#SLS ~ Just Don’t

Thanks to Jim Adams, for hosting Song Lyric Sunday. In Casa Cuckoo news… I saw my Primary Care Doctor on Thursday. My bloodwork was all good except one of the cancer screening tests. He made sure to tell me before he ordered the tests, and before he gave me the results that a lot of times the tests come back elevated but it turns out to be nothing. The one that came back elevated was for pancreatic cancer. He ordered a CT scan just to double check. I’m waiting for a call with the appointment date and time.

I guess the pancreas does more than just control blood sugar levels (which mine are fine BTW), it also produces “juices” that combine with bile to break down food. I guess if my food isn’t getting broken down properly it could be part of my weight loss thing. His scale was broken so I don’t know my current weight.

I asked about the fingers thing and he said it’s Raynaud’s Syndrome. I’d read about that and wasn’t surprised it was his dx. He wrote a prescription for amlopidine to take when the weather is cold. See? I have a reason for being a Weather Princess… my body won’t tolerate too cold or too hot.

I was supposed to have my monthly Pump Fill Monday 14th at 9am and the office called to reschedule it to 11am. Okay, whatever… Then they called Friday to re-reschedule it to Tuesday 15th at 2pm. Ugh! I hate afternoon appointments. Apparently there’s a problem with the pharmacy and the fentanyl. I can’t get my Pump filled if there are no meds to fill it with. The DEA and their rules make it much harder for legitimate pain patients. Most fentanyl deaths are caused by illegal street drugs, but let’s just make ALL opiates harder to get cuz that will fix it, right?! Maybe if more time, energy and money was spent on the Mental Health issue that is addiction and society quit stigmatizing it as a character flaw we might actually stop the demand and supply wouldn’t be a problem. But that’s a Soap Box for another day.

Ben is still occasionally sleeping at school and staying awake half the night at home. Daughter’s schedule is still all over the place and the Casa is still Cuckoo. I’m so out of it, I shouldn’t be allowed in public on my own. Friday at the grocery store, I’d loaded the stuff into my car, taken the cart over to the cart return place and went to get into my car. All good, right? Nope! It wasn’t until I was sitting in the wrong car, that I realized I was IN the wrong car! Wha?!? Why was it even unlocked? How did I not notice it wasn’t my Prius? I said “I’m in the wrong car” to noone (thank you captain obvious) noticed it was cleaner than my car, and the seat was too low (seats are higher in a Prius) and exited, and got into my car. Yes, this IS my life… Anyway… let’s get on with the music…

The prompt words this week are – Can’t, Don’t, Shouldn’t, Won’t

I immediately had at least four songs come to mind. One of them is still earworming me… it’s not even a favorite. UGH!

I narrowed it down to two. One is a song that always seemed to come on the radio whenever Younger and I were in the car together. It actually played recently when I was running errands and I texted her and asked if she could guess… she did. It was good for a laugh.

I decided to go with my other finalist though, just because I love this artist and everything he gave us before he was taken from us… way too early!

The song is You Don’t Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce, from the 1972 album of the same title. It was Croces’s third album released, but the first one to achieve commercial popularity. It reached #8 in 1972 and #1 in 1974 after he died.

He was killed in a plane crash on September 20, 1973 near Natchitoches, Louisiana. He was thirty years old. His fifth and final record I Got A Name was released December 1, 1973 and his music continued to chart through the 70s.

