#SLS ~ Wanna Fight?

Thanks to Jim Adams, for hosting Song Lyric Sunday. No Casa Cuckoo stuff this time. There’s way too much and also it’s kinda SSDD. Let’s just enjoy some good music!

The prompt words this week – Army, Soldier, War

There were a lot of songs I could’ve used for this prompt, but I decided it was time for my all time favorite band, Led Zeppelin. The song is The Battle Of Evermore from their fourth album Led Zeppelin IV released in 1971. This album has also been called the “Zoso Album” since that’s the only word (?) on the cover, the rest is the symbols that the guys came up with for themselves.

According to Songfacts, this is the only song Zeppelin ever recorded with a guest vocalist. Robert Plant felt he needed another voice to tell the story that plays out in the song, so Sandy Denny from Fairport Convention was brought in. Her vocals represent the people as the town crier, while Plant’s voice is the narrator. Fairport Convention was a British folk group Zeppelin shared a bill with in 1970.

This collaboration with Sandy Denny marked the first time Robert Plant did a duet with a woman. In later years, he had tremendous success singing with Alison Krauss; their 2007 album Raising Sand won a Grammy award for Album of the Year.

Writing credits go to Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Page said he saw a mandolin lying around and picked it up, started messing around on it and the music just came to him. It was lucky that John Paul Jones left his mandolin where Page could find it, right?

The lyrics are obviously influenced by Plant’s love of Tolkien’s LOTR and also his love of King Arthur and other tales of knights and all that.

This song was rarely performed live, but when they did, John Paul Jones sang the other part. I’ve heard other female singers do this song with Plant, but none of them have been as good as Sandy Denny. I can’t even imagine JPJ doing it.

Are you a Zeppelin fan? What song would you choose for these prompt words? Let me know in comments. I’m still lurking and occasionally commenting… still hoping to find some kind of time management groove. Thanks for stopping by!





15 thoughts on “#SLS ~ Wanna Fight?

  1. Good choice! This is one of those songs of theirs that I sing along to in parts but never really listened to all the lyrics. I bet that goes for a lot of other songs that I sing along not knowing they are probably about something else. I am SURE that others picked Zombie – that one I got down and know it’s about tanks, bombs, and dying – those lyrics really stand out.

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    1. Ya know, Zombie didn’t even occur to me😂😂 I honestly didn’t put a lot of thought into it😲 I realized I hadn’t posted in a couple weeks and thought I better get back into it before I went permanently AWOL.

      Life has a way of filling up any moments that even appear to be unfilled🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ There’s always something isn’t there? I hope the kids aren’t making life too rough🤞 Teens are lucky we let them live to adulthood😂😂

      I hope you’re finding a few moments for yourself, Robyn.🤞 You know where to find me if you need to vent😉

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  2. Thanks Angie, I loved your song today. It takes a lot to keep up with Robert Plant, but Sandy Denny was able to blow him off the stage. I read that you had to hold on to the furniture when Sandy was singing.

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  3. I’d say I ‘respect’ zeppelin more than I ‘like’ them, although I definitely like some of their songs. Sadly, not this one. Even though I essentially grew up on Tolkien, I’m not a fan of fantasy, including songs I’d throw in that category. If I were playing today (funny how I say that every week), I think I’d write about Elvis Costello’s song Oliver’s Army and the n-word cancel controversy. I saw Robyn mentioned Zombie. Not good. That song is my most pervasive earworm while I’m running… guess what I’m about to do.

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    1. I had to look up that one

      I like Elvis Costello but I don’t know a lot of his songs.

      Sorry, but I had to laugh about Zombie being an ear worm… “What’s in your head, in your head…”🎶😂😂😂 The very definition of an earworm.
      At least it’s got a good beat to run to, right?

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      1. Yes, the irony of that line wasn’t lost on me as I ran to the beat. As I ran, I started constructing my SLS post about Zombie (and tourette syndrome and death) but when I got home I had things I had to do and memories that Jim Adams doesn’t want me on his site. Possibly, I’ll still get into it tomorrow.

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  4. If you go walking in the area around where Tolkien lived, that Zeppers song is perfect for that landscape. Love Zeppers. Never seen Plant but got to see Jimmy Page with Paul Rodgers in a really small venue (Rodgers home gig) back in 84. ❤️❤️❤️


  5. Good to hear from you Angie.
    All is good here.
    Andrew is still happy at his new job and is hoping for a land site position at Starship Technologies. If he gets this he will get benefits. A big PLUS.
    Hoping all is well.
    I’ve come down with a cold. Tested to make sure it’s not Covid. At home test was negative. Still waiting for Kaiser’s PCR test that I took yesterday. I feel good.

    Just wanted to check in.

    Talk soon

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    1. Good news about Andrew!🥳 I wonder if we’ll ever be comfortable with ‘a cold’ again? Every cough or sneeze is suspect now.
      I’m glad you’re doing well. You had a rough couple years. I hope things continue being good for you!

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      1. Both tests came back negative. I was fine within a few days or so.
        I haven’t been on WordPress much lately, but I read you are still losing sleep from Ben sleeping in class. That’s crazy. I can’t believe this school gets away with that.
        Sleep is so important. I feel for you.
        All is well here. I’ve been planting seeds for a few months. Now I have trays and trays of vegetables. It’s fun.
        Having a birthday lunch here for a few friends today. Making shrimp spring rolls from all the herbs and flowers from the garden. It should be a nice day.
        Take care.


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