Sven the Grumpy Dragon

I thought I’d give all of Sven’s fans an update on how he’s doing.

As you can see, he seems to be back to his usual grumpy self. He has been showing his displeasure with the offerings in his food dish and giving side-eye at every opportunity, or being lazy on his hammock

He also does all the random, goofy things that make me giggle and paparazzi him

Then he’s right back to grumpy again.

I found him with his beard completely black the other day. I put him in the tub for a soak cuz that always makes him happy.

If the Sun is out, I usually take him outside after tub time. He’s always so bright and happy after a warm soak. I barely had time to get our selfie before he started trying to get away. He’s definitely more awake and more active. I took him back inside to his terrarium before he fell and hurt himself.


Sven still isn’t eating a lot, not that I’ve seen anyway, but he has pooped so I know something is getting eaten. I think he gets mad at me paparazzi-ing him while he’s eating, so he does it when I’m not in the room.

So there ya go. I hope Sven gave you something to smile about, and I’ll see ya on Sunday with a song and a Casa Cuckoo update.