Written by Jim Croce

Uptown got its hustlers
The bowery got its bums
42nd Street got Big Jim Walker
He’s a pool-shootin’ son of a gun
Yeah, he big and dumb as a man can come
But he stronger than a country hoss
And when the bad folks all get together at night
You know they all call big Jim “Boss”, just because
And they say

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with Jim”

Well outta south Alabama come a country boy
He said, “I’m lookin’ for a man named Jim
I am a pool-shootin’ boy, my name’s Willie McCoy
But down at home they call me Slim
Yeah I’m lookin’ for the king of 42nd Street
He drivin’ a drop top Cadillac
Last week he took all my money, and it may sound funny
But I come to get my money back”
And everybody say, “Jack don’t you know

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with Jim”

Well, a hush fell over the pool room
Jimmy come boppin’ in off the street
And when the cuttin’ was done
The only part that wasn’t bloody
Was the soles of the big man’s feet, ooh
And he was cut in about a hundred places
And he was shot in a couple more
And you better believe
They sung a different kind of story
When big Jim hit the floor now, they say

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with Slim

Yeah, big Jim got his hat
Find out where it’s at
And it’s not hustlin’ people strange to you
Even if you do got a two-piece custom-made pool cue

Yeah you don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with Slim

Are you a Jim Croce fan? What song would you use for this prompt? Have you ever gotten into the wrong car? Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see ya around WP…next Sunday if not sooner.





38 thoughts on “#SLS ~ Just Don’t

    1. I don’t have any other indicators that would point to something seriously wrong🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m reminded of when I fell onto the cast iron fence thingy on my deck and “Liver Punched” myself. I suppose there might’ve been some some damage to the pancreas at the time.🤷🏼‍♀️ There could be scarring or something. All those organs are mooshed together in there, aren’t they?!
      I’ve done further reading about the actual blood test and it really isn’t a great screening tool. It doesn’t hurt to have another look though. Better safe than sorry, especially with pancreatic cancer. Prognosis on that one isn’t usually good.

      Hugs to you, Sadje!!🤗🥰

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  1. It’s always sad when someone dieds suddenly and young! I have never heard of him but like this track .
    Don’t worry about the car you have a lot on your mind!
    I hope you tests come back clear 🤞. By the way I have Raynaud’s Syndrome and have since childhood. 💜

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    1. I’m glad you like the song🎶🥳💃🏼 He’s great! He wrote some beautiful love songs and his upbeat story songs are funny.
      You have Raynaud’s also? It’s fairly new for me. It pretty much started this winter. I was annoyed at not having feeling in my fingertips for hours, it makes things difficult to grab or hold onto. The swelling it what worried me.
      It seems my body is determined to do weird things😂🤷🏼‍♀️ It fits my goofy personality though, so I shouldn’t be surprised.🤗🥰


      1. Yes I have had Raynaud’s most of my life it affects my feet, hands and brain. I have had pre gangrenous toes, bloodless fingers and if I get too cold or am under an air-conditioning blower I will fall asleep! … I have I undercontroll now. Thick socks, gloves, vest and hats . .sometimes in summer too. Enjoy your goofiness it you 🙂💜💜

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    1. Thanks Paula🌻 I’m not overly concerned. Daughter freaked out, but she freaks out a lot. We’ll see how long it takes to get an appointment… that will be a good indicator of how concerned the doctor really is😉 I have to wait for them to call me with a date/time.
      Of course it’s the pancreas though🤦🏼‍♀️ not the liver or ovaries or Rheumatoid Arthritis and of course it’s never Lupus😂😂

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  2. Something weird is going on with my wordpress reader. I’ll be in the middle of a comment and my screen will flash and the blog I’m commenting on will change into a completely different blog. I just wrote a comment about Bad Bad Leroy Brown and pancreatic cancer and I have no idea whose blog I posted it on. The upshot is I hope you don’t have pancreatic cancer, and I agree with your doc… probably nothing at all.

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    1. WP is so glitchy! I usually read from the poster’s site so I haven’t seen the latest glitch.
      I’m leaning towards nothing at all too. But of course, of all the things screened for I landed on pancreatic cancer 🤪🤦🏼‍♀️ one with the worst prognosis.
      I don’t think I’ve ever had a CT scan before so the Sciencey Stuff Nerd 🤓 in me is looking forward to checking it out. I guess they’re gonna use dyes or something too. I hope they let me watch😂😂


  3. Found my original comment on the Pink Light Sabre blog. Here it is: Ya know, other than BB Leroy Brown, I haven’t intersected with Jim Croce much. When I was a kid, we went to Waxie Maxies record shop to buy singles. I bought BBLB with my hard won allowance. It was the Frank Sinatra version and it really sucked. An early lesson for me on imitators. My fingers are crossed that you don’t have pancreatic cancer. That’s not a ‘good’ one to get. But I agree with your doctor, most likely nothing at all.

