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Thanks to Jim Adams, for hosting Song Lyric Sunday. Casa Cuckoo news will be after the music this week, so you can skip to what you want to read or skip what you don’t want to read… whatever🤷🏼‍♀️

The prompt words for this week – Death, Destruction, Pestilence, Famine

I went with the first song that popped into my head, knowing that many of you would probably choose this song too. It’s a great song!

War Pigs is from Black Sabbath’s second album, Paranoid, released in 1970. According to Wiki, the original title of the song was Walpurgis, which is actually a festival based in pagan beliefs that was adopted and changed by the Catholic church to honor some Saint who got rid of pests, rabies and whooping cough.

Walpurgis Night is April 30. Bonfires are lit to chase away witches and evil spirits before the May Day celebration on May first. There’s a lot more to it, but you can read about at the links if you’re interested.

The entire band gets writing credit for the song. They originally wanted to use War Pigs as the title for the album, but the suits said no way, so they used the title of another song on the album, Paranoid.

There are a couple of live videos that are pretty good, but Ozzy messes up the lyrics, so I’m being lazy and using a Lyric video.

Black Sabbath- War Pigs

Now I’ll add all the Casa Cuckoo news, so if you want to skip down to the comments and let me know what you think of Sabbath or this song, what song popped into your head, or anything else… go for it. If you wanna wade through the chaos that is my life, read on…

Let’s start with my health updates. The amlodipine at 2.5mg daily is not helping the numb fingers caused by the Raynaud’s. I’ll be asking the doctor to increase it. I can’t even grab cheese from the fridge without my fingers turning blue and going numb. It’s uncomfortable and extremely annoying. The weather hasn’t been helping either. I know I’m spoiled by SoCal weather, but frost on the windshield and temperatures in the low 30s is cold.

Next is the Wonky blood test that pointed to pancreatic cancer and the CT Scan. I was able to get an appointment for February 25th at 7am. I was surprised they got me in so soon, but the scheduling gal said no one likes the early appointments. I do! I’m up early anyway cuz the GLYSB arrives at 6:45am during the week, and Daughter works most weekends so we have to leave at 7:10am to pick her up.

Anyway, Daughter didn’t work the night of the 24th because it was my birthday. Yes, I had the 54th trip around the Sun the day before I got to drink a liter of dye, then wait for forty-five minutes, then get an IV set for more dye, so I could get zapped. I’m really glad the tech told me about the side effects of the IV dye beforehand… weird taste in my mouth – check, feeling a warmth in my crotch like I wet myselfcheck. I had a laugh when the machine started talking to me, complete with light-up emojis. It said “Breathe” then “Hold breath” then “Breathe” again.

They only took three scans. I guess that was enough. When the tech came to remove the IV he asked me again why I was having the scan. I could tell by his tone, it was like “why are you here?”, that everything was “normal”. I asked if I could see the images and he said “Sure!” That reinforced my belief that everything was clear, fine, a-okay. Which was officially confirmed by my doctor’s office that afternoon. We will be repeating the blood test periodically until it’s normal or we figure out why it’s not.

Daughter had been sick or had allergies or something and it settled in her lungs. She had a cough that wouldn’t go away, and shortness of breath. She did a home test, not the Kootie. She called out of all three shifts the previous week, so she needed a note to return for her shift Tuesday. She doesn’t have a Primary so Urgent Care was where she had to go.

Because the wait times were always like two hours, she delayed going until Tuesday. Ben was home Monday cuz Presidents Day, so we scheduled his 3rd Pfizer for that morning since they only do morning appointments. Back to Daughter… we got there right after they opened, and they took her back within ten minutes. I told her I’d wait since it seemed to be moving right along. After almost two hours, a chest x-ray, a strep rapid test, and a Kootie brain scrape via nostrils, she was sent home with a prescription for an inhaler... bronchitis.

She got to skip work Tuesday night, but went back for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday stretch (this weekend). Then she’s off for a week? She said she meant to take the week of my birthday off, but screwed up the days. Okay… whatever.

Ben is still having the sleeping issues and we still are getting very little communication from the school. He’s been having some anger issues too. Very destructive. He kicked my closet door mirror and shattered it. Luckily none of the pieces fell out. He brought his fists down on a plastic container and shattered that too. He’s man sized and strong. He has very little understanding of cause and effect, disciple is almost non-existent. It’s been rough. We get through each day as best as we can.

Younger is doing well. Busy busy busy. She’s working her new job and doing Postmates before or after. She had a three week period with no pay between leaving her old job and getting her first pay at the new one. During that time, her best friend got married up in Santa Barbara where she lives now. Younger was one of the Bridesmaids.

I’m sure there’s stuff I’m forgetting but you get the gist. The Casa is Cuckoo. My life is very busy and my brain is often fried by the time it’s quiet. I’m still lurking, reading and occasionally commenting. I’m still the eternal optimist that hopes things will settle down and I’ll have more uninterrupted, drama-free time. It’s always about time. Ugh! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see ya in comments… mine or yours. My email is on my contact page too, if you wanna chat. I DO check my email every day.