Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been around much. I did the Song Lyric Sunday thingy, but no posts with gobs of photos. I have only been reading and commenting here and there and not everywhere. If you haven’t noticed, that’s okay too.

Life at the Casa has been more Cuckoo than usual, but that’s not the only thing. I’m still feeling burnt out. Not creatively dried up, I have plenty of ideas, it’s more that everything seems to require so much effort.

Part of it is Ben’s continuing sleep issues. Or rather, his lack of sleep issues. One night last weekend (I don’t even know which night, I can’t keep the days straight) he was awake ALL night. Mostly he’s staying up until 11pm or 12am, or he goes to sleep by 9pm and gets up at 4am. When Ben doesn’t sleep well, Gramma definitely doesn’t get to sleep.

I also had two different doctor appointments last week. I had my regular monthly Pump Fill but it was an afternoon appointment, and I usually take mornings, so it threw my whole day off. I also had a check-up/physical appointment with my Primary Care Provider. I need to have some routine tests done and we’re waiting for results from the test he did in the office. But generally speaking, I’m healthy and things look good.

My walks have been fewer because of the wonky weather, lack of sleep, and low motivation. The wonky weather has been good for some pretty sunsets though. It even kinda sorta rained a little one evening and I caught a rainbow that lasted about forty-five seconds.

Some pics for those who like pretty sunsets

I also saw a flock of birds that flew across the sky for nearly a full minute. Normally I’d say it had to be my beloved Parrots, but the squawking wasn’t there. I’m not sure if it was Parrots or crows, but I’ve never seen that many crows together. It remains a mystery, but a cool mystery… to me anyway.

video is from pictures, and 45 seconds long

If you get bored and want to see more sunset pictures, or pictures of the plants around my neighborhood from my walks, I generally turn them into videos and upload them to my YouTube.

Daughter took some time off work cuz she’s been on the verge of a full breakdown. The patients have been ruder and more combative, and she’s just burnt out. A lot of people have left Healthcare altogether because of the stress. I’ve suggested counseling, but she’s resistant.

Younger is also having stress issues, but hers are mostly financial. She’s still trying to get caught up from having to move and buy a new car. She makes $17/hour but that is barely enough with the high cost of living in SoCal. I’ve helped her as much as I can. So much in fact, that I’ve depleted my own cushion.

Anyway, the usual life stuff, and the sleep stuff and the stressed out daughters stuff has sent me into my Fortress Of Solitude that’s inside my head. I’m maintaining my Zen, but not feeling very social.

Everyone’s favorite lizard is feeling the same. He’s been hiding in his house a lot and only eating every two or three days. Google Photos reminds me that 1 Year Ago he was doing the same thing. It’s his yearly summer make me worry brumation, although it seems to only be a slow down, and not a full brumation.

Here are some recent pictures for you

And that’s about it. I’m probably going to keep up with the Sunday posts, and I may pop in here and there, but for the next little bit at least, I’m not gonna be doing the WP thang as much.

I hope you are all doing well, and hangin in there. I do think about you all, and I’ll be back to spamming up your comments before you know it. And I can always be reached via email through my contact page.