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    1. I can’t even imagine Sinatra singing Leroy Brown. I bet you know more Jim Croce songs than you think, unless you heard zero “easy listening” in the 70s. Time In A Bottle, Operator, Have To Say I Love You In A Song
      I like Roller Derby Queen, and Working At The Car Wash Blues
      He was a great story teller!


  4. Imagining you sitting in the wrong car made me laugh – just because I can see myself doing that (perimenopausal brain fog!!) Hope it’s all good news with the tests. Hope also you get some good nights sleeping. 💕

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    1. I’ve walked up to the wrong car before, but I think finding that one unlocked is what allowed me to stay in my distracted state. It was pretty funny😂 I’m just glad it didn’t lead to a confrontation. People are unpredictable these days🤪🤦🏼‍♀️

      All of the other blood tests were fine. Even my inflammation markers were normal, which is funny because plaque psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which causes inflammation.

      Ugh! Perimenopause seemed to go on FOREVER for me. I’m so happy to be on the other side of it. I swear it was my entire 40s… just awful. I hope yours goes faster🤞💕

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  5. My wordpress is acting up also. When i try to reply on my cell phone, it says I need to log in. But I log in and can’t find the reply anywhere! what’s the world coming to.

    So here I am on my laptop and it works fine. Halleluia

    I’m sorry to hear the dr is changing your appointments and f832cking with your schedule. You don’t need any extra difficult situations right now.

    I can’t believe you didn’t pass the cancer screening. Very concerning. I will keep positive thoughts and calm vibes and send you arrows of Valentine love your way.

    And the school is still letting him sleep? Of course they are. So much easier to handle someone who is checked out. Maybe you can catch a nap when he is at school.

    Life at the Smyth Family Farm is calming down. Well somewhat. The kitty is still lurking around the coop at night. We got a cage to capture it and that only causes me more anxiety. Ugh.

    Weather has been glorious here in Bay Area. The hills are green and the bulbs are popping up
    everywhere. We take long drives some days to get away. It helps with the monotony of every day life here.Went to Guerneville yesterday to visit a relative. Then we hurried back to lock the chickens back in their coop. We even have a curious raccoon who has come by. Who knows what we will capture in that trap.

    Take care of you Angie. I totally could have gotten into the wrong car. Our minds are full of so many things and with very little sleep, anything can happen. Thinking of you.


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    1. Thanks Teri💕 How’s your hand? All healed up? I think the doctor only ordered the cancer screening tests because I kept talking about my weight loss. It wasn’t a dramatic loss, 1-2 pounds a month, but it was every month and nothing else really changed. I would go days without eating before the pandemic and never had a sustained weight loss. All my bloodwork is good with the exception of my cholesterol which is slightly elevated. I use butter, I eat gobs of cheese on everything. Of course my cholesterol is elevated😂😂 My blood pressure which used to run 157/93 as “normal” to me has dropped to 130/90. I’m probably healthier now than I’ve been in years… I’m just having trouble adjusting to my new body I guess🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve always been curvy and now I’m scrawny😂 I guess post-menopausal Angie is just going to be a six foot scrawny old lady with a flat ass and sagging boobs🤣🤣🤣

      I really don’t think I have cancer. I have Fibromyalgia and Plaque Psoriasis and Raynaud’s Syndrome… I think 3 odd disorders are more than enough😉

      I’m glad your weather has been nice. It’s been sunny down here but it’s also Santa Ana Winds, so it’s too warm… 90°F the past couple days and too dry… the humidity was 5% today… way, way too dry! We’re lucky we haven’t had fires (knock on wood) It’s supposed to drop into the 50s and rain on Tuesday🤪🤦🏼‍♀️ Freaky Weather!!

