Sunset, a Spark and Sven

I was going to do a FriedDay review yesterday, but I was like “Meh…”, so I skipped it. Part of the point of stopping the Adventures series was not feeling locked in to posting on specific days, about specific things. Plus, there wasn’t anything really to write about.

I could’ve blabbered on for paragraphs about the crazy stuff that happens at Casa Cuckoo, but it was the usual crazy stuff. Borrrrrring! One example is Ben took a toy gun to school one day. How he snuck it past us is still a mystery. His teacher took it away, and we told her to throw it away. Ben most definitely knows better. We’ve had that fight many, many times. Now he gets frisked before school.

I could’ve blabbered about him getting his first shot of Pfizer vax on MooooNDay afternoon. Blah blah blah… I think our collective excitement about the shots is over too. Especially since it’s unfairly distributed and too many people who want it, can’t get it. Then there are people who still won’t get it because Conspiracy Theories.

Aren’t you glad I didn’t write about all that stuff? Oh wait… Hey! Look at this…

Sunset was gorgeous last night! It’s been a while since the sunset was that pretty! I even got a good picture of the Moon before the clouds rolled in.

Of course, since it’s MY life we’re talking about, I didn’t get to just Ooooh and Ahhhh while taking pictures. I had done the Driving Miss Daisy thing, and was trying to get HRH into the bathtub. But wait… that’s not all… I was also dealing with an increasingly frustrated, increasingly snippy Younger Daughter via text and call.

Why was Younger frustrated and snippy, you wonder? Because our car insurance company doesn’t have live people (or dead people, I’m assuming) available after “regular business hours”. Why did this subject become a Thing? Because she was buying a car, of course.

This car

She wound up having to go with a different insurance company, just so she could get the dang car off the dang lot. We can add her car to the policy and cancel the other one on MooooNDay or whenever, but SHEESH! What a PITA! Oh, it’s a 2015 Chevy Spark. She sent me this picture, I’m not sure who actually took the picture.

So that’s the Sunset, and the Spark… all that’s left is Sven. I guess I better add some pictures of his goofiness.

Oh, and one other thing, before I forget. I took my first dose of Methotrexate, a medication developed for cancer, for my Plaque Psoriasis last SaturnDay, and it kinda wiped me out. I take five pills at once, one day a week. I’ve decided that SaturnDay is the wrong day to take it cuz Daughter works and I have Couch Sittin Duty. I’m going to start taking it on MooooNDay mid-day. That will work best with my schedule. I’m already seeing some improvement… VERY exciting!

That’s it for now. See ya tomorrow for Song Lyric Sunday, unless I don’t do it for some Casa Cuckoo reason.