It Could Only Happen To Me

Let’s start with Methotrexate. My body is still adjusting to the side effects of this medication. I take it on Sunday afternoon, knowing that I can be “down” on Monday. Ben usually has school, and Daughter is off work. If you notice I’m not around much on Mondays it’s cuz I can’t stay awake. (It’s possible this is a side effect of the weekend with Ben, and Daughter working and not the Methotrexate.)

Sunday night, and I’ve taken my sleeping pill and I’m getting ready for sleep. I went to get more water from the kitchen and had a thought that ice cream sounded nom nom. I grabbed a spoon, grabbed the ice cream and got a spoonful. (my ice cream, I can eat straight from the carton if I want to) That spoonful was very good, so I had another.

I stood in the kitchen eating ice cream for a couple minutes. It was softening up and getting easier to eat. Perfect! The next thing I know the ice cream is ALL melty, and all over the counter cuz the carton is on it’s side. Yep! That OFF switch I’ve mentioned before got hit while I was Standing and eating ice cream. I must’ve stood there sleeping for at least five minutes, probably closer to ten… maybe longer. I cleaned up the mess, wiped it off my phone, got my water and went to bed.

It’s two days later and I still can’t believe I konked out standing up! I seriously believe this could only happen to me. Never a dull moment.

I did spend most of Monday in bed, dozing in and out, and generally not feeling great. Monday afternoon was a little better, especially after the AC went off and the house was opened up. It was nice to see clouds and feel the breeze.

At sunset time I took pictures, cuz that’s what I do. I am SO glad Daughter was off and I was able to watch the sky, cuz Nature put on a spectacular display.

Do you see Venus shining over the power lines in the last picture? Of course I took tons more pictures, but I’m trying to keep this brief, cuz I woke up feeling not great today, but I had to share the story, hoping it might give you a giggle.