Medical Day Update

I figured it was about time to let you all know what’s been going on during my first FULL week of GLYSB time. I’ve been lurking in your comments, but I know you guys are devastated at the lack of photos. I’m here to correct that failure of mine.

Ben had a good week at school… mostly. On Tuesday he bit a staff member who was holding a gate closed. His school is supposed to be completely locked down, with the gates needing a code to EXIT. That’s to keep “runners” or “elopers” like Ben from taking off and running amok in the neighborhood. Daughter got the email, so I don’t know why it was necessary for a staff member to hold the gate closed, but on the bright side, Ben had all his shots, so the person doesn’t have to worry about rabies or turning into a vampire.

He also forgot his Kittys at school one day (maybe it was the same day?) so he was a little upset about that. Luckily his teacher was able to find them, and make sure they were safe. I’ve looked into the availability and cost of replacing his favorite, Pink Kitty, which isn’t a Hello Kitty, but some Special Edition “Emily” Kitty, and would cost around $100.00 to replace. Yikes!

Other than that, he did well at school, and was pretty chill at home too. I didn’t notice an increase in “Free Time” though. In fact, I seem to be having trouble scheduling my time, and I’m getting less done. I don’t know what the problem is, but I’ll be trying to figure it out.

I am still walking every day, getting my two miles or more in. It’s a habit now, so I haven’t had to push myself to do it. I usually walk in the morning, but there isn’t a specific time during the week. On weekends, when Daughter works, I’ll still need to go early so she can sleep.

Some pictures from my walks. The little lizard was super fast, and very skittish, but he stopped and gave me side-eye, just like Sven. Maybe lizards just think I look ridiculous or something?

I haven’t spent as much time in the living room, but I still paparazzi Mr Grumpy several times a day. Here’s your Sven Fix…

The sunsets have been pretty mellow. And the sunrises have been mostly overcast. We’ve had actual Spring weather. It’s been wonderful! The Pecan Tree is finally budding, and getting greener every day.

I found out on that sky map site I use, that my old friends Jupiter and Saturn are visible just before sunrise. I actually caught them, with the Moon on the one clear day.

And some sunset pictures. I see a few Parrots once in a while, and sometimes Pheobe comes to visit, but I haven’t seen Gulls in a while. They must be busy with babies.

I had an appointment with my Primary Care Physician this morning. It’s very convenient to have him next door, and I love that he practices out of a house. Anyway, according to his scale, my weight is 163 pounds, which is a loss of two pounds from my last pump fill, but I’m gonna wait and see what the scale at the pain doc shows.

My PCP had no problem taking over the prescription for my sleeping med, even though it’s a benzodiazapine. He also wrote me a prescription for a medication to help with my plaque psoriasis, so YAY! My blood pressure, which has run high forever was 107/72. That’s super low for me, but on the low side of “normal”.

He wasn’t bothered about my weight. It’s a perfectly acceptable weight for my height, and I’m generally healthy, so maybe I need to quit stressing on how I look too thin. I’m still going to keep trying to put more weight on, and keep trying to rebuild my atrophied muscles. I’m finally seeing some firming up in my legs.

And on a final note, a completely bit of random good luck. Today’s walk was after my doctor’s appointment, and I walked up to Vons to pick up a prescription for Ben. While I was there, I asked if they had a Wait List for the vaccine, in case someone canceled or something. They did, and I added my name. I’ve been trying to find an appointment since April 1, when the 50+ age group was made eligible. Not madly searching, but looking.

Anyway, I got Ben’s meds, went next door to the pet store to get worms for Mr Grumpy, went to another store and got some Reese’s Eggs, YUM!, and a couple boxes of sixteen piece chalk, then walked home.

About an hour later Vons pharmacy called to say they had an extra dose, could I come back in at 1:30pm. Darn Skippy, I certainly could, and did. I have received my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and get my second shot on April 30 (someone’s birthday…😉)

How random and lucky was that?! Daughter is super stoked that I got shot. She worries. Younger was congratulatory as well, but doesn’t worry as much.

So that’s my Medical Day and general update. See ya all again on Sunday with a Song Lyric Sunday post, and lurking in your comments!