The Monday Peeve ~ E-mail

Paula invites us to share a thing that irritates, bugs, or generally chases away the rainbow barfing unicorns in our lives. Besides, a rant just feels good, amiright?!

Before I start my Peeve, I want to acknowledge how excited I am to participate this week. I’m thankful to everyone who followed my Adventures, but I’m happy to be able to do other stuff now. Onward to the rantin’…

How the Hello Kitty did I wind up on so many mailing lists? Why must these businesses email Every. Single. Day? I have unsubscribed so many times, but either it doesn’t work and unsubscribing is a big fake out, or my email address is up on the bathroom wall with Jenny’s number.

I have to go through my email several times a day to delete them all, and the notifications are always going off with new ones. I understand that businesses took a hit with the Kootie, but sending me an email, sometimes several emails, is not going to make me buy something. And no, I don’t wanna download your app either.

Then, if I actually DO buy something, which is probably how I got on the dang mailing list, they have to send a gajillion emails… we got your order, we’re looking at your order, we’re processing your order, we’re filling your order, we expect (courier service) to pick up your order soon, (courier service) has picked up your order… then the courier service (UPS, FedEx, USPS) has to send ten thousand updates, which are rarely correct.

I appreciate being informed, but enough is enough! Too many dag-nabbit emails!