#SLS ~ Better With Age?

Thanks to Jim Adams, for hosting Song Lyric Sunday. Casa is still Chaos Central. I had some issues getting my Intrathecal Pain Pump refilled… after spending over two hours in the waiting room on two different days… but it finally got refilled. I’ve thought about looking for a new Pain Clinic, but I have fentanyl in my Pump and take morphine tablets for breakthrough pain. I would have issues just trying to get into another practice. We chronic pain patients are suffering from the War On Opiates and DEA crackdown on pain clinics. Anyway… Good News is that school starts Monday. YAY! Return of the GLYSB! I will be Happy Dancing at 6:40am PDT, please join me. Now, on with the Music!

The prompt for this week – Better with Age: Failed or Overlooked Songs that Eventually Became Fan Favorites

I chose Dream On by Aerosmith, written by Steven Tyler and released on their 1973 self titled debut album. The song got tons of airplay in the Boston area, where the band is from, but failed in the rest of the US. It wasn’t until 1976 that the rest of us got to hear and love this most excellent tune.

Wiki sums it up… The album version of “Dream On” (4:28, as opposed to the 3:25 1973 45 rpm edit where most of the intro has been edited out and the first chorus is replaced with the second chorus) was re-issued in late 1975, debuting at number 81 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on January 10, 1976, breaking into the top 40 on February 14 and peaking at number 6 on April 10.

I’ve seen Aerosmith twice. The first time was March 2, 1990 with Skid Row, and the second time was January 17, 2002 with Cheap Trick. Both shows were great. In 1990 they were newly sober and didn’t allow alcohol to be sold at the venue. In 2002 they were filming for a live DVD so they were going the extra mile. I don’t remember for sure, but I believe Dream On was played at both shows.

Are you a fan of Aerosmith? Do you crank this song up and sing along, or is that just me? What song would you choose for this prompt? Thanks for stopping by.