Peeving… On A Monday…

I’ve only done one other Peeve since Paula started this wonderful little ranty thingy, I’d say Im due.

Image is Paula’s

In a different post I was writing, this subject came up and I realized that it really does bug me. So… 🎶I’m Peeving… on a Monday afternoon🎶 (morning, but whatever).

I play a game on my phone. Within the big game are a bunch of little games. Blah blah blah… the games are whatever. My Peeve is that while I’m playing the game, I don’t get my text messages. Sometimes one will slip through if I’m going from one of the little games to another, but it’s rare. I don’t get the message, I don’t get a little reminder icon, I don’t get nuffink! The only way I know that one of my wonderful daughters texted me is by going into my SMS thingy and looking, which is the first thing I do after playing the game….if I remember🤦‍♀️

Why does this game, which already bombards me with notifications all day and night, think it’s okay to block my incoming messages? Even actual calls take a couple rings before I get the option to answer or decline. Why does this game think it’s so important? I watch all the 🤬 ads, what more do they want? Why do they wanna isolate me even further? Are online games part of the casino thing? No clocks either… yeah, I noticed that too.

Okay… I was about to cross the bridge into Conspiracy Theory Land. We’ll just stop here at it really pisses me off when I miss text messages because the game won’t let them through. But, like I always say… Tis better to be pissed off than pissed on.