A Big Case Of The Blahs

Here I am, another FriedDay… another update. It has been weird week for me. Not necessarily a bad week, although there were bad moments. I’ve been kinda emotional, tearing up at random times. Yep! It’s been a weird week.

Ben is still doing well in school. His sleep is still hit and miss, but with the weather staying pretty much the same, he seemed to even out a little also. Some nights he went to sleep easy, some nights he was still awake at 11pm. At least there weren’t any 2:30am, bouncing around and laughing like a deranged hyena nights, so that’s good. His behavior has been pretty good at school and at home. Not perfect… he’s a tween kid. If he was perfect I’d fear he was plotting world destruction.

Sunsets have been on repeat, along with the weather. The marine layer of clouds have been present every morning, so there’s been no sunrise to see. It’s typical Spring weather in SoCal… “May Grey” or “June Gloom” it’s called. Nice and cool in the mornings and evenings, nice and sunny with temperatures in the 70s F (20-25 C) in the late morning and afternoon… good for living, bad for stunning photography.

I don’t know which pictures go with which days, cuz they’re all the same, aren’t they? The Parrots’ visit was on Wren’sDay evening, that’s all I can be certain of. The Moon pictures were taken Thor’sDay night.

Let’s chat about what a DAY Thor’sDay was. It started like most days, the usual Casa Cuckoo stuff. The GLYSB took Ben off to school and that’s when I noticed that my battery on my phone was only at 50%. I plugged it in… nothing. I tried a different charger… nothing. I tried blowing canned air into the the charging port… still nothing. I’ve had the dang phone less than six months and already it takes a crap… swell.

Daughter had to work Thor’sDay night, so I needed to have a working phone. 50% battery probably would have lasted a couple days if I turned every off and didn’t use it, but it would’ve been “getting by“, a band-aid fix. Daughter and I discussed finances and I headed off to the phone place and got a new phone. Luckily the same exact model. Unluckily, it was the floor model I think, cuz there’s some bleed-through on the screen. Not horrible, and I can deal with it, but SHEESH! of course, right?!

I also needed to go by the grocery store. Sven needed greens, Ben needed Kit Kats and orange chicken, and I needed cheese! I went to Food 4 Less, which I hate, but it was right by the phone place, it’s cheaper, and they have Ben’s orange chicken. Plus, it’s not soul destroying like WallyWorld. I got the stuff on the list except for two things that Daughter asked for. UGH!! So I headed to Vons, got Daughter’s requested items, then home.

I’d had anxiety ever since I discovered the phone was toast. The heart racing, icky tummy kind of anxiety. It was still with me, even after the phone was taken care of. I decided to break my streak and skip walking. I really was NOT feeling well, and I was bothered that I was still feeling the physical symptoms of anxiety, with no cause… no cause that I was aware of. Both daughters and Ben were okay. So I sent my thoughts out to my friends. Something wasn’t right somewhere. I later found out who and where and what. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I don’t believe that.

Anyway, my walking streak was broken by one day. I was back at it today, FriedDay, so all is not lost. Here are some pictures from my walks this past week

My walk was a little later than I’d intended because I woke up with the after effects of all that tummy upset in my guts. I won’t go into details, but I wanted to be close to home for a few hours this morning. Oh, but that’s not the only reason I was delayed. Younger called me after Ben was put on the bus and I’d picked Daughter up from work, but she was in a bad reception area. She could text, but voice calls weren’t working. This is what happened

That’s the rental car. She couldn’t call to report it to them, and she needed to be at work, since she was the only one scheduled for opening in her department. I’m really glad she talked me into buying their insurance coverage instead of just using my car insurance. She can swap out the car after work with no problems.

On the subject of insurance, the Insurance Dude finally called her back, and said “It’s looking like you were at fault”. How she’s at fault when the other car hit her, and she didn’t hit anyone, is beyond my comprehension. We only carried liability on her car, so they don’t really care about her claim. She needs to buy another car, some pre-owned plain, inexpensive transportation. Poor Younger is stressing. Money worries are horrible!

There was a bit of good luck. Daughter was able to schedule Ben for his first vaccine shot on Monday 17th, after school. I’m still trying to get Younger to get hers scheduled, but it’s her decision. She’s not anti-vax, she’s a procrastinator and concerned about long term effects. I can accept a small part of her concern cuz I didn’t get her the Chicken Pox shot til she was twelve and had to get it for school. Older got Chicken Pox at daycare, and I was hoping Younger would get it too. The Kootie is very much different than Chicken Pox though.

I’ll leave you with Mr Sven

That’s it for my week. Emotional, lots of blah and a couple of minor dramas. Minor by Casa Cuckoo standards anyway. I’ll see you on Sunday and whenever I post again… or lurking in your comments.