Part 340 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Daughter discovered another leak in the stupid tubing for the ice maker, this one was behind the fridge. I’d shown her how to fix it when the part behind the stove kept springing new leaks, so I turned the water off, she fixed the leak. I turned the water on, getting my pinky stuck and a piece of skin gouged off, and we checked the repair… and found another leak, because of course! I turned the water back off, Daughter fixed the second leak, and I turned the water back on. All good. I couldn’t find a small bandage, so I used a paper towel and tape on my pinky cuz it was bleeding pretty good. We were trying to hurry and finish it while Ben was happily playing outside, which we did. But SHEESH! Why? I mean, yeah… behind the stove and fridge needed to be cleaned, but come on!! I’m going to see if I have enough tubing to replace the whole dang line. Of course, the roll of tubing has already proven to be unreliable.

Anyway, sunset was pretty much a repeat. The dry, windy, clear weather is still with us, so still zero clouds. The Parrots photo bombed me again, a pair did a flyby and I actually got a couple shots, and “Phoebe”, the Black Phoebe stopped by to chirp for a minute. Very nice after another plumbing fail… so glad we ordered like a dozen of the repair couplers.

Ben ate his food, took his meds and got in the bath without drama. We talked about school and he made the usual comments, but I think he was looking forward to it. I washed his hair with only minor drama too. It all went surprisingly well. Kinda scary.

Daughter got his lunch/snacks packed and his backpack ready, then went to bed. She was tired and very emotional… still thinking about a patient she had Saturday night. An autistic man who was on a psych hold because he “attacked staff” at his group home. He was super nice and calm with Daughter, and he made her think of Ben’s future.

I did all the usual blah ditty blah blah blah… food, pill, and sleep by 11pm. I woke up a bunch of times, mostly because Sophie Cat was laying ON me and her weight makes me hurt.

The 6am alarm went off and I was gonna get up, I really was… then the 6:30 med alarm went off, and I did get up. Zeus was snuffling under the bathroom door five minutes later. I said hello to him, exited before the door banging could begin, (if Dogzilla was out, Ben and/or Daughter wanted their turn in our single baño) and got some coffee.

I went outside to look at sunrise and say hello to Mister Crow. Georgia’s cousin flew in and circled a few times, then left. It was kinda early, the birds don’t usually come out in numbers until the Sun is a little higher.

Daughter had clothes ready for Ben, but he had other ideas. He brought the white button down, the vest, the tie, the jacket and the black hat (NOT the green one!) out to Daughter. I got pants and socks for him… little goof. He seemed very excited to go. I’m sure he missed doing something different, and seeing his peers and teachers. Soon it was time to go wait for that Glorious Little Yellow School Bus.

I love that bus, and I’m choosing it as today’s Lurve for Paula’s thingy.

Did you all hear the whoop? The bus arrived and departed on time and the Happy Dancing began! I went directly to my room, stopping only for fresh coffee. Blissful, quiet, Horizontal Time.

I stayed Horizontal, going through my comments and Reader on WP, checking email, spacing out. At 12:15pm I’d made it all the way through my reader and since school doesn’t end until 1:30pm, I had a little over an hour of time. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to go for a walk around the block.

My fitness level is pretty much non-existent. Having Ben home from school, and the hours Daughter works has made even going for a walk difficult. So, I’ve stayed at my house, losing weight, losing muscle tone, losing what fitness I had. It’s going to take time to build it back up. Five or six years ago I was walking five to ten miles every day. It took a long time to get to that level, but I lost it quickly it seems. I’m about to mark my fifty-third year. That’s not “old”, but it’s not young either. I’m also disabled with chronic pain, so that affects me too.

Anyway… I went for a walk around the block. It took me fifteen minutes, no idea about steps, I don’t have any watch, let alone a smart one. I felt scarily unsteady at first, like my balance was off, but after the first side of the block, I was feeling more steady. Not too bad for a spur of the moment start.

To get myself into the routine of walking everyday, I decided on 8:30am. Even after Daughter works all night, she’s usually still awake at that time. Plus, it’s going to start getting warmer, and it’s very rarely super hot at 8:30am. It takes a while to form a habit, and I need to make this a habit.

Ben was scanned onto the bus at 1:25pm… five minutes early. So unfair! He got home at 1:50pm. I’d gotten him “Crazy Bread” from Little Caesar’s cuz kids are always hungry after school. His teacher said there were a couple hiccups, but that Ben had a good day. Hurray!! And we get to do it again tomorrow… WOOT WOOT!!

HRH accepted my gift of greasy dough, and sat in his own dent to eat and watch his tablet. Things were chill until around 2:30pm. He took his meds then came to ask me for chalk. I told him I didn’t have any chalk, (a technical truth, but also a lie… there is one box of sixteen in Daughter’s closet) that I’d ordered more but it hadn’t come yet. He told me to get dressed, go to the store… I told him the store doesn’t have it either, that’s why I had to order it. He asked a few more times and I gave the same answer. He grunted a little, but settled down and watched his tablet, Horizontal with me.

We will probably have an early night tonight. Ben seems pretty tired after his big day. The sky is still clear, so I expect sunset will be a repeat of the past few days. I’ll probably go look, and take too many pictures anyway.

Brand new Green Day. I guess if the walking doesn’t happen, this routine might work.

Here Comes The Shock – Green Day

Thanks for celebrating GLYSB Day with me. We get to do it tomorrow too. Only two days a week right now, and we’re still supposed to Zoom the other three days. Yeah, we’ll see… No plans for tomorrow except getting Ben on the bus. And walking at 8:30am. Maybe I’ll just lay around all day again. Maybe I’ll run a bunch of errands. I’ll figure it out when I figure it out. ¡Hasta mañana!