memory. lol

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    1. My youth is FULL of memories. I started a Blog Series called “Angie’s Turbulent Teens” and wrote a few posts, then life, lockdown, etc happened. I want to get back to it cuz a lot of stuff was at various concerts and festivals. Good Times😉 and some not so great times😲

      A few other people have had big reactions to the 3rd shot, but some people had zero. It’s better to plan ahead. It didn’t completely incapacitate me, but I was NOT a Happy Camper for a few days.

      Hopefully the 3rd will be the end and we won’t read in 6 months that we need a 4th, or 5th… still better than getting the Kootie! Daughter had a patient over the weekend… late 30s, father of 4, great health, in the ICU and dying. Unvaccinacted. It’s heart breaking and frustrating and makes her angry too.
      Well that turned dark… sorry! Let’s just listen to more music😉🎶💃🏼

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      1. I would love to read “Angie’s Turbulent Teens”. Memoirs are my favorite genre of book lately.

        It is because of the dark that the light is bright for those of us who sometimes have no choice but to trudge through it. I’d be angry too, your daughter is more exposed than need be when personal (usually uneducated) choice keeps people unvaccinated. Sad for the family but frustrated that this could have been avoided.

        We signed up for the booster on 11/11 and 11/12. B is going Thursday since it fits his schedule. I’m waiting for Friday in case I need those few days to recover. I don’t want a repeat of 3/2/21 (day after 2nd dose) when I cratered during work and wandered through the CVS aimlessly looking for tylenol. The brain fog was alarming as much as the fever and overall aches. I remember the tylenol doing its magic and the reaction being short lived. Like you say much better than the kootie.

        Cheers to more music!!

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  6. We go through cycles of sleeplessness too, and it’s so hard on everyone. Sending hugs! Great choice for a song – love rockin’ out to Led Zeppelin! If I had to pick one for this category, I think it would be Five for Fighting – 100 years.

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  7. Excellent song choice 🙂

    Suze had the booster shot for C19 and a flu shot to boot, she also agrees her arm was painful for a few more days than before, but as she also had the flu jab. I am still to have the third, but l am not due yet. I am not sure about the flu jab though.

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    1. Daughter got the flu shot with her Covid Booster, we weren’t sure if the flu shot made it worse, but after I had the same reaction we figured it was all or mostly the booster.
      I don’t get the flu shot. I just take my chances with that one. They’re guessing which strains will be active, so there’s a chance you get a strain that wasn’t in the shot. Daughter has to get a flu shot since she’s a nurse.

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        1. With your lung damage the c19 is probably a good idea.
          I figure I’m on enough meds with the pump, and sleeping meds, and Methotrexate, so I was on the fence about getting the 3rd, especially after hearing that I’m generally healthy (and I’m too young without a secondary reason), but I’m trying this new thing where I actually listen to the advice from my Primary Care doctor 😲😉😂 and he said I needed it. He didn’t argue when I refused the flu shot or the cholesterol meds, but was firm that I needed the booster. 🤷🏼‍♀️”okay doc”

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    1. I don’t know what the next show will be. I’ll probably have to wait to see who is coming round next Spring/Summer. I haven’t heard of any indoor shows that I want to see.🤷🏼‍♀️

      Is Hawklad ready to see a show? That would be great!!🤞


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