Thor’sDay Catch-up

I figured you all might be missing some of the pictures that used to bombard you with on a daily basis. Plus, a general update on the Casa and it’s inhabitants.

Mother Nature has been showing off this past week with the sunsets. I have taken hundreds of pictures. I also figured out that the default photo storage app I have does videos now, which is good cuz Goigle Photos was being difficult the last time I tried to make a video.

This is last night’s sunset.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna put all the videos up. If you want to see other glorious sunsets, they’re all uploaded here.

I had to give WP more money and update my plan to get more storage space. GRRR! I thought about going through and deleting some pictures, but I’m lazy, and doing it on a phone would be a major PITA, plus a very kind person informed me in comments that it wouldn’t make any difference. It wouldn’t give me more storage. BOO!

I am still walking the neighborhood, though not every day. The weather, the timing, and other life stuff gets in the way some days, and some days I just don’t wanna. I did go today, and it was a beautiful day. I saw lots of flora, fauna, and a little “neighborhood box” thingy that made me cry a little… in a good way.


Ben is still having sleep issues. He was awake all night MoonDay night/Toad’sDay morning, so he stayed home from school. Gramma wasn’t thrilled, but I wasn’t consulted. Ben has always had sleep issues, so it’s just part of living with him.

Both daughters are doing well. Working, doing life stuff, rinse repeat. Younger is dating. There are two people she sees fairly regularly, but it’s pretty casual and that’s perfect for her, and for them right now.

Zeus is still Big and Dumb and follows me everywhere. Diesel Cat and Sophie Cat are well and doing cat things.

Sven, which I know is a favorite, is still chasing down those fast moving blueberries… with limited success. He’s also in the beginning stages of a full body shed. He’s uncomfortable and he looks goofier than usual. I have pictures. Of course, I have pictures.

That’s it for today’s update. See ya in comments… yours or mine.