Part 44 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Younger Daughter did come by last night, but no lemon cake. It seems she was missing a few ingredients and by the way, did I happen to have___?? She did bring arugula and grasshoppers in a can for Sven, and a new Eeyore and a pretty Sun windchime for me. I have to find a place to hang it where Ben won’t kill it, piñata style.

The Bounce was right on time at 4:30. I left the TV on overnight so I didn’t have to get out of bed immediately after the Bounce. Ben was able to have his morning wee without a potty dance first. I’m assuming… for all I know, he may have danced anyway.

He came back and bedquaked me (I swear, he launches himself from 3 feet away. Is that really necessary?) and told me “Gramma come living room.” I told him okay and dozed back off. I couldn’t help it. Sometimes the “SLEEP/AWAKE” switch it not under my control.

Just before 6:00 he said “Gramma come living room.” Only this time he was beating me on the shoulder. Kid doesn’t know his own strength. This time I actually got out of bed and went to the living room, and spent the next 20 minutes trying to focus my eyes so I could get his 6:30 meds ready. He was dancing around and singing holding his tablet with his earbuds in. What was he singing in his “death metal grunt”??? This:

I gave Ben his meds and uncovered Sven the Grumpy Dragon. I told him we had new nom noms for him, but he didn’t seem impressed.

Mr Grumpybeard in his Judgey Corner

Daughter wandered out around 7:15. Ben was still singing and dancing. I gathered my stuff, topped up my coffee and headed to my room. Zeus and Ben were waiting for me. Ben spent the next 45 minutes or so playing with Zeus. He wanted to make sure I didnt fall asleep again…isn’t that sweet? As they say in the south, “Bless his heart.” After he was positive I was going to stay awake, he left to go do the chalk thing.

At 10:30 I got Sven’s food for him. He was still sitting in his Judgey Corner, so I moved him over to his bowl. I wanted to get a picture, but he would eye the food, then stare at me…then eye the food, then stare at me. Okay, alright already, I get it… I’m going. Sheesh! Moody, snooty Dragon.

A little while later, I glanced in to see if Sven had eaten. He ate the grasshopper and the two blackberries. He’s such a brat about the greens! In a couple days I’ll give him another grasshopper, but I think I’ll bury it under the greens part way. See if I can’t make him eat the greens. Sven was in his Pouting Corner after eating. Such a brat!

Ben hung out in the living room/kitchen area, doing his chalk thing for the rest of the morning and early afternoon. Around 1:30 he started shooting Daughter with the water gun and she got mad. She HATES being shot or sprayed with water. (I think I’ve written this before) She told him to go shoot the dog. So, to his credit, Ben came in my room and shot Zeus a couple times. Zeus just laid there, so that wasn’t fun. Ben put the water gun down and picked up the unicorn and started smacking Zeus in the face with it…trying to play. I reminded Ben for the gazillionth time to be easy, not so hard. Zeus wasn’t interested.

Daughter came in and asked Ben if he’d like to go to her room. He said “Play with the chalk” She told him he could bring his chalk. I offered to help him pick it up. Ben said “Play with chalk living room.” and left my room. Well, there you go, that answers that question. I told Daughter I would take over, but she said she’d wait a little longer. Her tablet had 40% battery, it was still good. So Zeus and I settled back down on the bed.

At 2:00 Ben came back to my room with Doritos and his tablet. Break time, I guess… Daughter brought his meds in and told me she was gonna go ahead and go to her room, since he was hanging out with me.

2:45 and I hear grunts of effort and something hitting cardboard. I got up to investigate. He was slashing and bashing, with a plastic sword at the cardboard that blocks the window over the AC unit. Dang it!!

I went outside and adjusted from out there, then came in and adjusted from inside. Ben just laughed and said “Oops!” When he does that, it reminds me SO much of my brother! He’s 3 years younger than me and he found it hysterical to hide and jump out to startle me, or to “accidentally” hit me with something or try to trip me… typical little brother stuff.

By 3:15 Ben and I were on the couch and Daughter was snoring in her room. Zeus was finally laying on the tile and cooling off, the big, following dummy.