      I still can’t believe that car was unlocked. Who leaves their car unlocked? Especially at the grocery store. The “cheap” grocery store where none of the carts work right, and you need to check expiration dates on stuff😲 My usual store quit stocking Ben’s chicken nuggets though, so I had to go there.

      I’m glad you’re taking drives and doing stuff for you!! You’ve been taking care of everyone else for so long, and you’re STILL taking care of everyone. It makes me happy to read that you’re getting some care!💕🤗🥰

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      1. I will be in Disneyland this Thursday with my husbands sisters and their grown kids. I think there will be 11 of us. I’ve written a blog about one of our vacations there. It’s insane how they schedule the days and how much we do and walk and walk and walk. It completely wipes me out. But excited to see the fam.
        We’ve only seen everyone twice since the pandemic started and we would see the fam one time a month to celebrate birthdays.

        I’m happy you are taking steps to a healthy lifestyle. Especially having a nurse for a daughter. I bet she is on top of things.
        I appreciate our conversations.
        You are so kind to me.
        Andrew got a job! He starts on Wed. He will be doing customer service for a robot delivery company. So interesting. Will keep you posted about how that goes.
        Love and hugs


  6. You have so got to get the shitty stress out of your life Madam chalky fingers! Dark humour aside, l hope your tests come back negative.

    Life at Casa is just one long nightmare.

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    1. It’s been crazy my entire life JB! You’ve lived the same kinda crazy as I have. Different events and circumstances but the same kind of crazy. I don’t expect that it will ever be “normal”. It just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me.🤷🏼‍♀️
      I’m still smiling more than anything else though. Still got my Zen. All of my other bloodwork shows I’m perfectly healthy😂😂
      I did some reading about that particular blood test… it’s called “CA19-9” in our labs. I don’t know if your labs would list it as something different, but it’s not a reliable predictor. I was reading one study where some of the people did get cancer… liver, ovarian, a couple pancreas or there were other diseases like hepatitis or cirrhosis, but there was also a large percentage that they couldn’t find a reason for the elevated result.

      I don’t think I’ve ever had a CT Scan so I’m hoping I’ll get to watch. They’re gonna use dyes or something too. Yes, I know I’m a weirdo😉

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    1. Thank you🌷 My life has always been crazy. I always thought everyone’s life was the same, then I found out most people go days and days without injuring themselves or having random strange things happen, or climbing into the driver seat of a stranger’s car in the grocery store parking lot😂

      I actually do have occasional days when nothing much happens, but they’re the exception.

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  7. It may be nothing, but I am sure it is on your mind. I hope they can get the test and results done quickly so you don’t have to think about it anymore! Great song choice. I’m sure Don’t Stop Believing was chosen – but it is what popped in my head (and stayed 🙂 ).

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    1. Journey was one of the ones I thought of too. I didn’t go through every response but I actually didn’t see it in the ones I read 😲 Maybe everyone thought it was the obvious choice so no one used it🤷🏼‍♀️😂
      Surprisingly, I’m really not worried about it. Maybe it’s because Ben has been giving me more immediate things to worry about. Like a broken closet door mirror that got kicked in the middle of angry scripting 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ and that was a few hours after he slammed both fists down on my plastic brownie container, shattering it. This crazy high pressure we’ve been having is not fun. 90°F yesterday, with 5% humidity! It’s February right? WTF?

      I hope the Cuckoo at your Casa has chilled. I miss seeing you around, but I get it. Oh boy, I get it!🤪🤗🥰🎶💃🏼

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    1. You got it right! February 24th. Thank you Gary!! It’s very sweet of you to remember, and thanks for the Hugs!! It’s very very cold 🥶 here this morning… -1°C😲 and even virtual hugs help warm me up😆


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