Curiouser And Curiouser

Have you ever heard someone say something, or read something that sends your mind going off in a bunch of directions at once?

It happens to me quite often, and I love it. It happened recently with a post by Ursula at An Upturned Soul. The post wasn’t specifically about mirrors, but thats the part my mind grabbed on to. This is part of the comment I left…

This post is twisting and turning in my brain…

Mirror mirror on the wall

Tommy smash the mirror

Funhouse mirror Maze

Police interrogation room

Those were some of the thoughts that were zipping and pinging around in my headspace. I started searching on the internet, reading, and saving links. I’ve fallen down the Rabbit Hole many times before.

This time I was going to Step Through The Looking Glass… join me…


I started with the album Tommy by The Who. I looked at the lyrics of some of the songs, I read about the album and the movie. I found an interesting tie back to Ursula’s post in a guru from India (she wrote about the yoga guy, Bikram, also from India) named Meher Baba. Pete Townshend was influenced by Meher Baba and part of the lyrics on Tommy and also the song Baba O’Riley were written about him.

I was thinking about the spirituality of Meher Baba and about being a kinder person and the Michael Jackson song Man In The Mirror started playing.

I typed mirror mirror on the wall into the ‘search’ area and the first entry was Disney’s Snow White. Not surprising. I read through the wiki on the Magic Mirror and then looked at the other results from the search.

I clicked on one link and my mind was blown. It was a site called The Mandela Effect, and it was about the phrase we all know, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all” or something similar, being wrong. What?!

I spent hours on that site, and came away with more questions than answers. I did find a few answers on another wiki site, RationalWiki, but there were still more questions than answers.

It was like a funhouse maze of mirrors.


I was back to where I started, stepping through the looking glass.

I decided that the best way to see out of the maze was to close my eyes… Yes, close my eyes. Sight can be very distracting, not to mention, unreliable.

What we see isnt always what is there. Also, everyone sees through the eyes of their unique experiences. Do mirrors reflect accurately? Do we use other people as ‘mirrors’? Can I see myself the way other people see me? Can I see myself?

Back to Ursula’s post and her question about which side of a police interrogation room mirror I would be on… I still dont have a good answer, just more questions.

The answers dont really matter. Its the quest for answers that I love.

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