At 4:00 Daughter wandered out of her room telling me she nodded off. Yeah, I know… she’s been taking benadryl all day for a spider bite on her wrist. She’s VERY reactive to spider venom and every time she gets bit, it swells up. Her hand is so swollen she had to call out of work tonight. She can’t use the hand. She got bit day before yesterday, and in restraining Ben yesterday she had to use the hand, so the inflamed tissues got more inflamed. If the swelling isn’t going down by tomorrow, she’ll be looking for a tele-med doctor to call her in a prescription for steroids. Of course, that’s bad for her immune system… what a mess! So anyway, the point was… what was the point? Oh, yeah… sleepy because benadryl because spider bite. She said she’d be back out to tag me in 30-45 minutes.

So at 4:45 she came out and said “Tag”. I told her he’d been hyper, beware. She said she could tell. He’d been bouncing all over the place for the past hour or so. Just playing, but going from one thing to the next, sometimes literally jumping up and down in place. He told Daughter “Mommy. I ready for steak” She told him it was thawing and she’d cook it as soon as she could.

I headed to my room with my furry shadow. The bedquake a minute later informed me that Ben decided to join us. He sat in my room for a few minutes with his tablet, then headed back to the living room, then came back to my room, then back to the living room. It’s that time of the evening, sometimes referred to as “Crack Thirty” at Casa Cuckoo. Just like we call Ben the Crackerjack or say he’s “on crack” when he’s super amped up. We have our own lingo, full of movie quotes and nicknames. Sometimes we even randomly burst into song.

I’m going to go ahead and end here. Ben will have his steak, his bath and his meds and he and Zeus will go to bedtime. I’ve got to mask up and go get more benadryl after Ben is in bed. Ugh! Public…that means shoes! The horror…

Today was very much different than yesterday. Much better. Much, much better! Thanks for hanging out at Casa Cuckoo with us. I hope you’ll come back tomorrow, the more the merrier, right?!





16 thoughts on “Part 44 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. You made Sven’s food look like a face 😄. We Do say that in the south. If you want to emphasize it just a little more you can add “little”. Bless her little heart 🤣. I’ve been blessing Jack’s heart all week. 😂. I hope your daughter feels better from the spider bite soon. 💝🌸🌷hugs 🤗

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    1. 2 blackberry eyes, a grasshopper nose… I should’ve cut up a strawberry for a mouth😂
      Poor Daughter… her hand looks like a cartoon glove hand… she’s always been sensitive to spiders especially. Both the girls and I are SUPER sensitive to mosquitoes too. We have scars from bites. Every time we went to Indiana or Michigan to visit the ex’s family we’d get bitten so bad. We went through so much deep woods off🙄 I wonder if it’s because we all have O- blood?? It is a very rare blood type😝🤣🤣💌

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  2. Oh judgey Sven – he cracks me up 🙂 That’s a shame about the spider bite! I hope your daughter feels better soon! Glad it was an okay day. Here’s hoping for another day of chill!

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  3. I’ve probably suggested this before. I wish Ben could take Taekwondo classes. I know it would have to be remote over Facebook live or zoom.
    We signed Andrew up when he was 11 I think. He has a 4th degree black belt and is a Master of Taekwondo now. He went to South Korea for an entrepreneurship class for a month while in college during Jan Term and went to the Kukiwon.
    You see it is rule based. Autistics love rules. And it’s kicking and punching, stick twirling and great exercise. They spar too, but i never liked watching that part and wouldn’t happen remotely.
    He has worked for two schools. One of them closed from a retirement and the other school acquired the first, then recently closed. It’s hard to make money with after school classes.
    Now Andrew has moved on to teaching coding classes to kids after school. He can work remotely too.
    I don’t know if he has the time, (Currently he is working for a start up for a non profit that helps autistics get jobs)but I will ask him if he would volunteer to teach Ben the basics. It has been a life saver for us and something Andrew excelled in.
    I can send you a few You tube links to his brick breaking, bo twirling, etc
    Andrew also loves music and piano. Not sure if Ben would enjoy either of those.
    Will find the links and get back to you.

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    1. I’ll look out for the links. Thanks Teri! I don’t think remote learning would work for Ben, especially since we’re working from phones and tablets. We don’t have a computer out of fear of Ben breaking it.
      But maybe when things get normal-ish, we can look into it. The discipline part would be excellent! IF the teacher could instill that.
      I have no doubt that Ben would love the fighting part, but I wouldn’t want him to learn any of that without the discipline.😱


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