#SLS ~ Office Attire

Thanks to Jim Adams, for hosting Song Lyric Sunday. Casa Cuckoo has not gotten any less cuckoo. Ben is not only a child who is autistic with ADHD, he is also a thirteen year old boy. Any of you who’ve had experience with, or as a thirteen year old boy know that there is chaos, madness, and puberty related changes. Anyway, that’s all I’m gonna report here, cuz this is about the music! I’ll attempt to put together an update post soon… or soon-ish. Now… Music!

The prompt words are – Suit, Pants, Dress, Shirt

The song I chose doesn’t have those specific words, but since I interpret the words as Office Attire, I think Short Skirt, Long Jacket fits.

Short Skirt, Long Jacket by the band Cake was written by lead singer John McCrea and was the first single released from their 2001 album Comfort Eagle. The song reached #7 on Billboard’s US Alternative Airplay (formerly known as Modern Rock Tracks).

According to Songfacts the band Cake is named after the verb, not the noun. Rather than referring to desert, the band says the name refers to the point “when something insidiously becomes part of your life. We mean it more as something that cakes onto your shoe and is just sort of there until you get rid of it.” Which totally fits with the sarcastic, deadpan, monotone singing of John McCrea.

Cake songs are distinctive because of the singing, the trumpet played by Vince DiFiore, and the use of a Vibraslap (which is actually NOT a sex toy as the name may suggest).

I love this song. As soon as I saw the prompt words I knew I wanted to use this. In some of the live videos, McCrea looks like he’d love to never sing this song again. They DO have other music that’s worth listening to.

I grabbed a lyrics video because the official one is annoying IMO.

And this one is just for fun. It’s a great montage of Emma Peel action moments set to the song!


Do you like Cake? Band, desert, or both?? What song would you choose for these words? Thanks for stopping by, and I really will try to do an update for those who want Casa Cuckoo and Sven news.





23 thoughts on “#SLS ~ Office Attire

    1. I thought someone else might choose it but I didn’t even care😲😂😂 I knew I had to use it! I heard it in the car the other day and I’m sure I was entertaining at stop lights cuz I was dancing in my seat😂😂

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  1. I enjoy cake. They are so quirky. I don’t think I’ve heard this one before, but it seems pretty typical for them. Once I stumbled on their version of I Will Survive and after listening for about a minute, I decided to insert it into a spin class. The next morning, right in the middle of the song, they dropped the effiest F-bomb you can imagine. Also, I have no idea who Emma Peel is. After watching the montage, it’s apparent that she’s somewhat well known. Just another example of the world passing me by while I cluelessly sit idly by. Do you know the song Dress by PJ Harvey? It’s a beautiful song.

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    1. They had a few other songs that were popular that you might recognize. “The Distance” and “Never There” are two that come to mind.

      I’m still trying to reach the level of awesomeness that you achieved with the introduction of The Hu😉


  2. Oh, I like this song! Good choice. I liked the video montage too. I didn’t know who she was but thought it was fun to watch. I hope you are finding some time in casa cuckoo for you! I’m dreading the puberty years with D already!

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    1. Teens are rough no matter gender or anything else. I though with Ben still being limited verbally, and not being a girl, I might at least escape the mouthy sass. Nope! This morning when he was up the tree 🙄 I told him it was time to wait for the bus, come down. He replied with “Give me a minute!” Total attitude and even held his hand up✋️ I almost started laughing.
      I’m still trying to sort out my time management. Just when I think I’m getting it set, Ben’s sleep changes, or Daughter’s work schedule gets rearranged🤪 Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.
      I bet you don’t ever get bored either, huh?😂🤗🥰🌞


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