I have been tagged by Rory to participate in a prompt thingy. It’s a new thingy, new to me anyway. C’mon let’s check it out…


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Share some highlights for you over the past decade and if you want, a few low points

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Highlights and lowlights of the past ten years…

Moved into house we currently live in

Had Intrathecal Pain Pump surgically implanted

Settlement with Work Comp insurance jerks and gained freedom to make my own decisions about my pain care

Bought my 2010 Prius. The newest car I’ve ever owned. It was a lease return so 30,000 miles in excellent condition…practically new

Younger graduated high school on time after missing over a year after the split with my ex

Got all the broken, rotting stumps of teeth removed and got full dentures. Bye bye years of pain and swollen face, Hello crunchy food and smiling without embarrassment or people being Judgey McJudgeypants

King Ben started Kindergarten in an autism class at a regular public school. The first of many classes and several schools with varying levels of (un)success

Older Daughter went back to work

Ben finally moved to the “Non-Public” autism school where he’s doing SO much better

The school also offers the services of a psych doc, so we switched Ben’s med management to her


Major issue with bowel over several months. (It’s here if you missed it or are interested. Beware, graphically gross)

Intrathecal Pain Pump replacement surgery. The battery only lasts six-ish years, so I’ll need to have the surgery at six-ish year intervals. Still worth it!

Younger Daughter moved out and Ben moved from sharing room with his Mama to having his own room. He adapted with no problems

Rory’s Questions

What have been your happiest moments between the years of January 2010 – Currently?

There were happy moments mixed with horrible moments the whole time period. Getting the pump implanted and getting my mouth fixed were major health improvements. Buying my first new(ish) car was cool! Finally having an awesome school for Ben to be supported appropriately was big too. But there were lots of awesome days like yesterday…slept until 9am, got a sparkly gold star with cool tunes from Rory and chilled in my jammies with Ben and Older Daughter all day… those are just as big to me.

Do you think that in the last ten years all of your personality has come through or do you still think there is more to develop?

My personality hasn’t really changed. I am Angie. The same Angie I’ve always been.

I’ve grown and learned and developed better boundaries, coping skills, self care… that kind of thing, but I’m still the same silly, care-taker, accident-prone, dancing goofball I’ve always been.

I hope I continue to learn and grow and laugh and injure myself in creative ways and dance… dance in the Zen Zone.

Did you manage to tick off any ‘bucket list’ requirements over the last ten years – if so what were they?

I’ve never actually made a ‘bucket list’. There are things I’d love to do. I haven’t done any of them yet.

Did you have a good, bad, or fugly decade?

I’d have to say good overall. Definitely better than the decade before!

My Questions:

What is your favorite pun or knock-knock joke? (If you don’t have one, please explain the accident that injured your sense of humor😉)

What title (like a movie or book title) would you give the last decade?

Describe one completely out of character thing you did in the last decade.

Favorite song that came out during the tens (teens🤷🏼‍♀️)?

What is one thing you’d like to accomplish in the next ten years?

No tagsies from me. If this prompt appeals to you then go for it, make a post. Or you can answer in comments if you’d like. Or not.😆

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