An Update

Since I didn’t get a SLS post out last week, and I don’t think I’ll be able to put one together this week, I figured all my WP Dudes might be curious about life at Casa Cuckoo. If not, then feel free to move on to something more interesting.

Where to even start?? Okay, the “son” that was supposed to come stay for Christmas was a no show. We didn’t actually hear from him until Christmas Day. He was supposed to arrive sometime on the 24th, but we know how he is and weren’t surprised when he didn’t show up.

He messaged Daughter on the afternoon of the 25th that he felt sick and had scheduled a Kootie test. Ironic really cuz Daughter had started having the ol’ flu-like symptoms on the 21st, the day we cooked the ham and stuff. She called out of work on the 23rd and 25th and scheduled a test of her own.

She couldn’t get a test until the 27th at a drive thru site by her hospital, so she called out for the 26th too. She’s had three Pfizer shots and a flu shot, but she was sick. Not horrible, but achey, crying, miserable sick.

During all this time the Casa is full of the usual chaos, the weather was rainy and cold, and Ben was getting bored from being cooped up inside. Everyone’s sleep was messed up and Idjits with illegal fireworks were setting off a nightly bark-fest from Dogzilla. Fun stuff!

So on the 27th we arrive five minutes early at the parking lot where they do the testing. I was waved down to a lower parking lot down the street. Then I was waved into a line of cars waiting to turn into the lower parking lot. I was watching traffic, it was 4pm, so I didn’t see what the set-up was until I was directed into one of two lines circling the lower parking lot.

Skip ahead two hours… yes, TWO HOURS, and Daughter, Ben and I are still in the car. We’ve made it to the upper parking lot and someone has taken Daughter’s appointment information… for her 4pm appointment. She finally got her brain scraped via her nostrils at 6:15pm. More Fun stuff!

We promised Ben McDonald’s if he could just hang on a little longer. He always goes a little SpazmaTaz around sunset, and having him in the car for two hours and not really moving was asking a LOT from him. He got a little upset over the route I took to the Golden Arches cuz the test site was by the hospital and we always go home the same way after dropping Daughter at work or picking her up.

We got his Happy Meal and extra nuggets and headed home. It was time for his meds by then, and there was Dogzilla chaos, trying to get everyone settled chaos, rainy wet stuff chaos… just a swirly, twisty bunch of chaos. We finally got it sorted, settled and everyone went to sleep. Except me cuz someone had to clean up.

The test results came back really fast. Daughter got them the evening of the 28th. Her result… Indeterminate. Seriously?! After all that?! True, it had been a week since she’d started having symptoms, but what was she supposed to do about work on the 30th and 31st? We, especially I did Not want to spend another two hours in the car. It’s painful for me to be in a car that long.

Daughter emailed her boss and asked him what to do. A lot of businesses make you get a doctor’s note to return to work after calling out for three shifts/days. Her boss told her to contact Employee Health. She called and got a voice-mail system. Great! (Are you hearing the sarcasm?) Daughter left a message but never got a call back. She did try to call a few more times, but it always went directly to voice-mail.

Her boss finally told her if she didn’t have a fever (which she never did), and she felt okay (she was weak and had some shortness of breath) to come into work. So she worked Thursday night and last night. She has tonight off, then works Sunday and Monday nights. Seriously jacked up schedule!

Meanwhile, Ben has discovered a new way to entertain himself and scare the bejeebers out of Daughter and me. He climbs up the fence of our deck thingy, then onto the “roof” of the deck, which is brittle plastic over two by fours, and hangs onto the trunk of the Pecan Tree. Ai yi yi!

Yesterday he got up there and refused to come down. It is impossible to safely drag him down, and we tried bribery, scolding, guilt… we tried everything we could think of, and being a 13 year old child, and being autistic, he can ignore and out-stubborn even Daughter and me.

He actually did slip and hurt himself. We couldn’t even see how badly until he decided to get down. He’d snagged his butt across a nail and ripped the seat of his PJ pants (oh yeah, climbing in PJs and slippers) , his underwear and two scratches from his butt crack up his right butt cheek. Hopefully they hurt enough to be a reminder.

So, that’s what’s been going on at Casa Cuckoo. How are you all doing? I try to pop in and read here and there, but I don’t have much mental energy. I have lurked a little without pressing “Like” or commenting. A little.

The GLYSB returns on Monday praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I’ll be putting him on the bus solo, since Daughter’s schedule is jacked up. After a few days of rest, hopefully I’ll be back to at least doing the SLS thing. Hopefully.


HUGS!! and Happy 2022, and a New Moon on the 2nd. Lots of New!