In Casa Cuckoo News…

In Casa Cuckoo news this past week… Monday was my monthly Pump Fill. I arrived for my 10am appointment a few minutes early, as one does, and I waited. I waited, and waited, and waited some more. At 10:45am I asked the desk gal what the hold up was. As I’d figured, they were waiting on the meds to arrive. At 11:10am the nurse came out to talk to me. The pharmacy said FedEx had the meds, they were trying to find out what the delay was, did I want to go home and she’d call me? YES!! It’s a straight shot down the freeway… 15, maybe 20 minutes… home would be more comfortable… especially since we had no idea how much longer it would be.

I got a call around 1pm to come back at 1:50pm. I was there at 1:45. Including the 10-15 minutes we spent waiting for the doctor, the entire appointment took less than a half hour. Freakin FedEx, freakin DEA, all these rules cuz of the opiate crisis makes life for legitimate pain doctors and their patients SOOOO much more difficult!

Meanwhile, Daughter had her first appointment with the Primary that I use… the one that practices out of a house next door. Daughter didn’t have a Primary, so it was Urgent Care every time, and since she doesn’t drive, this was perfect. Except of course it wasn’t… this is Casa Cuckoo. Apparently this doctor doesn’t take her insurance. She told them what her insurance was when she made the appointment two months ago, but either she omitted two of the three words, or the doctor’s office didn’t hear. So Monday was Medical Madness day.

I think Tuesday was normal stuff… Methotrexate Day for me since I’d postponed taking it for a day because I knew Monday was going to be busy… I did know HOW busy, but whatever.

Then Wednesday our hot water was gone. I trudged around the house to get to the little shed thing it lives in. Pilot light was out. This happened a few months ago and it was a pain to get re-lit. I spent about 30 minutes trying to get the stupid pilot light to stay lit, then I gave up. It’s this whole process with a button to push down and hold, another button to push that creates a spark… sometimes… and a tiny one inch square glass window to look thru to see if it’s lit. I went back later and tried again. I even tried turning the gas up fully and pressing the spark button… no dice. I turned the gas off and texted the owner.

Thursday I got a call from the property manager that their “handyman” would come look at it that evening or Friday morning. It was Friday morning. He tried for about 15 minutes and gave up. Friday afternoon a plumbing company called me to offer Tuesday between noon and 4pm or Wednesday morning. DUH! Tuesday! So I’m boiling water on the stove for Ben’s nightly baths. Daughter and I have been taking sponge baths. All of our hair needs washing. Ugh!

Oh, and Wednesday evening Ben got ahold of a lighter in Daughter’s room and decided to burn some stuff. We’re lucky he didn’t set the entire house on fire. I think that was Wednesday… the days kinda run together.  I did Laundry and errands on Thursday and more errands on Friday. Daughter had work Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, so I had solo Ben duty Thursday night. Then getting him up, ready and onto the GLYSB Friday morning. Then going and getting Daughter from work.

Ben is still sleeping at school at least 3 out of 5 days, so he’s up super late or he gets up at 4am and wants me up with him. So that’s the highlights from my week. A bunch of other stuff happened, but this is already too long. It’s been a Rollercoaster, but I’m hangin onto my Zen. Daughter actually told me I was annoying with my laissez-faire attitude. She thinks I don’t worry enough or take things seriously enough. Puh-leez! I’m not an ostrich, I am just aware of what I can do something about, and what I can’t.  Worrying is useless. I’m not perfect, but I don’t waste a lot of time worrying.

Thanks for stopping by. I know I owe a few emails, and I haven’t forgotten… I had one almost completed last night, and konked out while writing, and managed to erase the entire thing. I wanted to cry. But I didn’t… I just dust myself off and keep going. My life has been chaos since I was a child. Apparently this is my path.

Anyway, emails will arrive eventually, I am still lurking though I don’t even hit “Like” half the time. I’m still around… just kinda busy with fires, no hot water, errands and loss of brain function due to chronic lack of sleep. In other words, normal Casa Cuckoo shtuff.