Part 159 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I finished cooking Ben’s Fried Taters, while trying to keep him from “supervising” too closely, Daughter came out and plopped onto the couch, and Zeus inhaled his evening scoop of food, cuz OMG! I was in the kitchen.

When the Taters were done, I took my sweaty self back to my room, Zeus followed, leaving food still in his bowl… Big Dummy! I hollered out the 5:45 alarm for first night meds, then at 6pm I went and ran his bath. I herded him into the bathroom, into the tub and got him clean, then left him to play.

He didn’t play very long. He was out, in his bathrobe and saying he was ready for bed before he’d had the rest of his night meds. I was carrying his charger, tablet and water bottle into his room and he was telling me “ready to go bedtime” over and over. I told him I heard him, I knew he was ready, he needed to take the rest of his meds and put jammas on. He sat on his bed and said “ready to go bedtime”. I grabbed underwear and one of Daughter’s old scrub tops that he sleeps in and got him dressed. I went to hang his bathrobe up and start picking up the chalk and dominoes. Daughter asked if I put his pajamas on, I told her yes. She made some kinda noise, rolled her eyes and went to his room. Well, alrighty then…

Ben and Zeus were tucked in, Sven was covered and lights out, the windows and side door were opened and the AC in the living room was shut off. I was a little early, but I started taking pictures of the setting sun… for Sciencey Data Collection.

Daughter decided she wanted Jack In The Box (fast food burgers, like McDonald’s or Burger King) for dinner. I wanted to try their new tiny tacos. Their two for $1 regular size tacos are great munchie food, and I was hoping the minis would be nom nom. I ordered some fries too cuz, duh… fries.

It was very yummy and it put me immediately into a Food Coma. Daughter rescued me from the comatose state around 10:00pm when she came into my room gushing about some show she just watched.

After we discussed a show I’ve never seen, nor intend to, for fifteen or twenty minutes, I was awake and she was ready to go to bed. She went to her room and I began writing an email that needed writing.

I finished the email and checked out WP, then played a game or two, took my pill a little after midnight and hoped Ben would sleep in. I fell asleep after 1am and was up again at 5:15am. Bedquakes and ear sniffing, followed by the yelling run by. And another Casa Cuckoo day was begun.

I got Ben’s charger and water bottle, refilled the water bottle, and got myself some coffee. We settled on the couch with our devices and beverages. I was up moving around, but still in Zombie mode.

I waited until around 6am to uncover Sven and turn his lights on. He was grumpy and up on top of his house. I said Good Morning to him and went to look at the sky. Sunrise was starting to color the sky. I took a couple pictures through the bathroom window…

then went outside to the back gate, on the southern end of the house… Science!

Then the med alarm went off and it was time to quit looking at the pretty and go Dope The Face.

Daughter was Couch Sittin when I went inside. I got the meds, delivered them to HRH in the chalk area. I got Sven some fresh food and paparazzi’d him

Then, I gathered my stuff and went to get Horizontal. Zeus followed and so did Ben. Ben brought his tablet, Oreos and WAAAAAY too much energy. I was starting to feel a little Motion Sickness coming on from the continuous bedquakes.

He was playing with Zeus and throwing himself around, “roaring like a lion” at top volume. I asked him to be quieter and quit slamming into me, but this is Ben… He threw himself into me harder and tried to roar directly into my ear, which I’d covered with my hand. Daughter hollered for him to relax from her spot on the couch, which he ignored. I told him he should go play Lion in his room, I didn’t like Lions in my room… I was also ignored. He finally started to calm down around 7:30, with only occasional outbursts of maniacal laughter.

Around 8am he took his tablet and went to the living room. Hallelujah!

Ben was back and forth all morning. He launched himself onto the bed every – single – time! UGH! Bedquakes and more bedquakes and the wiggle jiggle SpazmaTaz once he’d landed. Too much energy, and too yucky to play outside.

I hollered out the various med alarms to Daughter. That’s the only thing that made me aware of time passing. I kept dozing unintentionally and I kept getting woken up. I’d have been really angry if I was trying to sleep. I know better than to try to nap.

Younger called me around 1pm, she’d just had her interview with the head manager of the dispensary. They need her references and then they’ll let her know. She said the interview went really well and she really likes the vibe and the way this place does business. She decided to stop by on her way home.

I went out to tell Older to expect company, but she wasn’t in the living room. I went back to her room, and there she was. I hadn’t seen her go by and she hadn’t said anything. She said her lap died, so she went to charge it. She was waiting for a delivery from KFC too. Ben came running down the hall saying “Gramma come living room”. I told him I was coming, stopped by my room to grab my stuff and began my Couch Sittin.

There was chaos for a little while. Daughter came out to get her food. Then Younger got here and both Ben and Dogzilla got all excited. Zeus jumped up on her. I told her not to let him do that. He jumped all the time when we first adopted him from the shelter and it took a long time to break him of it. I don’t want him to start up again, he’s a big dog and could hurt someone if they weren’t expecting it. He was generally being naughty. Anyway, Younger hung out for a bit, complained about stuff… yeah, yeah, yeah… then left around 2pm. Between Zeus and Ben vying for attention, it’s difficult to have a conversation anyway. Sigh!

Older Daughter woke up and came out to take over Couch Sittin at 4:30pm. Ben had been playing with his dominoes and watching his tablet. A lot of angry scripting, but I think it was like my Huffing and Puffing… a way to release frustration or whatever with really being angry.

All that’s left is dinner, bath and bedtime. He’s been awake since 5:15am, so I think he’ll be ready for bed fairly early tonight. No work for Daughter, no Driving Miss Daisy.

Here’s a blast from the past…

It was another groady, hot, sticky, yucky day. Luckily, I spent most of the day doing a whole lot of nothing. It would’ve been nice to get a little more sleep, but I’m glad I wasn’t making the attempt, cuz like I wrote before, I would’ve been frustrated, irritated and generally as grumpy as Sven if I’d planned to sleep and kept getting woken up. Gramma/Mom is like 7-11, always open and has everything (or just about everything) you need. I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow… maybe more nothing, maybe a lot of something. Come on by, we’ll find out together. ¡Hasta mañana!