Part 109 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Bedtime routine went fine and it was waiting for sunset time.

Not very dramatic but pretty and it’s good for me, my ME time for recharging and letting go of the troubles of the day.

Daughter ordered food and it was delivered a little after 9pm. Kinda late but it was too hot to eat earlier. I ate and fell into a food coma, while typing an email, of course. I woke around midnight and finished the email. I left the weird stuff since it was to a friend. Good for a laugh.

I took my pill and was waiting for sleep to grab me again, but of course it did not. I was awake until probably 2:00am.

The yelling run-by was at 5:15am. Bummer! My body knew the routine, my brain was AWOL. Settled on the couch, I dozed in and out of complete awareness. Ben would say “Wake up, Gramma” and my eyes would open and I’d tell him I was awake.

The alarm told me when it was time for meds and I was able to accomplish that with crossed eyes. Yay me! I also uncovered Sven, not that he cared.

Still in brumation mode

Daughter got up at 8:45 and took over. I went straight to my room and slept. I woke up around 10:00 to Daughter telling Ben to chill out. I guess he had a burst of energy and was in Destructo Mode. I heard him go outside and then I heard grunts and other fighting type sounds. It sounded pretty benign so I didn’t jump up, just slowly woke the rest of the way. Nice change.

I went to the pharmacy around 11:15 to fill two prescriptions for me and one for Ben, plus pick up all the other meds that don’t need an actual prescription from the doctor each time. The pharmacist I’ve “known” for over twenty years was working, so he got everything done really fast. With three controlled substances, it’s good to have someone who knows your history. I was back home by noon with my Bag O’ Drugs.

Ben was playing in his room when I got home. What?! He decided he wanted to put All The Clothes on. Ugh! Its supposed to be 95F (35C) today and window AC in Ben’s room and the living room, plus a portable unit in Daughter’s room help, but it’s not like Central Air. My room is just hot. Anyway, we told Ben if he was gonna wear all those clothes, he needed to be in a room with AC.

Daughter invited him to hang out in her room… and he went. WHAT?! I guess it’s another Alternate Reality Day. I hung out enjoying Horizontal Time until I got a text from Younger Daughter.

At 12:45 she texted to ask if she could use my car, she needed to get away. I texted back that I had done my errand, car was available. I didn’t ask why she didn’t use the car she’s been using, obviously there was trouble in her little casa. I texted Older to let her know (she and Ben had the door closed, I didn’t want to disturb their bubble) and I drove over to Younger’s place.

She and Partner live in a trailer and I hadn’t been over since they moved the trailer to a spot with more shade. I called her after I was inside the park, but I found their place right when she answered. Her flowers made it easier to spot. She came out and we headed back to Casa Cuckoo.

She said she didn’t want to talk about it, then spilled on the drive over. I let her drive. It was just a stupid, bitchy argument, but the gist was that Daughter doesn’t contribute enough. Her plan was to do Postmates for a few hours. I told her the argument wasn’t about money, Partner just used that because they know it hurts Daughter, that she worries about her employment status. That if she thought she was putting on weight, Partner would’ve called her fat. I told her she’s not a worthless POS and not to let Partner’s words rattle around in her head. I reminded her of all the things she’s done and continues to do to carry her financial weight. I hugged her, kissed her cheek, told her I loved her and went in the house.

Ben and Older Daughter were still in her room, so I texted her to let her know I was back. Ben came and got me fifteen or twenty minutes later for Living Room Duty.

Ben did his Chalk Thang and I did the couch sitting thang. Meds were given at 2:30 cuz the alarm told me to, and time ticked on. But things always change at Casa Cuckoo

At 3:00 Younger Daughter called to tell me she was done with the Postmates thing. She’s very liberal in her views and very vocal and active. She’s every SJW that irritates people on Social Media. What that has to do with all this is, all of her deliveries were to “red” houses or businesses. She took a sammich to a gun shop fer cryin’ out loud! She was doing the whole thing as a point to her partner and to get away from the house for a bit. She was DONE. She wanted to come get me so she could be rid of the car.

So she came and got me and we took her home and I came back home to find Ben banging his head on the door and falling down. Welcome back to Casa Cuckoo! Why was he doing that? We just don’t question these things. I made coffee and went to my room. He followed a couple minutes later. I tried to get him to take some of the clothes off, or go back to the AC. It wasn’t happening. It was Daughter who set the rule, she can try to enforce it. It’s silly to make rules that you can’t or won’t enforce. They aren’t really rules, are they? Just more hot air to be ignored, which is what happens.

So, 4:00 and a fully dressed Ben, a Big Dumb Dog and I were laying on my bed… yeah, there’s no punch line. The joke is my every day life. It’s a funny one too!

Well, things are going back to normal. Ben just kicked his mother out of the living room so he could make me come out and Write The Words. Never a dull moment…

Tonight’s song is from a band I really like. They’ve been around a while but I think they’re still relatively unknown. Enjoy!

Thank you for hanging out with us on this Alternate Reality day. I was busy, going here and there and back again, but the vibe of the house stayed mellow. I’ll take it! Plus the extra sleep was nice. Come on back tomorrow, reality has reset and things will go back to what passes for “normal” at Casa Cuckoo. Though, an Alternate Reality Day IS kinda normal for my crazy life. It’s always an Adventure, thank you for sharing it!






19 thoughts on “Part 109 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. I explained that to her too. Partner has addiction issues too… Gee, dating someone who is like a parent was🤔🤦‍♀️
      She wasn’t crying this time, she was angry and that’s a better reaction.
      She’s gotta figure it out. I try to help a little, but she doesn’t want actual advice.
      No one really does, they just wanna complain😂😂
      I’m sure they’ve kissed and made up by now. They’re in their 20s… everything is dramatic in your 20s😆

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Sleepy Sven! I guess it was a good day, or a better day, of sleep for you two! The temperature sounds awful. We were at 95 today with such AWFUL humidity. The kids had me driving them all over the place. D got some time at the pool, but then he got stung by a wasp (while he was in the water) and he was sore, physically and emotionally (why would the wasp do that to him!?) so we left soon after he got there. And then it STORMED. Both socially distanced football and soccer practices were canceled. But at least D got cooled off a little bit with some pool time! You really are an “I am here for whatever you need” Mom and Gramma – you are such a rock for your family! I hope you have a great and restful sleep (I hope I am not jinxing you) and that you all have a great day tomorrow! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re the same kind of parent I am, Robyn!😘 All about helping the kiddos… no matter how old they get.
      Poor D☹ why would the wasp do that. It must’ve just had a bad day. I could NOT handle the humidity! I’ve visited Indiana and Michigan in summer and No Thank You! I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe. It’s awful and I don’t know how people do it.

      Today was all over the place for sure. I haven’t read any posts today and that’s got me feeling off kilter😉 I have my little routine. Its VERY flexible but it gets done. And it will get done! Very soon now😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a weird day for sure! Busy but I didn’t get anything done.🤔🙄
      Lots of triggers but everything was chill.

      Whatever… at the end of the day, everyone is smiling and that’s ALL that matters!😉🤗🥰💃🏼💫✨🦋🌷

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you got a few extra zzz’s. I try to stay out of my kids shenanigan’s too. I think it’s different with girls. Boys can be quieter at least in my house.
    Going to take a walk and enjoy the cool evening before a shower and bed.

    Hope your night goes well too.


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