Part 334 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

There was no 5pm drama last night. No plumbing problems, and no stress. The biggest problem was getting Ben to come inside and eat. He wanted to stay outside and look at the Moon and the sky. I can’t blame him for that, it was pretty.

A typical evening followed with all the usual routine. It did take Ben a while to settle down and finally go to sleep. Daughter was OUT at 9:30pm. I’d gone to ask her something and her laptop was playing, and she was snoring. I just closed the laptop.

My wake up occurred at 4am with a Bounce, and an old style blanket stealing cuddle. He wanted my tablet, so I handed it to him. He was calm-ish for a little while, but when he got up to run to the baño, he expected me to follow. When I was too slow, the door kicking started. UGH!

I got up, Huffing and Puffing the entire time. Ben ignored me. I got his stuff and got him settled, then I got my coffee and looked out the window at the sky. It was still dark, nothing to see. A little while later, when I let Dogzilla out, I saw that it rained during the night. The sky was still mostly cloudy and the Sun was hiding. I settled back into the dent… Couch Sittin Duty.

Daughter got up and took over around 7:30. I got more coffee and went to get Horizontal again. I started going through my email and WP stuff, and I dozed. The 9:30am med alarm woke me up. I got up, changed into public clothes and headed to the grocery store.

I looked into getting a delivery first, but I couldn’t get all the things from one store. I tried three different stores before I gave up and just went myself. I was able to get everything on my list, but I was bummed that all the Valentine’s candy was gone, but they hadn’t put the Easter candy out yet. No Cadbury Eggs for me, or Reese’s Eggs either. BOO!

I took pictures in the store for today’s love offering for Paula’s Daily Lurve. I noticed yesterday that I don’t have many pictures of food, except Sven’s food, and I’ll pass on the worms TYVM. Today’s love is CHEESE!

Ben was Zoomin when I got home from the store. I tried to be quiet, but Ben wasn’t really paying attention anyway. He was sitting in front of the laptop at least, and that’s half the battle. His teachers and therapists are really good at working with Ben to teach him things. Like today he was watching the “you lose” Willy Wonka thing again on his tablet, and they put the “Pure Imagination” scene up on the screen for him and asked him questions. (One of the things they’re working on is Who, What, Where, When, Why.) He did participate a little, but mostly kept asking his Speech Therapist to “press play”.

After Zooming Ben was a little wound up. He went from just scripting the Willy Wonka scene to wanting to do the full reenactment. He put on a suit jacket, a hat, the hard shoes, and set up a desk area at the table. He tried to get Daughter to do the scene with him, but she wouldn’t. She told him she didn’t like the Angry Words.

So of course he came and got me. I’ve been through this with him before, and could play either Grandpa Joe or Willy Wonka. Ben wanted me to be Willy Wonka. I did it one time. I told him I’d do it once, but I wasn’t going to keep doing it over and over. He did it a few more times on his own, then sat down with his tablet and relaxed a little.

I wish I knew if he was really upset about something or if this was just a random thing that was stuck in his head. He’s getting better, SOOOO much better, at working through or past these “stuck” things, but it’s mentally exhausting hearing the same words or phrases endlessly repeated. I can only guess that it’s like an earworm for him. Awful!

After acting the scene with him I went and got more chalk and put it in the freshly cleaned chalk area. He eventually decided doing the chalk thang might be fun. He started of with the Willy Wonka script, but was soon singing Celebrate… yay for Happy Noises!!

Daughter was scheduled to work tonight, but she called out. Her schedule this month has been all kinds of jacked up! She was off on Sunday and Monday, scheduled to work tonight, then off Wednesday and Thursday. It’s going to be difficult for her to go back on Friday after having five days off, especially after her crap shift last Saturday night, but she only works Friday and Saturday. Sunday she’ll rest, then Monday is the return of the GLYSB!! (Glorious Little Yellow School Bus)

Random song courtesy of the DJ in my head. I have no idea why random songs start playing, and trying to find the source is truly a trip down the rabbit hole.

Wishing Well – Blackfoot

The day started too early, and it was a rollercoaster ride kind of day. Not horrible, but the scripting can be exhausting. Ben has a Zoom tomorrow at 11am… even odds on Daughter ditching it. It will depend on Ben’s mood and what kind of morning he’s having. I’ve got my monthly Intrathecal Pain Pump fill appointment at my pain doctor’s office at 9am, but that’s it. As usual, I’m sure HRH will find something else for me to do. We’re one day closer to GLYSB Day… come on, Monday! ¡Hasta mañana!






18 thoughts on “Part 334 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. One day closer to the GLYSB! Yay! I agree the scripting can be tough when it just goes on and on – which is one thing, but when I have to participate that is even worse. Declan is back into Frozen and he wants me to do the scenes between Anna and Elsa in her ice castle. I can do it a couple of times too and then I really want him to move on. That is a good point. If it bothers me I can’t imagine what that earworm is like for him!
    Safe journeys tomorrow to your pump fill. May the rest of tonight and tomorrow be drama free and super chill!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t seen Frozen. Shocking right? We try to get Ben to watch different movies, but he’s stubborn. He won’t even look.🤷🏼‍♀️
      Part of the thing with Ben is, he’s a perfectionist. With his writing and speech. He has to keep doing til it’s perfect and his body won’t let him write or speak perfectly.
      With writing, he prefers “Gramma to do it”🙄😂 speech, he just keeps going over the same 3 words until I want to scream.🤷🏼‍♀️
      Hopefully no reenacting for either of us on Wednesday 😉💕✨

      Liked by 1 person

    1. WOW!! That’s an awesome bunch of bands! I saw Deep Purple in 85, but I havent seen any of the other bands.
      I SOOO hope concerts happen this summer. We’ve got tickets for Hella Mega. It’s been 4 or 5 years since I’ve been to a show. Eternity 😉😂


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