Another Friday Update

Welp, here we are… another Friday, another week without a post except the Song Lyric Sunday, and that doesn’t tell you anything about me, or Casa Cuckoo. Also, pictures… no pictures since last Friday. Do you miss the days when I bombarded you with dozens of pictures daily, or are you glad you don’t have to scroll past? Rhetorical, you don’t have to answer.

I’m still lurking in comments here and there on WP, but my schedule is all over the place still. Ben is doing well with full time, on campus school, but I don’t have the Free Time I thought I’d have. I’m getting stuff done though, so that’s good. I’m still walking every day, even when I don’t wanna, and finding new plants and taking pictures.

This past week has felt chaotic, and very busy. The weather was all over the place too, and I think that added to chaotic feeling. Plus, Daughter is still off from work, so there’s no routine.

Anyway… it was HOT at the beginning of the week. 90°F on Sunday and 88°F on Monday. Tuesday was nice… high 70s, then Wednesday the clouds started rolling in and the temperature dropped, seriously dropped… low 60s, and it’s been cloudy and chilly since.

Zero clouds while it was warm, then completely overcast once the clouds came in. Neither makes for dramatic sunsets or sunrise. The clear sky was nice for seeing the moon, and surprisingly, stars, using my Night Mode on my phone camera, and the morning the clouds came in was pretty. I had some hope of sunshine this morning, but as you can see from the last two pictures, taken twenty minutes apart, my hope was dashed.

Monday was my monthly Pump Fill. I had a 9:45am appointment, so I did my walk between waving to the GLYSB and time to go. I was five minutes early, they were hours behind. I didn’t get called back until 11:45am. I took a minute to get on the scale to verify what my weight… 163 pounds, same as my Primary Care doctor. Dang! It only took the Proceedures Nurse like fifteen minutes to do my fill, and I was out of there a few minutes after noon.

But I had to go to the grocery store. We needed at LOT of stuff. By the time I got home, carried everything into the house, and put it away, Ben was being scanned onto the bus for home. And it was HOT. Monday wasn’t a happy day.

Tuesday, during my walk, I stopped by the lab to get the blood draws that my Primary wanted. Wednesday I walked to the pharmacy inside the grocery store to fill prescriptions for me and pick up Ben’s Adderall, but they were crazy busy, so I dropped them, then drove up in the evening to get them. Thursday I walked to get worms for Sven, Younger stopped by for mail, and my Primary’s office called with the results of my bloodwork… all good except high cholesterol. Today I just did the two mile neighborhood walk, after seriously considering skipping it.

Oh yeah, and Wednesday after my walk, Daughter wanted food from Funky’s, so I walked over to pick it up. And, I actually ate most of it when I got home. My tummy was about to burst and was yelling “Stop, you fool!” but my mouth was saying “More! Keep shoveling it in.” I stopped before I went from full to painful (see what I did there?), but just barely.

Perfectly crisped tots with pulled pork, slaw and three onion rings, drizzled with barbecue sauce and ranch dressing.

And Sven, everyone’s favorite Bearded Dragon, made sure I got my smiles all week.

Tuesday afternoon when it was nice, but not too hot, we put Sven in his “Vacation Home” and put it on the table by the window. He chilled for a little while, but then he escaped. Daughter put him back in the terrarium after that. He wasn’t pleased. All the other pictures are just random Sven days.

What else? The SSI thing is still going on. Daughter got two notices in the mail, with two different case numbers, both demanding payment in full by May 5th… one was like $1,800 and the other was $8,800. Yeah, right… we’ll just write a couple checks. She got the printer set up today, but it was being wonky so she walked away.

Ben has been spending time with his new class, next door in Room 2, this week. I think he officially moves to Room 2 on Monday. It’s kind of sad cuz we won’t be in contact with the teacher he’s had since he moved to this school, but it’s good for Ben. He needs to be with older kids, and since it’s next door, it’s not a huge change for him.

So that’s my week. I’m still trying to get things sorted and get some kind of new routine going. Daughter goes back to work on Thursday night, so next week is gonna be like this week probably.

Oh, also Younger is moving into a room in a three bedroom condo with two people who needed a roommate. She broke up with Partner. Good for her!

So, yeah… still Casa Cuckoo, still drama… but still lots of laughs too. I’ll be back on Sunday with Song Lyrics, and maybe another update before Friday. My second shot is on Friday, I should probably prepare in case I get sick… Murphy likes his games. I’ll be around… lurking and spamming up the comments.