Life at Casa Cuckoo has been more crazy than usual. I am constantly in the middle or some new crisis lately and I’m running on fumes.

I’ve joked in comments about being in Spoon Debt and filing Spoon Bankruptcy to reorganize and I guess that’s what I’m doing. I’m taking a break from WordPress. I’ve barely been posting or reading anyway.

I am hanging on… my Zen is a little bruised, but still intact. I guess I want one less thing on my plate right now. It always worries me when a “regular” drops away, so I wanted to let you awesome group of loyal readers/friends know that everything with me personally is pretty much okay, but LIFE just won’t let up with the unexpected drama.

Hopefully things will ease up, or I’ll get more sleep, or the Summer weather will finally end, and I’ll be back soon.

I closed the comments cuz I still have comments I need to answer…