#SLS ~ In Memory Of

Thanks to Jim Adams, for hosting Song Lyric Sunday. I never wrote the update post because life just kept on. It’s been a busy few weeks. Daughter was out of commission for a few days with blinding tooth pain… her first experience with that particular joy. I was on solo Ben duty, moreso than usual. Younger had a minor car accident with some very sketchy details that I had to help her sort. She also had an interview for a new job with more money and shorter commute, which she got. All just life stuff, but I was also taking care of errands and being a counselor for both daughters, and dealing with Ben’s ever-changing moods, sleep, and activity levels. It’s just been a lot. Anyway… on to the point of this post… the Music!

The prompt this week – Tribute songs written in memory of someone

I knew immediately what song I wanted to use. It’s a newly released single, called Brother The Cloud, from Eddie Vedder’s upcoming solo album Earthling. You may know Eddie Vedder as the singer for Pearl Jam.

Eddie Vedder hasn’t said who this song is about, but the general consensus is that it’s either about his actual brother or about Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave. I’m guessing it’s mostly Chris Cornell, fellow musician and friend, who took his life May 18, 2017. Vedder talked a little bit about his feelings in an interview with Howard Stern, reported in Rolling Stone. The song reflects those feelings IMO.

Lyric Video – Brother The Cloud

Bonus Video of Eddie Vedder singing with Chris Cornell … there are live recordings on YouTube, but I can’t add them to the post, so you get this version.


Are you a Pearl Jam or Eddie Vedder fan? How about Chris Cornell? Do you think this is about him? What song would you chose for this prompt? I’m still lurking occasionally. Hopefully things will settle and I can get back to spamming up your posts with my endless comments. Thanks for stopping by.





24 thoughts on “#SLS ~ In Memory Of

    1. Thanks Sadje🥰 I’m hanging by a thread at times, but I’m hanging on. I have to let go of the frustration at not doing what I want to do. I chose, and continue to choose, Ben as my primary focus so I have to accept the consequences of that choice.
      I’m still gonna run away from home when he’s older😉😂

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  1. I’m completely blank on this one. No clue what I’d write about if I was writing. Good news about your daughter’s job. It’s a great time to make a move. Businesses are desperate. We just instituted a large across the board raise for every employee because people were quitting to go work at gas stations and fast food restaurants. Hopefully we can do it again next year.


    1. She works in the Cannabis industry and it’s only going to continue to grow😉😂 She was taken for granted and not given the opportunities for advancement at her current dispensary.
      Ben’s mama is working with a union rep, trying to form a union at her hospital. She doesn’t get near the pay she deserves. “For profit” Healthcare is screwing everyone except the shareholders. It’s sad to see how beat down and exhausted She and her coworkers are. They aren’t “Heroes” anymore… they’re back to being treated like servants. At least now that she’s in an ICU most patients are Sedated and Intubated… they can’t scream at her, curse her out or try to beat on her🙄

      The other song I thought of was Starry Starry Night about Van Gogh by Don McLean🤷🏼‍♀️
      “Candle in the Wind” and the Princess Di version are popular choices too… not really your style though😉😂

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  2. This is perfect. ✨ And it brings to mind another tribute cover that Eddie Vedder did after Tom Petty passed away. It’s one of those songs that stays with me and pops up now and then in my thoughts. Beautiful choice you made 🦋. Hugs 🤗


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    1. Yep. Chris was friends with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park too, and I think Chester’s suicide helped push Chris Cornell over. These artists who give so much through their music often have very tortured minds or souls. I think the drug/alcohol abuse is sometimes a symptom… them trying to “self-medicate” or “quiet the demons”

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  3. Good song! I think it is about Chris Cornell too. I think I would have chosen That Year by Brandi Carlile which was about a friend of hers when she was 16 that committed suicide. That is good news about youngers new job! Yay!

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    1. I’ll have to give the Brandi Carlile a listen. I just now realized I missed the opportunity to play a Zeppelin song🤦🏼‍♀️ All Of My Love was written about Robert Plant’s son who died.
      Younger is super stoked! She’ll be making almost what her sister makes, which only shows how ridiculously Healthcare workers are paid🤦🏼‍♀️

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