My Natal Chart

I have been interested in astrology since at least age twelve, but never really went beyond my sun sign. Reading my horoscope, checking out traits of other signs, compatibility, that sort of thing.

Over the past couple of years I have met in the blogosphere a couple of people who have a greater understanding and it has sparked my interest. I want to learn more.

So, we start with my Natal Chart. _191021_200603_7538742834399383987015.png

I am in the very beginnings of my journey to knowledge and understanding. I am still learning (and trying to remember) what each house, planet, aspect, all of it, is about.

I dont know if astrology will become part of my blog as I learn more. I’m putting this here for me and anyone who might be interested.

Update: May 11, 2022

An astrologer I follow suggested that using Whole House system was better. It gives equal space to each house and assigns only one sign to each. I admit, it does seem to make more sense. So here is my Natal Chart using Whole House. My journey continues…

chart drawn via Astrodienst

(featured image Wiki Commons)