A Brief Explanation

Hiya WordPress Dudes!

Yes, I have been M.I.A., went A.W.O.L., whatever you wanna call it, I took some time away from the blogosphere. Thank you to the folks who checked up on me via email, your concern was very much appreciated.

Everything at Casa Cuckoo has been the same, regular madness. Ben’s school has a Summer program that starts the Monday after the “regular” school year ends. I don’t even know when it switched TBH. He gets two or three weeks off at the end of August, but that’s it. Thankfully! He’s fully vaxed now too, BTW. The only reaction he had was a bit of swelling at the injection site after the second shot.

Things in AngieWorld are pretty much the same also. I’m still trying to work with the Methotrexate to mitigate the way it wipes me out for a day or two after I take it. It has done wonders for my plaque psoriasis though! All the scales are gone. There are still ginormous red spots where the skin was affected, but that may be permanent. If it is, that’s fine with me. My skin doesn’t itch, burn, hurt, flake off, or crack and bleed anymore. I’ll deal with extreme fatigue for two out of seven days.

I am not walking every day, but most days. My weight is still bothering me, but my doctors don’t seem concerned about it. I cut back on the exercise a bit to not burn the calories, and because some days I just don’t wanna.

I am still taking pictures. Too many pictures, probably. My WP media is 96% full. They just want me to spend more money. I could delete a bunch of pictures, but that seems like a lot of work, especially from a phone.

The Daughters are fine, and the critters are fine. Sven has been grumpier than usual. He’s shedding and, from the plaque psoriasis, I can relate.

Anyway, I’m back. Or that’s the plan for now anyway. Who knows what the Hello Kitty will happen next?!