Part 341 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

We tried to make it an early night for Ben, but it wound up being the regular time frame. He continued asking for chalk, and pacing. He was overtired and a bit SpazmaTaz’d from the high pressure and the Big Day.

Sunset was pretty much the same as it’s been for several nights.

I really like how the first two turned out. I just made them darker before clicking, and the Moon looked like a mask… very cool!

The Boys went to Ben’s room, Daughter went to her room, I did the usual… yadda yadda yadda. I lost track of time somehow and didn’t manage to get to sleep until 11:30 or so. I woke fewer times in the night which was nice, and got up at 6am with the alarm.

Daughter got up at 6:30, let Zeus out and gave Ben his meds. I was back and forth looking at sunrise, and looking for my avian friends. Today wasn’t quite as easy as yesterday cuz Ben wanted to wear the exact same clothes. I’d put the shirt in the washer last night cuz he’d had a bit of an issue about taking them off.

We got him on the bus okay and were very happy to see his regular bus driver. There was a different gal yesterday. She was nice enough, but we’d never seen her before, and his regular driver is someone we “know”… she was Ben’s driver five years ago. When he got on the bus he gave her a hug! Ben isn’t a hugger. Random, spontaneous hugs are very rare, so all the more special. Probably not Kootie recommended, but a spontaneous Ben Hug is worth a little risk. They were both masked too. Anyway, Happy Dancing, then inside to fix the newest freakin leak. Yes, seriously.

At 8:20am the alarm went off on my phone to remind me to go walk. I changed and headed out. I decided to go a bit further today, and went down another block. The walk was a total of thirty minutes, but I stopped to take pictures several times. It was a beautiful morning and I thought about walking more, but I reminded myself to increase slowly.

Today for Paula’s Lurve offering, I’m loving flowers. The ones that are picked by Younger for me, and the ones growing in my neighborhood.

After I got back, I started trying to go through my WP stuff, but Younger texted me to remind me that her car still needed to be added to our insurance policy. I’d been having trouble accessing the on line stuff, and avoiding calling. She got a notice that her registration was suspended. Seriously?! She personally is on the policy… California has super strict insurance rules. UGH!

It took three calls before I was able to wait on eternal hold for “the next available service representative”. I waited in that Hell for over twenty minutes. We got the car added, they were gonna transfer me to someone who could help me sort the online thing, but the call dropped. I was NOT gonna call back. I was already SOOO far behind on what I wanted to do.

Ben was scanned onto the bus home at 1:26pm (early again), just as I was finally getting to WP. I hadn’t gotten much done when he was scanned off the bus at 1:46pm. Dang! Couldn’t the driver go a little slower?! Ben was home, chaos returned.

Today wasn’t a great day for him. He was probably still upset over not getting to wear the same clothes. He came home with a gallon size baggie of dominoes. That’s the second set he has brought home from school. It’s not like he doesn’t have literally hundreds of dominoes of his own. His teachers, his aide, even the bus driver tried to take them back, and Ben wasn’t having it. Everyone chose retreat. Today was not the Day, dominoes weren’t the Hill.

After the initial chaos, things settled down. He brought up the dominoes several times, and Daughter and I both reminded him that they belong to school, they’re for everyone to share, his friends might be sad if there are no dominoes, he would be sad if someone else took them and he couldn’t play with them. He’ll keep thinking about it, we’ll remind him when he brings it up, and hopefully he’ll be willing to take them back on Monday. He settled down and played with the chalk he’d dumped out before going to wait for the bus, and we’d left, as I said we would.

At 3:45pm Daughter asked me to go get In-N-Out. I wasn’t feeling the burger urge, but I went anyway cuz I’m nice like that. Everything was chill when I got back. Hopefully the evening will continue to be chill.

Random good song from my playlist. Enjoy!

Little Black Submarines – The Black Keys

A weird day. Not a super great start like yesterday, but not horrible either. Time got away from me today. It happens, doesn’t it?! Daughter is off tomorrow night, so other than Zoom school and my 8:30am walk, it’s completely unplanned. Hopefully the high pressure will ease off a bit. The weather is beautiful, but the dryness, wind and SpazmaTaz Ben aren’t so swell. Tomorrow is also my Fifty-third birthday. I don’t have any plans. It will probably be just another Casa Cuckoo day. I’ll be happy if it’s a mellow day! ¡Hasta mañana!